Cure of Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria Naturally at Home

urinary tract infection

Cure Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria naturally using home remedies because it can spread and become kidney infection.

Today, we are going to highlight about most common disease that is generally found in women because of infection. As it is not easy to deal with, we have brought some cure of Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria naturally. Of course, you need to get rid of this problem as soon as possible because it can any time take a serious form. Hence this infection should not be taken lightly as it can cause an infection to the kidney.

What is Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria?


UTI is a very dangerous disease. The main reason behind it is a certain infection in the lower region. It should be taken seriously as it can transform into bladder infection or even kidney infection if not dealt with soon

Home remedies for the treatment of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):

There are many things which one can do to get rid of UTI, the most irritating disease. When suffering from UTI, one cannot work effectively as it is very difficult to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Read further to know how to fight with this problem in more natural ways without having any side effects:

Try to keep yourself clean and dry:

Of course, one needs to keep himself or herself as much dry and clean as possible. It is quite complicated for a woman to keep clean, but men can still be able to take precaution due to biological difference. Women after every urination or bowels should wipe themselves to make the skin dry near the urinary tract.

toilet paper

At the same time, the people who are suffering from the problem of UTI should just prefer wearing lose and comfortable clothes. Especially the inner wears should be very soft and comfortable. Cotton fabric is no doubt very good in this disease. Doing all this, one can keep the urethra dry. Make sure your steer clear of the nylon clothing, in fact the denims should be avoided too.



garlic is a very brilliant home remedy as it is enthused with antibacterial properties which help one fight with the bacteria. Consuming garlic in UTI – one can relieve from it to a greater extent.

Keep yourself hydrated:

drink water

There is no doubt that one has to drink a lot of water and fluids while suffering from UTI. It is very important for more urination. This is definitely a very good way of removing the bacteria away from the body. It also stops inflammation on the one hand and gives you relief from the problem of UTI on the other hand. Hence, drinking lots and lots of water is very important.

Urinating can be a solution:


The more you urinate during UTI, the more are the chances for bacteria to be away from your body. Generally, the bacteria lives in the bladder and one should take care that it does not intensify. If it grows, it can pose other serious threats to human body as it can spread to the kidneys. Remember bacteria can be caused by anything.

Similarly, it is equally important to urinate right after having intercourse because there is a possibility that the bacteria enters the urethra. Many studies have even proven that even holding urine for long can be extremely problematic in the long run. Of course, in the situation of UTI, it is extremely dangerous as it can cause bacteria to multiply.

Vitamin C:

vitamin c

Likewise, one in the problem of UTI, can consume more and more Vitamin C. It prevents the bacteria away from the body and improves the immunity. There is no doubt that Vitamin C is acidic in nature, hence it can treat UTI. The same was proved by one of the studies. Vitamin C worked through well in reducing UTI in a period of three months. So, if you eat the food that has Vitamin C will be very helpful in the condition of UTI. Thus, one should incorporate vitamin C in their daily diet, and after that is done – one can see very effective and good results.


cranberry juice

Women who are prey to UTI can definitely find comfort in cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps to relieve one from the irritation and pain of urinating again and again. Similarly, it has been proven that cranberry can be a good remedy. There is no denying that cranberry juice is very useful and effective to do away with UTI.

Clove Oil:

clove oil

Clove oil is another way of curing UTI as it also comes with antifungal properties. Interestingly, it also helps in relieving the pain.

It is also for internal use, but you need to do with the advice of a doctor or a nutritionist. Thus, clove oil should be applied regularly in case one wants to get rid of the infection.

Oregano Oil:

oregano oil

Similarly, you can also use oregano oil. According to many researchers also, it seemed to work in Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria successfully. Above all, when you use oregano oil in UTI problem, you never have to face any side effects. It is one of the essential oils and is helpful in many physical ailments along with UTI. It is even better than urinary tract infection antibiotics.

Make sure to use it with some other oil as essential oils cannot be taken directly. Of course, it is made for internal use too. The urinary tract is the sensitive area, so be very careful. You can surely mix it with coconut oil. You can generally use it for only two weeks. This should definitely be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Myrrh Oil:

For the same purpose, myrrh oil is very beneficial. Earlier it was used to treat wounds and fight with any kind of infection. Make sure you use a very pure form of myrrh oil as it is also for internal use. Like other oils, do this also under the supervision of a doctor. You can even use the technique of warm and cool compress while using this oil.



From the above list of things for urinary tract infection treatment, you can handle UTI problem very well. We have also talked about serious problems such as kidney infection as a result of UTI, so try to be very cautious while suffering from this problem.

Consult a doctor

Always consult a doctor if you start feeling uncomfortable while urinating. With right diagnosis and medication, you can even follow the above mentioned home remedy for the problem of UTI. Thus, we hope this article was helpful in providing details about UTI and how to cure it.

Thus, though the above remedies are very effective and will surely bring about a cure, however they may not always work. This is especially when the condition is very severe. If that is the case, then one should go to their doctor and take prescribed medication. Urinary Tract infection should not be taken lightly because if not treated immediately it can become serious and cause a lot of pain.

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