How to get rid of thick toenails

Toe Nail Softener Home Remedies to get rid of thick toenails with natural remedy using Vicks VapoRub, Apple Cider Vinegar, Epsom Salt.

Thick Toenails

Thick toenails are a sign of the underlying medical condition. It may indicate a fungus or yeast infection. If ignored, the situation might become painful. It might take a long time to cure the problem. Their are treatments available that can take on the infection. They are certain home remedies which would be very effective in relieving discomfort.

Symptoms of Thick Toenails

Commonly associated symptoms include.

  • Change in color of the toenail to yellow, green or black
  • Foul-smelling odor emitting from the nail.
  • Cracked or disjointed surface 
  • Pain and discomfort in the area.
  • A lifted toenail from the bed 
  • Dirt and debris under the nail.

Cause & Facts about Thick Toenails

Nearly 1 in 5 of the adult population suffers from the disease. The condition occurs when the fungus or yeast enters the area where your toenail and nail bed meet.

Or when there is a cut in the skin very near the toenail. Initially, the infection is modest, but gradually, it leads to the thickening of the nail. Wet toes are very susceptible to the infection. Hence you may catch the infection if you move barefoot in areas such as swimming pools, shower areas.

Some Other Causes of thick toenails

Here are a few other probable causes.

  • Genetics
  • Smoking( Reduces overall immunity)
  • Any medication that suppresses the immune system.
  • Athlete’s foot  
  • Prolonged exposure to water
  •  Sweaty feet and shoes

Certain medical conditions predispose your foot to the affliction. In these cases, immediate medical treatment becomes a necessity.

  1.  If you are suffering from Diabetes type 1 or Diabetes type 2, typically wound take a longer time for diabetic patients to heal, if wounds are left untreated, they can cause extremely serious damage. 
  2.  Problems with the circulatory system weakens bodies defense mechanism. Hence susceptibility to disease increases proportionally.
  3.  Skin disease such as psoriasis. It speeds up the life cycle of the cell.
  4. Treatment of cancer, as it often reduces overall bodily immunity, Patients are susceptible to the attack of pathogens.
  5.  Individuals who have Aids/ HIV virus.

Be alert, if you see a change in the color, odor, or thickness of the toenail it is a sign of upcoming problem. If need be to approach your Doctor, he will conduct necessary tests to affirm the type and nature of the problem.

Complications of Thick Toenails

Do I need to be worried about complications?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, the infection could result in secondary and more serious infections. Otherwise, if left untreated, the problem will devolve into a painful Condition, where walking or even wearing a shoe might become difficult.

Thick Toenails softener Home Remedy

Several lines of treatment are available; you may try home remedies or consult your Doctor. However, all solutions rely on the topical application of medicines.

Home Remedies for Thick Toenails

Keep the area clean with washing with soap and water.

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub has eucalyptus oil, which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties, rubbing it on the nail every day will help control the infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is again a natural home remedy to control the infection. Rub your nails and the surrounding part with a cotton swab dipped in ACV. Do it at least three times a day, for around a month. The infection takes time to go away.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt or magnesium sulfate is a commonly available bath salt. It clears the dead skin while soothing inflamed skin. It fights microbial, fungal, and bacterial infections. Mix around one tablespoon of salt, in half a gallon of warm water. Soak your feet both before going to bed and after rising from bed for 10-15 minutes. Not only the infection would yield, but the process is a great de-stressor and ensures quality and sound sleep.

There are over the counter anti-fungal sprays available. They can be readily used. Use over the counter creams and medications that contain Tolnaftate.


Keratin substance built under the nail should be cleaned using gels, oils, and other liquids. It is white powdery stuff and typically lifts the pin upwards. It makes the nail susceptible to the injury.

Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide
hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an anti disinfectant and removes the surface bacteria. It is commonly used as a home remedy for cuts and bruises.

Baking Soda on toenails

Baking Soda

Baking Soda soaks up the moisture around the bacteria, causing it to yield eventually. The fungi would produce, but the benefit is not universally applicable.


Bleaching Powder

Take one tbsp. of bleach in half a gallon of warm water, soak your feet for 10-15 minutes every day before going to bed.

Soften your nails by applying urea cream, and wrapping the feet in bandages at night. In the morning wash of the cream and clip your toenails.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has disinfectant and regenerative capabilities. It can readily fight of the infection and destroy the annoying fungi.

Snake Root

Snake Root

Use snakeroot extract to the toenail every third day(continue this for a month), Twice every week ( another month) and once a week ( third month)

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil and can be applied twice a day. It has anti-microbial properties. Essential oils have been traditionally the first line of defense for patients unwilling or unable to access modern medication.

Medical remedies available to soft the toe Nails

  • The Doctor might prescribe the following lines of treatment to cure the body of affliction:
  • The oral medication, including anti-biotic.
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgical removal of the toenail.
  • And Topical medications for application on the affected part.

Toenails grow slowly. It may take months for the complete eradication of the infection. Despite treatment, the infection can reoccur. Best way to avoid it is by taking the necessary precautions.

Prevention of Toe Nails

How do I prevent re-occurrence of Hard Toe Nails?

There are several ways which can prevent reoccurrence 

  1. Take care of your feet; Do not allow your nails to overgrow the skin at any point in time.
  2. Change your socks at least couple of times a day. Keep your feet dry, wear cotton socks, and Have multiple pair of shoes. Buy shoes that breathe and do not trouble your feet. Keep your feet as dry as possible.
  3. Wear Flip-flops in the locker room or when near the pool.
  4. Dust your feet with a foot powder every day.
  5. Soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water before retiring to bed.

Toe Nails Softener Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Hydrogen Peroxide in the treatment?

Hydrogen Peroxide will effectively destroy any bacteria or fungus lurking on the surface of the skin. It is a reasonably effective home remedy.

What is the look of the fungus?

Nail fungus would look like a yellow or white spot under the tip of the toe nail, Once the infection sets in deeper it can change the color of the skin to yellow or green, The toe might get thicken and crumble at the edges.

How long would the infection last?

Drugs are typically given for 6 to 12 weeks; It might take up to 4 months for the infection to be eliminated.

Can Toenail fungus attack other body parts?

At times fungal infection, if left untreated, could spread to other parts of the body, particularly the surrounding skin. The treatment available is simple and effective. There is no reason why a foreign infection to the body be discounted.

Should I have to remove a toenail in chronic cases?

Toenail can be removed for a severe or chronic case, In case the infection returns then the entire toenail or the diseased part can be removed surgically.

What is the result of an untreated infection?

If left untreated, the infection may cause pain to the area. It could also make routine tasks like walking difficult. It can also cause the nail to become brittle and subject to injury.

 Do Dermatologists treat toenail fungus differently?

They may adopt a more aggressive line of treatment, giving a stronger set of medications; usually, it takes three months to eliminate the entire infection.

How effective is tree oil in curing the infection?

Tea Tree oil is effective in eliminating the rougher effects of nail fungus infection. It is anti-septic in nature and helps relieve symptoms like pain and itchiness. Tea tree oil is native to Australia and is used in various home remedies.

Can toothpaste be applied to the toenail?

Toothpaste can be readily applied to treat, bug bites, Athlete foot, and blisters. It is antiseptic and disinfectant. It stops itching and reduces swelling. It helps blisters go away. Apply it during the night and chances are their would-be reduced discomfort.

What is Athletes foot?

Athletes foot (tinea pedis) is a fungal infection that starts between the toes. It happens to individuals who let sweaty feet, confined to close quarters for long durations at a time. It starts as a rash between the toes, which is itchy and painful. 

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