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Staying Hydrated in Summer

Even though we are all aware that hydration is important how often we take measures to ensure that we drink enough fluids daily.

Each of our bodies is made up of 60%-70% water, and adequate hydration is completely vital for our overall wellbeing. After all, the water we consume performs many functions. Some of these are optimizing blood pressure, regulating body temperature, lubricating of joints, moving waste out of the body, and aiding the digestion process and consecutively staying hydrated in summer.

Importance of staying hydrated in Summer

With summer temperatures soaring high, a continuation of outdoor activities is leading to more water loss mainly through sweating and evaporation. It’s important for us to create a regime in which we can maintain our water intake in an optimum manner. After all, water is the elixir of life.

Here are some simple tips for staying hydrated this summer:

Keeping a glass of water at your desk while you are at work or even in your own home by the bedside or keeping a few bottles filled with water in the dining room can help in case anyone passes by thirsty, he or she can drink it. Also carrying a water bottle when you travel is a good way for replenishing yourself regularly.

Now let us talk about the different ways that you can help keep a well-hydrated schedule for yourself.

The amount of necessary water consumption is directly proportionate to your body weight.

Take precautions: Staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking a lot of water. There are other things you can do to avoid dehydration in the summer. One should try to stay indoors when possible, especially during the hottest part of the day, and also better to be more in the shade while you step out.

Effects of Dehydration

Not having enough water leads to dehydration. Let us look at the ways in which we can recognize it.

• Little or no urine or Urine that is darker in color than usual.

Dry mouth

• Sleepiness or fatigue and Headache

• Extreme thirst

• Confusion or Dizziness

• No sweat or tears

Instead of waiting for symptoms such as these to appear it makes more sense for us to take preventive measures for dehydration consciously.

Water makes up more than half of your body weight. You lose water each day when you go to the bathroom, sweat, and even when you breathe. When you exercise, or are running a temperature or are Vomiting and have diarrhea can also lead to dehydration, If you don’t replace the water you lose, you can become dehydrated, more so in the hot days of summer!

How to Stay Hydrated in Intense Summer

1. Drink water throughout the day. The amount of water we need to consume should be proportionate to our body weight. But the most basic advice would be to drink whenever you are thirsty!

2. A reusable water bottle proves to be a great friend. Keeping a bottle nearby, you’ll be much more likely to sip throughout the day. A reusable bottle would also be better and less harmful for the environment.

3. Infusing your water with fresh fruit or lemon or mint can make for a refreshing beverage, without adding anything artificial in it. It also makes the water look more tempting and fresh appearing and can be a good element to add to the table décor.

4. We all start feeling hungry in the early evenings. Sometimes our brains confuse thirst with hunger, so next time the feeling strikes, hydrate before eating and your hunger just may disappear. Avoiding alcohol is also recommended to keep the body hydrated as consumption of it leads to dehydration. It also helps to avoid unnecessary sugars, additives, and caffeine found in other drinks.

5. Eating is another way to further hydrate ourselves. While 70-80% of your daily hydration comes from water; 20-30% comes from food! All whole fruits and vegetables contain some amount of water like cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, pomegranate, grapes, broccoli, etc.

6. Also, it helps to have cooling foods in the summer especially when there is an outdoor activity. Packed with wholesome qualities coconut water to is a great source for replenishing lost fluids and electrolytes from exercise and hot summer temperatures and consumed chilled it proves to be a great summer treat!

7. Prehydrate with soaked chia seeds. An ancient superfood that sustained the Aztec and Mayan peoples for generations, chia seeds are hydrating nutrient powerhouses. Plus, they are a great source of Omega-3s and many other nutrients.

8. Beneficial bacteria found in probiotics helps you absorb nutrients and electrolytes from food and drinks which supports efficient hydration. They help make your skin and hair better too! So for a glowing skin regime, hydration is key.

Remember to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy wholesome diet like whole fruits and vegetables to keep you going all summer long!

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