Seven Tai Chi Exercises for Lower Back pain

Tai Chi is a chinese martial art form which is used as exercise, meditation and cure for various chronic pains like backpain and joint pain

Tai Chi is effective in Back Pain

If  a person is suffering from back pain, then the first idea to cure it is through medicines. Some of us think of Yoga and exercises too, but no one thinks about the martial arts. 

Yes martial art forms like Tai Chi can be used for the various body problems. Martial arts is basically a combination of self defense, kicking and boxing. These physical activities help our health and makes us pain free as well as enhance our fitness.  

About Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is a form of slow and rhythm-based moves that originated in China. After learning Tai Chi, a person becomes a better human being than before and leads a better life. Tai Chi builds your inner body strength and provides some other benefits like self-defence. 

It is a type of complete package for health and fitness.  During the course of a long time, when people practice tai Chi they feel more inner power, better health, balanced mental state, and agility. 

The most common benefits of Tai Chi are 

  1. Improved inner strength
  2. Better Health
  3. Mental State improves
  4. Slows Agility 

Origin of Tai Chi

Tai Chi originated in China 2500 years ago. It is also named Shadowboxing. This traditional form of Chinese martial art is based on yin and yang which means to work on perpetual balance effortlessly. 

tai chi
tai chi

Yin & Yang 

Yin and Yang are two extremes or opposite. Yin is soft and feminine and yang is rough and masculine. According to the experts, a perfectly harmonized person shows balance with his/her tranquility and peacefulness of mind. 

It was originated by Chen Wangting as per data. It was named Chen style in 1670. Later it was modified with high stances, gentle and slow movements to make it accessible for most people. Yang Lu-Chan learned this art form in a village name chen and modified it using his own style. 

Uses of Tai Chi in Daily Life 

Tai Chi is actually a slow form of exercise that requires pace and energy for those who are practicing it. To include it in your routine, you need to allow it in your routine. 

The master who is teaching you needs dedication from the student for effective results. Here we talk about the benefits of Tai Chi  

  1. It slows the aging process.
  2. It helps in creating a balance between body and your mind. 
  3. It increases strength in muscles and tendons and provides flexibility to them. 
  4. It can improve conditions of arthritis, heart diseases, high BP and various forms of cancer in the body. 
  5. It reduces the stress and depression from mind.
  6. There is a very less chance of injury as the movements during the practice are very slow and gentle. 
  7. It regulates the breathing and blood circulation in our body. 
  8. Because of our lifestyle, many of us are suffering from chronic pains.Tai chi can eradicate all of it by regular practice. 


Before starting Tai Chi, salutation must be done in the beginning and the end of every tai Chi session. To do this, you need to do the following

  • Stand on the mat with your feets wide open. 
  • Now turn towards one side with your knees slightly bent.
  • Keep your arms on the side and relax your spine. 
  • Now elevate your arms slowly upward by inhaling and exhaling, while getting back to normal position. 
  • Repeat this 5 times. 

Circle The Globe

  • Hold your arms in front of you, just like your cradle a basketball. 
  • Now move your right foot slightly towards the right and bring your torso along it. 
  • Now move the hands across your body and breathe out. 
  • Breathe in as you rotate your hands towards the left side of your body, while shifting the wieght towards the left entirely. 

Back Twist

Stand with your feet poting forward while you stand up generally. Now move your body towards one side and bend much you can do now.  Now get up to the usual position and lean towards the other side. Rest your arms and heel the lower back pain. 

Horse Stance

Stand up with your feet wide and keep your spine and neck straight. Now bend from our knees to 90. Bring your arms in front of you aligned with your chest. 

Hold this current position of yours for as long as possible and repeat the whole exercise. Stop if you have any pain sensation during the bending. 

Hands Waving Clouds

If you are suffering from arthritis pain in joints, then Tai Chi can help them in a lot of ways. Doing Tai Chi can be very useful in this. It can help in recovering from various joint pains. Tai Chi and some other martial art forms can help in reducing the joint pains and make them healthy again. 

To do this position, follow the steps. 

  1. Stand with your feet , a few inches wider. 
  2. Hold your arms in front of you with your left hand over your right hand. 
  3. Now put your weight towards the left and vice versa. 
  4. Make sure that your body moves not your shoulders. 

These little details are the most crucial one while you practice this form. 

Tai Chi Bowing

In this case, you have to stand straight with wide feet. Align the backbone and neck in a single line. Now over your hands in front of you and put your palms towards your face.  After this inhale, when you bend your vertebrae by vertebrae.  Exhale as you go up.  

Tai Chi Awakening

  1. Stand in the basic tai Chi position with feets wide and back straight. 
  2. Bring your hands in front of you and palms facing towards you. 
  3. Now put your wrists flexible and high till your hips.  
  4. Interlock your fingers with the full force of your hands. 
  5. Bring your arms to the level of your chest and inhale. 
  6. Exhale when you take your arms to the height of your hips. 

Final Words

Tai Chi has shown positive results on lower back pain and other chronic pain if practiced properly. The exercises done in Tai Chi are so vast, that it needs years of practice and learning. 

It is seen that people of old age are practicing to stay healthy but its popularity is not confined to any age group. It is practiced as exercise and for self-defence too.  

Tai Chi is used for many other purposes too. Now you just have to pick up your personal reason to practice this. You need an expert who can teach you all positions in a more detailed way. Now in the upcoming years, it has been more popular as exercise, fun and a way of life.  

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