Soursop for cancer treatment | soursop juice benefits & Recipe


These days many people are surmounted by the different diseases that are prevalent. Some can be as minute as a fever, while some can be as life-threatening as cancer. However, whatever the condition may be, there are several natural and homemade remedies that can cure and provide relief. The main focus of this article is – soursop for cancer treatment. In this article, we want to give hope and share a light that home remedies like soursop can actually help people who are victims of cancer.

Before we delve further let us take a look at unripe soursop recipe

Soursop is seen as a green-yellow fruit with many spikes. This fruit is mainly found in Spanish speaking countries. This fruit has a similar taste to pineapple and is known by various names like custard apple, graviola, and guanabana.


Choose a soursop with green-yellow skin

When the fruit is ripened it starts turning a little yellow. It also becomes soft and mushy to touch when it is ready to eat

Wash it with warm water

Before eating the fruit make sure to wash it with warm water for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure your hands can remove all the dirt around the fruit.

Remove the skin

remove skin

The outer skin is not edible and hence one will have to remove it. Your hands will come much in use, and make sure to take out the outer skin nicely.

Cut it longways

Take a sharp knife and start cutting the fruit. Make sure to cute the fruit in length and keep the shape long.

Remove the seeds

remove the seeds

It is also necessary to remove the seeds. One can either use a spoon or their fingers in doing so

After doing the above process one should know that soursop can be used in various ways. Some being in the raw form, one can also roast it, in form of a soursop cream pie, make drinks out of this fruit – like a milkshake or even tea!

soursop juice benefits

High in antioxidants

We all are aware that antioxidants are good for the body and hence sour soup for cancer treatment is a very good way to eat this fruit. Antioxidants help to control the harmful compounds in the body known as radicals. Thus, this fruit is very healthy!

Kills cancer cells

kills cancer cells

There have been several studies done on people suffering from different types of cancer. These study proved that this particular fruit does help in reducing the chances of cancer, and reduces the tumor.

Helps to fight bacteria

fights bacteria

Soursop is also said to kill bacteria. There has been research and study done to prove it. However, one should remember that these are test tube studies that use a highly concentrated extract. Hence, the results may not be the same

Treats infections

This particular fruit also helps in treating infections caused by bacteria and parasites. These include leishmaniasis. This is a disease that happens through the bite of sand fleas. This fruit can be quite helpful in fighting this infection!

Good for the eyes

This fruit is loaded with antioxidants. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, Zinc and many other natural compounds that are good for the eyes. Thus, this fruit will help to keep the eyes healthy and fit.

Help to manage diabetes

manage diabetes

A recent study in Nigeria proved that this fruit helps to fight diabetes. Thus, people who are diabetic should make sure to include soursop in their everyday diet. However, fair warning – too much of anything is not good, and hence this fruit should be consumed in a moderate amount.

Can reduce the stress load

When one is under high amount of stress then their body tends to produce an increasing amount of adrenalin and cortisol. These are good for health, but high levels of them can also be negative. Thus, eating soursop can help to reduce and eliminate the negative effects and make one stress-free!

how to use soursop for cancer treatment

The main focus of the article is on soursop for cancer treatment, and hence we are going to lay down ways to eat this fruit to fight cancer. Soursop juice is supposed to be very good for cancer patients and there are three ways to make it:

Step 1 – mash the fruit. It is compulsory the wash the fruit properly. The skin can be peeled by hand. Once that is done squeeze the flesh out in a bowl. Add a tinge of milk and water to this. Mix the juice, water and milk thoroughly

Step 2 – strain the fruit. Remove the seeds and chop the fruit. This ends up releasing a lot of juice and hence do it in a bowl. The main attempt is to strain the juice. Strain the fruit to the extent that only the fibres remain.

Step 3 – blend the fruit. Cut up the fruit and then put it in a blender. Apart from that add half a cup of milk or water. You can add the required amount of liquid depending on how thick you want the juice to be.

how much soursop to eat to cure cancer

how much to eat

Many people have laid down questions on the online platform asking how much of soursop should one eat if suffering from cancer. People have replied to the question saying that a cancer patient can eat soursop every two to three days. One should not overdo it and consume it moderately. Apart from that, one should take care to use high-quality Graviola products from genuine producers. This is a good soursop for cancer treatment.


Hence, we have studied and gained information on how – soursop for cancer treatment is beneficial and its other health benefits. Thus, if one is a cancer patient then eating this particular fruit will only do you good. Apart from just helping in fighting cancer, sorsoup can also deal with other health factors and can make one healthy and fit! Thus, one should consume this fruit in a moderate amount, as too much of anything can just be harmful.

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