Sore gums home remedy and instant ways to reduce the pain

sore gums

When the word dental health comes to mind, people mainly start imagining cavities and teeth turning yellow, root canals and other ways of improving the breath. What one underlines is sore gums. Thus, we would like to change the way one looks at dental hygiene – no it’s not only about cavities and holes; it is also about the gums. What happens when one’s gums swell up? Thus, our focus is on – sore gums home remedy!

Causes behind sore and swollen gums

There is no denying that poor dental hygiene is a primary factor behind sore gums. One should take care of their teeth and brush them regularly at least twice a day.  Apart from just brushing one should floss as well. Thus, one is suffering from poor dental hygiene if they have pale gums, red gums, bleeding while brushing, bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth

sore gums

Particular gum disease can also be responsible for sore and swollen gums. This happens when bacteria in the mouth starts affecting the gum tissue around the tooth.

Other factors and points that may lead to sore gums and require sore gums home remedy are abscess and gum disease. Thus, the above are different reasons as to why one can suffer from sore and swollen gums.

Let us now lay down the symptoms for sore gums

Many signs will indicate that a person is undergoing sore gums. Some of these include bleeding gums, dentures that don’t fit one anymore, severe pain when one chews, loose teeth, and teeth that is sensitive to hot or cold. Thus, if one finds themselves under the umbrella of either of the above symptoms, then they should know that they are suffering from sore gums and should take action fast.

Home remedy sore swollen gums

Thus, we are going to lay focus on sore gums home remedy. Some of these being –

Sore gums home remedy salt
salt rinse

It has been pretty much proven that saltwater rinse can help the gums from inflaming and provides a soothing feeling.  In terms of how to use it mix some salt in warm water. After the mixture is made, rinse your mouth with salt water for a couple of seconds. Make sure not to swallow the solution – spit it out!

Use a cold and a hot compress

This is a perfect sore gums home remedy for sore bleeding gums.  Both cold and hot water can be very beneficial for sore gums and are an excellent form of sore gums home remedy

For hot water compress: Heat the water, then take a cloth and dip it in hot water. Once that is done place the towel near the area around your face where the gums are swollen and sore. One should not apply this directly on to the gums.

For a cold compress : Take some ice, place it in a towel, after that is done place the towel around the area on your face which is hurting and sore.

One can alternate between cold and hot water compress, this will lead to effective results.

Apply tea bags
tea bags

Take tea bags and apply it directly to the sore gums. This should be done for around five minutes. When it comes to the properties, choose tea that is high In astringent tannins – these include black tea, green tea or even hibiscus tea.

Apart from that one can also choose anti-inflammatory herbs. The two properties will help to soothe and reduce the irritation around the swollen gums.

Herbal poultice

One perfect sore gums home remedy is to use certain herbs and spices. These are helpful for inflammation of the gums and in reducing the pain. Some useful herbs to apply are clove powder and Spilanthes. Turmeric may also be suggested as a home remedy.

Clove oil
clove oil

One of the sore gums home remedy is to use clove oil. One can apply it directly or even chew on some cloves to see a difference.  This will mainly help in reducing the pain, irritation and inflammation. Hence, one should use clove oil for sure!

Create a mouth wash using essential oils

We all know that essential oils are a perfect remedy for most ailments as they contain properties that help in healing and soothing the pain. Thus, one is suggested to make a mouthwash using these essential oils. Once that is done, rinse with this mouthwash and see the difference. Do remember – do not swallow this mouthwash, spit it out after a couple of seconds!

Aloe vera gel
aloe vera gel

Aloe vera as we all are aware is one of the best remedies for any infection and diseases. Thus, when it comes to swollen gums, apply aloe vera on the swollen and sore gums. This will aid in reducing the bleeding and making sure the pain and irritation goes away.

Home remedy for sore gums due to dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are worn due to tooth loss. Wearing dentures initially can cause a lot of pain and swelling in the gums. Thus to do away with denture pain there are several home remedies that one can seek


Salt is beneficial and it provides a lot of relief to people who wear dentures during the initial phase. Apart from that it aids in reducing swelling and pain in the gums. Salt also fights bacteria in the mouth and makes sure no infections take place.


Turmeric is suitable for people who face pain due to dentures in the initial phase. Thus, turmeric provides pain relief and has properties that reduce swelling and irritation. Hence, turmeric is one of the best remedies for people who face pain due to dentures.

There are several other things that people can do to reduce pain from wearing dentures. These being – applying aloe vera, massaging the gums, dental care, putting figs on the swollen area and many more!


Thus, we hope that one has been enlightened in terms of sore gums home remedy. The above remedies are useful for people with sore gums due to infections or even due to wearing dentures. However, if one is unable to seek relief through the above-listed ways – then one should immediately visit their dentist.

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