6 Types of Meditation: Which One Is Right for You

Meditation classified into six categories. Know which is right for you according to beliefs and religious interests. Other benefits and ways to stay clam and happy

What is meditation

Meditation is an ancient way to keep you healthy but still one of the most effective ways to lead a good life. It has been attached to the various religious teachings, but meditation is about keeping faith in yourself and doing what is more important in the present. It is a popular way to achieve peace and awareness. 

Now the need for meditation is used to reduce stress in the fast life or busy schedules and stay calm with worse conditions. 

Practicing meditation has boundaries of being right or wrong. It is better to find a guru who will tell you to about the complexity and needs 

These are a few popular meditation practices given here. 

  1. mindfulness meditation
  2. spiritual meditation
  3. focused meditation
  4. movement meditation
  5. mantra meditation
  6. transcendental meditation

All of these styles are not appropriate for all. These require different skills and mindsets. You have to know which is better for you.  

“It’s what feels comfortable and what you feel encouraged to practice,” says Mira Dessy, a meditation author and holistic nutritionist.

Read about the types of meditation and which one to start.  

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation started with buddha teaching and is the most popular category in the West. In this form, you need to watch your thoughts when it passes through the mind. No need to judge any of these thoughts or do not get involved in it. Now observe the pattern by which thoughts occur. This practice is combined with concentration & awareness. It is good to focus on your breath while you watch your thoughts. 

This is mainly for those who do not have any guru to teach them and it can be done by alone. 

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is practiced in Hinduism and Taoism. It is like a prayer which reflects on science and takes you to deep connection with God/ Universe. 

To create a better experience of spirituality , some options can be used. 

  1. frankincense
  2. myrrh
  3. sage
  4. cedar
  5. sandalwood
  6. palo santo

Spiritual meditation is done at temple or even at home. This is suitable for those who thrive in silence and seek spiritual growth.  

Focused meditation

Focused meditation is based on focus using any of five senses. This focus can be done on something interna; i.e. breath or bring external influence to help focus. You count mala beads, listen to a gong or staring at candle flame. 

This is simple to understand but focussing in this way can be very difficult. It needs to hold focus for a few minutes and the beginner’s mind keeps on wandering. This takes time and practice to focus better. Those who need more focus should practice this. 

Movement meditation

Movement Meditation is mostly considered as yoga. This is a mixture of walking in a park, woods or garden with gentle form of motion. This is to stay active during the meditation where the movement guides you. It is suitable for those who stays calm during their action and let their mind wander. 

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is a very common way to meditate which is done in  Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Meditation is based on using a repetitive sound to clear the mind. Most of the time this word is “OM”. 

Mantra can be spoken in a loud or quiet manner, it does not change anything. Chanting the mantra helps you to stay alert and sync with the environment. It helps in getting into deeper levels of awareness. 

People choose mantra meditation because it is easy to speak a mantra sync with your breath. People who are not good with silence and enjoy repetition practice this kind of meditation. 

Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is very popular in most of the world because it is globally accepted with scientific evidence. It is customized with mantra meditation, the mantra could be any series of words related to the person who practices this. 

People who want to maintain the practice for long can practice this kind. 

How to get started

To begin this , you have to sit quietly and focus upon yourself. 

Why meditation is beneficial

There are countless benefits of meditation but few of them are widely accepted in the world. 

The benefits of Meditation are

  1. lower blood pressure
  2. reduce anxiety
  3. decrease pain
  4. ease symptoms of depression
  5. improve sleep

Those people who are practicing meditation from a long time have experienced all these benefits and these are anecdotal or scientifically proven.

Final Words

If you’re looking for some method to maintain peace in your stressful life by adding spiritual enlightenment. By this you can leave your comfort zone and do various things which you were not capable of before. It takes a few months of consistent practice after doing some trial and errors. 

“Meditation isn’t meant to be a forced thing,” Dessy says. “If we’re forcing it, then it becomes a chore. Gentle, regular practice eventually becomes sustaining, supportive, and enjoyable. Open yourself up to the possibilities. There are so many different forms of meditation that if one isn’t working or isn’t comfortable, just try a new one.”

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