Six Benefits Of Drinking Cistus Tea

Cistus tea is one of those which is used from ancient times and brewed from centuries in the Mediterranian regions. It is used because of its medicinal properties and aroma. This plant is an european plant in 1999. The cistus tea is now being used in many ways to know how it can be used for better health. 

What is Cistus Tea

Cistus Tea is made of herb incanus or rockrose. It is one of the oldest breeds of tea in the world. It is also used in various cosmetic purposes and is mentioned in Quran & Bible For its medicinal uses. The tea is created from dried flowers and leaves of its plant. It has a floral taste, and it has an amazing aroma. The extract is used as a perfume too. 

Health Benefits of Cistus Tea

Cistus tea is a beneficial herb in the society which is used for traditional medicine. It can be used to heal wounds, inflammations and other ways to improve health. Few researches have shown that this plant is rich in antioxidants and can kill the free radicals in it. So drinking a cup of Cistus tea can be very helpful for health as well as it also gives us aroma. 

Lyme Disease

Cistus was used to treat Lyme Disease. It was helpful to prevent disease. Still, today it helps to protect people and pets from ticks which are responsible for such disease. 

Cistus extract is used for borreliosis therapy which is a treatment for Lyme disease. It is also rich in manoyloxides which is helpful in treatment. 

Rich in Antioxidants

It has many medicinal properties and is rich in antioxidants. After many researches done on this plant, researchers have found that using this consistently could provide you more antioxidants. It is also rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. It is used as a food and also for medicinal purposes.  

Reducing Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovaculr disease or CVD are a very common issue among humans now. WHO has recommended that people who are at high risk needs special care and early detection could be very helpful. 

Cistus Tea helps in decreasing the risk of CVD factors. These risk are oxidative stress and dyslipidemia. So daily consumption of Cistus Tea can be good to manage CVDs.  

Treating Respiratory Illnesses

Cistus Tea is good to treat infections and has been used for years. Earlier it was thought to be a placebo but now it has been proved that regular consumption of tea could reduce the symptoms of any kind of infection like the common cold.  

The presence of polyphenols are responsible for curing breath problems. 

Managing Viral Infections

Viral infections are treated well with medicines. The natural antidotes like cistus are good alternatives for it. A Research in 2016, has shown that the powerful properties of Cistus Tea can be used for viral infections. It can create a better resistance in your body for viral infections. It does not harm the host cells and help you in managing the chronic viral infections 

Removing Dental Plaque

Cistus is used for oral hygeine too. The polyphenols in this can be very useful for the bacteria in your mouth. This can help you to remove dental plaque. A research has shown that rinsing your mouth with Cistus can reduce bacterial adhesion that causes plaque in the cavity.  

How to make cistus tea

Many people have thought that Cistus tea must be brewed thrice. But in this we have a simpler recipe for you. The two things you need to know are that , use filter water and never let it boil. The fragnance of tea is always pleasant.  


  1. 3 tsp tea leaves
  2. 1 ltr water filter
  3. honey or stevia optional

Instructions to make Cistus Tea

  1. Add tea leaves to the water pan and heat it on the stove
  2. Heat the water upto 75 degree celsius and less than 90 degree celsius. If you can’t measure the temperature, then don’t let it boil. 
  3. Bring to a simmer as bubbles start appearing. Cover the pan with lid and ensure that volatile compounds present in leaves do not evaporate. 
  4. Let the simmer for five minutes 
  5. Steep the tea leaves for five more minutes  and strain. 

Enjoy your cup of tea. 


Always use filtered water. The presence of other metals in the tea could contaminate and make your tea bad in comparison to filter water.  

Where to Buy

Cistus Tea can be brought from the store. It is mostly found online and delivered to home properly. Make sure before you buy that it has listed cistus incanus’ as the ingredient.It is labelled as CYSTUS052. It is also popular by the name of rock rose. Try to buy an organic tea to ensure a least chance of getting contaminated ones. 

Final Words 

Health benefits of cistus tea are numerous but it is not advised to take it without taking advice from a doctor. Also it can be drink for not having any disease. It is recommended by a herbalist to keep it safe for the first time. Do not take it for a longer time.  

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