Solutions for Severe Stomach Pain after Eating Broccoli

Severe stomach pain after eating too much broccoli happens. Broccoli comes with some benefits and drawbacks and discomfort of gas

broccoli can cause stomach pain

Today, we are going to unfold some side effects of vegetable broccoli. People like to eat broccoli because of nutritional value. But if broccoli is not cooked in the right way, then it can cause you severe stomach ache. Let’s see why severe stomach pain after eating broccoli happens. Read this article to have more detail on right consumption of this vegetable. At the same time, we are pairing up some solutions, so that you can try avoiding the problem of severe stomach pain after eating broccoli.

Why does broccoli cause you discomfort?

Until now, you were in a notion that broccoli is one of the healthiest food because it is one of the green vegetables. Bur this is not the truth. It is full with toxins. It comes with goitrogens which are dangerous chemicals. These chemicals do not favour human body as they interrupt the functioning of thyroid gland. This ultimately disturbs the iodine uptake. This leads to enlargement in the thyroid gland.

What happens when you eat broccoli?

Well, when you eat broccoli, it can cause the problem of gas or bloating. At the same time, it can even disturb your bowels. It happens because broccoli is very rich in fibers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the cruciferous vegetables. All the cruciferous vegetables are known for their gas problem. But people still consume them because their advantages always outweigh the disadvantages.

Common Problems after eating Broccoli

Pain of Gas

stomach pain after eating broccoli

Biologically, gas build-up happens when the food is broken in order to be digested. It happens in the intestine. During this process, the heat that comes out of the food, gives a burning sensation to the person. Sometimes, this process becomes very pain-giving due the pressure. As a result, the person starts burping or relieving gas from anus. At times, this pain is long-lasting as the person is not able to pass the gas out of the body and it keeps striking the wall of intestine. Sometimes, one can suffer from stomach pain because of eating raw broccoli.

Cause of gas build-up due to food poisoning

wash broccoli

Broccoli is a type of food which is highly contaminated and needs proper cleaning and washing before getting cooked. It is loaded with such bacteria which is very harmful the human body. The bacteria which it carries is known as salmonella. As a consequence of salmonella, some people even suffer from the problem of food poisoning. This is the another reason why broccoli causes severe cramps in stomach.

Why is the gas build-up so high on consumption of broccoli?

broccoli can cause food-poisoning

Obviously, broccoli has raffinose and it is very harmful for body. Raffinose is a kind of complex sugar. We have two intestines: small intestine and large intestine. In human body, the sugar contents cannot be broken in the small intestine. That’s why the sugar contents are broken into the large intestine. The food emits a lot of gas in this process. The cramps are very severe sometimes which are the result of breaking sugar contents into the large intestine. The same happens when you eat whole grain. But this is not the case with everyone.

Some people never face any difficulty in digesting any kind of food, even though the human body does not have enzymes which can help the digestion.

Solutions for the gas caused after eating broccoli:

One of the broccoli intolerance symptoms is no doubt cramps. So, we are going to tell you how to relieve stomach pain from broccoli. Whenever you are suffering from the problem of gas or bloating maybe after eating broccoli or any other food which are also cruciferous, then follow the given below tips for instant and faster broccoli stomach pain relief from the severe stomach ache:

  • First of all, don’t eat any of your meals fast because more gas causes on doing so.
  • Eating raw broccoli can cause food poisoning. So, always avoid eating eat uncooked.
  • Don’t talk too much when you are eating or avoid it completely because this way you inhale more gas and this also becomes one of the causes of gas build-up.
  • If you have a habit of drinking beverages with the help of straws, then avoid that too because this also causes more gas in stomach.
  • Additionally, don’t be nervous. If you become nervous in any of the situations, try to calm yourself down because it also leads to more build-up of gas in stomach.
  • To escape from the problem of gas, you can even try yogurt. Yogurt is a very good and tasty food. It has antioxidants which help you get the instant relief from the problem of bloating or gas.
  • Stomach ache is also the cause of consumption of junk food. So, if you are eating junk food and facing the problem of bloating at the same time. In that case, the main cause could be junk food, not broccoli. We recommend you to stop eating it, but if you still suffer from bloating after eating broccoli. See your doctor.
  • For escaping from the problem of severe stomach, you can even try adding up more iodine to broccoli. It should help. Similarly, the same applies to all the cruciferous vegetables.
  • Another way to remove toxins from broccoli could be freezing it or boiling as it can help to reduce the concentration of glucosinolate.

Consult the doctor

It could be a possibility that the reason of cramps could be something else as well. Other than broccoli also, there are many food items which can cause you stomach cramps followed by the problem of nausea and diarrhea. If in case you suffer from the cramps that do last for long, see your doctor immediately. He will further guide you what types of food to refrain from and which ones to include in your diet. Sometimes, the regular cramps are the cause of digestion problem, not that you are allergic to something. Always be very careful about your health. Only you can look after yourself and nobody else. Precaution is always better than cure. Try home remedies, but if you see no results, then better see the doctor because everyone is different. Although all human bodies look same, they aren’t in real.

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