Effective ways of how to get rid of boxelder bugs home remedy

home remedies for boxelder bugs

Home remedies for killing boxelder bugs with essential oils spray & get rid using natural remedies. One way is the seal the house. Remove box elder insects

Many bugs and insects can contaminate one’s lovely home. Hence, these can occur in various seasons – there is no right or wrong time. Thus, with large and numerous amount of insects and pests, our primary focus and the need to enlighten about is the box-elder bugs and how to get rid of box-elder bugs home remedy. These bugs that survive on box-elder trees can contaminate ones home in the winters and can take warmth in places where they can rarely be noticed.

In addition to the appearance – they are black in color with a tinge of red or even orange at their back. The unique bit about them is that they are insects with six legs and to add on to that two antennae’s as well! Many question as to what these bugs survive on. To which the answer is simple – box-elder bugs feed mainly the tree seeds and on leaves.  So, moving on we need to emphasize on how to get rid of these bugs when they infest your households and get rid of box-elder bugs home remedy!

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Boxelder bug home remedy control

Apply diatomaceous earth powder

This powder is said to be excellent in terms of getting rid of boxelder bugs! What one is required to do is purchase this powder, and sprinkle it on areas where these bugs are found hanging. This powder will cause the insects to dehydrate and die. Thus, this powder is a very good remedy to tackle these six-legged bugs!

Spray with soapy water

soapy water

This is an excellent way to get rid of boxelder bugs home remedy. What one is required to do is mix some amount of dish soap with water. Once that is done, pour the solution into a bottle and start spraying it everywhere! This solution will end up killing the bugs and suffocating them. Hence, this is a highly effective remedy to do away with boxelder bugs!

How to get rid of boxelder bugs with essential oils

essential oils

Hence, a lot of people question how to get rid of boxelder bugs home remedy – to which a very good answer is to use essential oils! These oils are not only a natural but effective way to deal with the various pests. These oils kill both the bugs and the eggs! The way to go about is – mix a few drops of citrus oil in a bottle. This oil works so well because it is caustic to the exoskeleton of the bug. Apart from that this oil can also be used as a pesticide.

laundry detergent boxelder bugs

One very good way to get rid of boxelder bugs home remedy is to use laundry detergent.  It is an effective home remedy – using soap and just water! It works mainly with laundry detergent. All one has to do is mix laundry detergent and water and put this mixture in a spray bottle. When one sprays it – it does wonders!

Use a garden hose

The garden hose can be a very good method. Use the hose with extreme intensity – This will blast the pests out of the house in absolutely no time! Most men and husbands enjoy this method very much!

Boxelder bug trap

One effective way to get rid of boxelder bugs home remedy is to use a natural boxelder bug trap. These bugs are inclined towards bright and very light colors. Thus, one easy remedy is to paint cardboard with a bright happy color. Apart from just this cover one side of the cardboard with petroleum jelly or double-sided tape.

Once this trap is made, lay in a sunny warm spot. This will attract the bugs and will get attracted to the box and will end up getting stuck to it! Hence, no escape.

Sealing the house

One is also recommended to seal their house. As pert small cracks and entryways, one should use caulk to seal it. This should be done before the season arrives. Any small cracks and holes should be sealed and covered as soon as the season of infestation arrives!

Apply garlic


Garlic is a very good insect repellant. Once one sprays and keeps a dosage of garlic in the area, the bugs will end up staying away from the smell. Hence, garlic is actually a very effective remedy – with its strong smell and its unique qualities!

Other preventive measures

Thus, one should also follow other measures like not coloring the house yellow and with other bright colors, and making sure to remove the trees from areas close to one’s house. Bright colors and having boxelder trees around will only increase the chances of these bugs coming to one’s house. Nevertheless, keep them out!

Are boxelder bugs harmful

Thus, as far as how harmful these bugs can be – they are just a nuisance! They don’t sting and most of the times they don’t bite. They just infest one’s homes in the right season and spread their six legs around your house!

In addition to that, they are said to damage homes and plants as well. However, do not try squishing them as that will only lead to an unpleasant odor. These bugs start finding their way to homes when winter arises.

Hence, these bugs are definitely not harmful, but one’s household can be surmounted by them – not leaving such a pleasant sight


Thus, above have been laid down several effective home remedies to do away with these unpleasant look boxelder bugs. The above remedies have usually worked, especially the one which is a simple trap. We suggest one to cut off the boxelder trees placed near your homes before winter comes and before these bugs start entering different households. A very exciting way to remove these bugs is by spraying them with water with very extreme intensity. Most men love experimenting with the hose, and await eagerly to try this remedy!

Nevertheless, if the situation cannot be handled by the above home remedies then call for pest control and seek help from the professionals themselves. This may be the ultimate and final way to seek elimination from these boxelder bugs! Thus, we hope this was a useful article!

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