Indian Doctors discovered a combination of vaccines to cure Corona Patients

The CoronaVirus outbreak is the biggest threat to humanity in 2020. Doctors in Rajasthan have created a way to cure Corona patients which have proved successful for the patients. 

Corona Virus Indian Cure

Earlier those patients came to the hospital and tested as COVID-19 positive. After the doctors did their medication to them, they were not tested as COVID-19 negative and discharged to home. 

Where this cure is made

Rajasthan is a state in India, where a team of few doctors has successfully created a medicine which has cured people. There were four cases of corona patients out of which three are cured by people. 

Doctors have told the media about how they have cured the patients by creating a combination of vaccines used for swine flu, malaria & HIV. 

These doctors practice in Sawai Mansingh Medical College and Hospital, situated in Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. 

3 out of 4 Patients were cured by this Medicine

The first case which saw an improvement in the medical condition was an Italian couple. This couple came to the hospital in the last week of February and saw improvement on February 28th, 2020. This was confirmed by the Hospital Authority. 

The health secretary of Rajasthan Mr. Rohit Singh has told about the research paper published about it. In his words “First they used malaria drug chloroquine and swine flu medicines and then HIV drugs which are part of the protocol for restricted health use, it’s a published paper. It seems to be working,”  

The Italian couple who came to Rajasthan for a holiday was found positive after he went sick while traveling. When they went to the hospital for a check-up, it was seen that they were found positive and were admitted to the hospital. 

After the vaccine combination was used on the Italian tourists, it was found that the body accepted the cure properly and soon the recovery was seen in them. 

Doctors said that as there was an outbreak of swine flu two years ago, they were handy to handle such situations and let them create an idea to find a potential cure for the Corona pandemic. 

This will help the whole world and patients who are suffering from such disease. Now they could be treated faster and will be recovered soon. 

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), a council for biomedical research has been included after the doctor’s successful cure. ICMR is the top institution in India for various biomedical researchers across the country. 

Soon ICMR will provide approval for the medication method and this can be later implemented by the other medical authorities. 

ICMR has announced that more trials will be done by the medical practitioners to establish a scientific treatment for them.  

Dr. Sudhir Bhandari has added more on the Italian couple’s medical conditions. He said “ Mr. Andrey Carley is a senior citizen aged 69 years has a history of lung disease and breathlessness and for what we were worried about.  Doctor Sudhir Bhandari is the principal of Sawai Mansingh Medical College and Hospital. 

“We have been handling swine flu – which is similar pulmonary pneumonia and fatality causing disease – for the last few years. So we knew how viral pneumonia behaves. So we had a meeting to strategize our approach to these patients. We checked up literature and there was a definite clue. We could use the same drug – one was Oseltamivir which we use for swine flu. We even used an anti-malarial drug and two more drugs that can be used against coronavirus,” he added.

The Current Condition of Italian Couple

Now the Italian women are under control. Her viral fever is under control and is improving. 

The male has shown more symptoms of Corona but after the cure given to him, he is improving and can be soon recovered by the cure.  Male patients are kept under observation while the female is transferred to the other hospital where Corona negative patients are kept for last observation. 

Which Drugs were used 

Medical team of Jaipur has used a combination of various drugs i.e. lopinavir and ritonavir.

The tablets of 500 mg were given to the patients twice a day. Another medicine used in treatment of HIV patients i.e. oseltamivir in an undisclosed way to treat the patients from corona infection. 

Senior Professor of Hospital Mr. Keswani said  “We first conducted tests on Saturday. They both tested negative in the first test. For confirmation, we conducted re-test on Sunday and they both tested negative again. It is a proud moment for all of us as we used some common antiviral medicines which helped in their treatment. We did not use any new medicine. The medicines are available in the market,”

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