DIY Homemade Natural Vapor Rub Recipe for Babies

Cold and flu can be caused to anyone. If you are one of those who get cold & flu during the climate change, then this information is useful for you.

As we get common cold during the climate change, we generally use Vicks Vaporub in the process. While using in the course of time, I found that it is a petroleum product. 

A petroleum product must be kept out of reach from kids. Kids could swallow it and can lead to bad results to their health.

After a few researches done on the Internet & some books. Here we are sharing a home made recipe of making a natural Vapor rub to be used in common cold.

How to make Vapor Rub for Babies

If talking about any vapor rub, we generally make a mind upon the popular Vicks Vaporub. It helps in soothing cough & cold. But the famous vapor rub is not recommended for kids. As we all know how painful it is to suffer cough & cold as a kid. Kids even get problem in sleeping at night. 

Now let us clear one simple point. The ingredients used in this vapor rub will be important in making the product. 

Do not freak out, if all the ingredients for the vapor rub can’t be gathered by you. Some companies are even providing more natural & less harmful products in the market. For kids, they are also providing you special vapor rub. Finding those is very time consuming task which often leads to found nothing. 

Safety Standards of Home made Vapor Rub

Before you start questioning about my recipe to make this kids safe vapor rub, I provide you with some details. 

There are some essential oils which are used for the kids to make it kid friendly. The skin of a kid is very sensitive to any market products. These essential oils take care of delicate kid skin to help them for more. 

The kids safety is done by adding eucalyptus & fur oil to the recipe & making it safe. 

Why make Natural Vapor Rub Recipe ?

An idea of making a soothing & petroleum free vapor rub which is a lot soother than a market one’s. 

Ingredients used in Vapor Rub

  • Half Cup Olive oil, coconut & almond Oil. 
  • Two tbsp beeswax for pastiles.  
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Rosemary Oil (do not use in babies & infants)
  • Cinnamon Oil & Clove Oil (Do not use in infants)


  1. Mix Olive/ Almond Oil in a boiler until it melts completely
  2. Now add essential oils on the same (Use half quantity in case of baby version)
  3. Mix the whole properly & put in a storage container with a lid. Container can be like tins or a little jar. 
  4. Now your Vapor rub is ready to use, if anyone sees cough or cold.
  5. In case of babies, essential oils can be replaced by herbs to make more useful for kids. 

How to make a Camphor based Vaporub 

Camphor based vapor rub is helpful for babies for clearing their lungs congestion & help them to sleep peacefully.  

Why Camphor 

Camphor is an approved herb to be used for cold & cough. Through the presence of it must be less to stay beneficial. As we have already told the bad effects of using marked vaporub on a baby. 

Camphor with coconut oil helps in reducing the congestion from lungs by rubbing gently on chest. The warmth produced by the vapor rub helps in relief from chest congestion

Camphor & Coconut Oil based vapor rub for Cold in babies


  • Virgin Coconut oil – 1 tbsp
  • Small round camphor – 1 or just ½ for small babies and first-timers
Campor based Vapor Rub

How to Make Campor based Vapor Rub

  1. Put a tablespoon of Coconut Oil in a dry pan. Heat it on medium flame until it heats up properly. 
  2. Add one of half camphor in the pan to dissolve it completely. The stove must be switched off while doing this. After it dissolves completely, put this in a bowl. 
  3. Apply to the chest in little warm state. 
  4. It can also be applied on back, ears & sole. 
  5. Now cover the baby with clothes so he can’t touch it. 
  6. Do not apply on face, nose , eyes & mouth to avoid any problem. 
  7. Also restricted to baby who are suffering from any skin problems or allergies.  

Final Words 

In some cases, essential oils can also be harmful to babies. This can be minimized by using some dilute solution for the kids and should be used in less quantity. 

Also consult your physician before you apply anything to baby for which you doubt. The dilute solution will always be safer for the kids usage.  

All this recipe has been prepared under the guidance of Dr. Lauren Jefferis who is certified for Internal Medicine & pediatrics. But still, the clause of “consulting a physician” is still valid.  

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