How to keep your skin healthy while washing hands Frequently

Keep your skin healthy after using too much hand sanitizer. Follow instructions to keep your hands mositirized and skin healthy

Washing your hands during the corona outbreak is not an instruction, it’s a need. But as we wash our hands too much with hand sanitizer and hand wash, our skin becomes rough and dry

Keep your Skin Healthy After too much Hand Sanitizer

To keep skin healthy, we need to follow some simple instructions for the same. 

Dr. Adam Friedman , professor of dermatology at George Washington has said  “Whether it be the rapidly escalating corona pandemic or just any given winter, handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of infections. Unfortunately, the very soaps and even wringing of hands underwater will also break down the barrier we are trying to protect,”  

Wash with warm water

Washing hands takes only 20 seconds but it can be very useful to stay healthy and not get infected. 

Dr. Daniela Kroshinsky, director of pediatric dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital says “ About the time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, making sure to cover palms, backs of hands, fingers, in between fingers, wrists, and fingernails,”  

She added that washing hands with lukewarm water would be better than hot. Because very hot water dries the skin and increases softness in it. 

So basically if we wash our hands with lukewarm water and rinse our finger with it, then we can stay good with the natural oils. This way we can keep our skin moisturised. 

Use moisturizing soap

Soaps are of various types. So if we are going to use some moisturizing soap, then it would be dear to our skin. Ordinary soaps when used too much can cause dry and cracked skin. 

Soap must consist of a creamy consistency. You must look for the ingredients like glycerin and lanolin. Soap bars are not recommended for the same. 

A soap bar is binded with high pH that causes unnecessary dryness. Choose such soaps which have less drying agents than the moisturizing one’s 

Also she said , if the soap you are using is not moisturizing, then you can still be a little gentle to your hands to slow the drying process of your skin. As we rush in washing hands, that dries or skin even more. Try to be as gentle as you can. 

Use Moisturizers

As we wash our hands, it can dry the skin and drains out the water from the deeper layers from skin. Water acts as a magnet after washing it. This way hands can be more dried in longer.

“The reason is that water acts like a magnet and it will attract water out from the deepest layers of the skin and evaporate into the dry air. The result is even tighter, drier skin. To prevent this from happening, be sure to immediately apply hand cream afterward. Even a light layer will do,” Rouleau said.

The creams and ointments 

Using creams and ointment helps in retaining the moisture in the skin. It helps in maintaining the water content in the dermis. 

Moisturiser helps in skin health by the following means.  

  1. Its increases the barrier function in the epidermis. 
  2. It provides the protective film
  3. The small crevices in skin can be filled 
  4. Improves the water level in the epidermis
  5. Soothes the skin
  6. Improves the appearance of skin and texture
  7. improve the skin’s appearance and texture

Buy a moisturizer that is rich in 

  1. lanolin acid
  2. stearic acid, 
  3. caprylic/capric triglycerides, 
  4. mineral oil, 
  5. paraffin, 
  6. petrolatum, 
  7. cyclomethicone, 
  8. dimethicone, 
  9. squalene

It is advised to use moisturizer before bed and after bed or whenever you feel dry. 

Wear gloves

As you are washing hands, you can follow a simple process by which you can keep your moisture in the same way as it was. 

Follow the simple steps to do this. 

  1.  Wash your hands and after that soak your hands in plain water for five minutes. 
  2. Then apply moisturizer on hands
  3. Wear gloves for 3-4 hours.

Wearing gloves after hand washing and moisturiser will ensure the surface moisturizer to go inside the skin. And if you want to chap your hands, then use a heavy moisturizer with thick cream and wear cotton gloves for the whole night. 

As a sleep is for 8-9 hours, this will provide more moisture in the skin and helps in better skin health. This will also help in skin damage. 

Use skin balm

Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis are skin conditions that make your skin dry and raw. Due to more washing, these conditions can go worse. It is suggested to use some skin balm like vaseline and apply on the sores and cracked areas. 

This will repair the damage and soothe the skin. Using a skin vaseline will provide better care on your hands. 

Substitute hand sanitizer for soap

In case your hands are going worse by over use of hand sanitizer, then you need to switch to a soap. Temporarily use a soap to keep your hands healthy. Use soap when you are at home and use sanitizer when you are going out. This limited use of hand sanitizer will help in let your skin in good condition. 

Blot Dry 

If you are drying hands, then it is advised to not wipe it. This will prevent the micro abrasions in the skin. 

  • Usin are a paper towel will be better.
  • But if you are using any cloth or towel, then every person must use its personal towel for maintaining hygiene. 
  • You must clean your towels every 3-4 days. 
  • Make sure that your hands are thoroughly dried . It is because germs can transfer on wet hands 

Final Words

As we all know, the time of quarantine , we all are suffering. So if you are a person who can avoid going out, then you must avoid. If you are going out, then you must be

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