How to Fix Sway Back Posture

The need for good posture helps in longer runs. Some people who do not have the correct posture tend to suffer in any way. So here we are talking about fixing the sway Back posture.  

As you are reading this, then you or someone you know has a sway back posture. There are numerous benefits of correcting your posture. If you want to improve your posture, then you must identify how wrong posture has been developed by you. 

What is Swayback Posture?

Swayback posture is a type of posture that nobody wants to develop. But in some people it develops due to some wrong habits. If someone is standing in sway back posture, then it will be seen with a belly on a slender one and forward head posture. 

Swayback refers to lazy posture for a man who is trying to use least muscles strength to hold themselves up.  

Swayback Posture Common Symptoms

A very common sign will be that your hip bone will be in tilt to forward position to have a posterior pelvic tilt. 

An ideal posture is where the head,ribs and pelvis are stacked on top of one another with ears aligned on the top. All these body parts would be parallel to a straight line. 

  1. In case of a swayback posture, the hips would be out of alignment from the straight line. 
  2. Best way to check is to see whether your ankle bone with respect to your hips is straight or not. 
  3. If it is in the front of the ankle bone, then you are having a swayback posture. 

Human body can adapt in any way if you maintain a bad posture. To create a balance walking during the sway back posture, the upper back and the head will be seen in backward direction to create an equilibrium.  

Some Other ways to find out Sway back Posture

  • Having a reduced curve in lower back or flat back better known as Posterior pelvic twist 
  • Gluteal muscles will stay shut off.
  • Knees look highly extended.
  • Hips look extended
  • Abdominal muscles look tight which pulls the pelvis into posterior pelvic tilt
  • Continuous lower back pain as body weight is concentrated on few points on lower back.  

Sway back posture can be corrected using exercises. 

How to Fix Swayback Posture

Before fixing, you need to know how your posture has become like that. What are the factors that took you to a swayback posture. After that you can fix it properly. 

The very first steps to improve is to sleep on your back and start sitting and standing correctly. 

  1. Do not sit for more than 25 minutes on a desk. As we start comforting us in a chair with wrong posture, the problems grow big. By standing after every 25 minutes, your body will be discomforted by lazy habits and start making better posture. 
  2.  Work while standing. If you can adjust your work life by standing for a longer time during work, then it could be helpful in fixing the swayback posture in the body. 

Due to our lazy lifestyle, the the swayback posture becomes the comfortable one and the problem rises. By working on the posture, it will help in improving it. 

Exercises for fixing Sway Back Posture

Side Plank

Side plank pulls the external obliques plus maintains length in internal obliques and rectus abdominis. 


  • Sit on the side hip with legs out in the front. Cross leg over bottom leg while resting the ball on floor. 
  • Bottom leg keeps the body weight and the top leg keeps the balance. 
  • Place your lower hand under your shoulder. Align your spine and draw the shoulder blade down by lifting the rib cage for movement. 


  1. Lift the hips from the floor as the top arm sweeps upward. 
  2. Bring the entire body to the rest one one hand & on the lower foot. 
  3. Hold your breath and then lower the floor while keeping your body aligned. 
  4. Repeat the same on the other side.  
  5. Inhale to prepare and exhale when you lift the side plank. 
  6. Inhale at top and exhale to return to the same position. 

Leg Pull Variation


  1. Lie on your stomach and prop up the elbow. 
  2. Align the elbows directly beneath shoulders. Bend your toes so you can bear the weight on your feet. 


Draw your ribs away from the floor and follow by lifting pelvis by placing your weight on the elbows. Keep your head and neck in a line to maintain neutral pelvis. 

As you are in elbow plank position, you can do by putting one foot at a time. 


Inhale while you lift ribs and exhale into elbow plank position. Hold your position for three breaths OR you can inhale/exhale reaching the legs for 8 repetitions.  Bridging and single-leg march strengthen the glutes and psoas while increasing hip mobility.


Bridging and single leg march strengthens the gluteals and increases hip mobility.


  1. Lie on the back with flat feet and heels. 
  2. Place your spine and pelvis in neutral. 


  1. Draw navel towards spine and peeling the vertebra at a time from floor. 
  2. Rest in shoulder blades and return to the floor, one vertebra at one time. 


Inhale on the top and exhale as you return to the starting position.  

Single-Leg March


  1. Lie on your back with flat feets on the floor parallel to the ischial tuberosities.
  2. Put your spine and pelvis neutral and place your arms and neck.


  1. Bent a knee and lift one leg to the tabletop position. 
  2. Maintain the pelvis and spine as you lift up. 
  3. Return to the setup position and repeat the exercise on the other side.  


Inhale as you lift your leg and exhale to bring it back.  

Final Words

All these exercises are helpful in fixing a sway back posture. This is not a disease or any serious problem. It only occurs due to becoming habitual in wrong pose while standing. These exercises will let you restore the normal posture of body in few weeks.

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