How to heal a sprained ankle overnight at home with effective results

sprained ankle

Imagine a situation where one is in dire need to lose weight, and hence they decide to go out for a run in the morning. Everything is good, apart from the fact that the person trips over a stone and sprains their ankle. So much for trying to lose weight, one must have guessed the focus of this article – how to heal a sprained ankle overnight. Due to a sprained ankle, a certain swelling takes place and it becomes quite difficult for one to even walk. However, before the situation becomes severe and much worse, we are going to lay down some home remedies to take care of a sprained ankle.

This is an injury that occurs very often among people. It happens mainly when the ankle turns or rolls in an awkward manner. It can be quite painful and thus our purpose is to seek answers to – how to heal a sprained ankle overnight.

Sprained ankle symptoms

There are various symptoms that help detect one has a sprained ankle:

A massive swelling due to an increase fluid in the tissue, an acute pain in the area because the nerves are highly sensitive,  certain redness and warmth that is caused due to an increase in the blood flow in that area etc

How to heal a sprained ankle fast treatment at home

There are many people who ask for home remedy for sprained foot and hence we are going to lay down ways to heal a sprained ankle overnight at home.


The above should not be mistaken for eating rice, but rice as in-

  • R – It is compulsory to get ample rest and try avoiding walking
  • I – One should apply a lot of ice on the area that is swelled up
  • C– There is also a need to apply compression on the infected area
  • E– It is crucial to elevate the ankle so that it reduces the flow of blood and other fluids

Thus, a person in pain due to a sprained ankle should follow the above term RICE

Apply turmeric powder

turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is considered so good because it reduces the inflammation and the swelling. Apart from that this powder also helps to rest the muscle.

What one is required to do is mix the powder and form a thick paste. Once that is done apply the paste on the ankle and wrap it and let it be on the ankle for sometime

Apart from applying it on the swelling one can also consume it by mixing a pinch of turmeric in milk and drinking it every day!

Apply garlic juice

garlic juice

One of the ways to heal a sprained ankle overnight is by applying garlic on the sprained ankle. This remedy is quite the wanted as it eases the pain and hastens the healing process. Apart from that garlic as we all know tends to improve the immunity system.

One is required to clean the area and make a mixture which includes garlic juice and coconut oil. Massage the skin with this mixture and make sure to repeat this everyday!

Apply olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil is a perfect remedy to take care of a sprained ankle, and this is mainly because it contains properties that reduce the inflammation and swelling. In order to make this work mix olive oil with an egg yolk, apply this mixture on the affected area, once that is done, cover this by applying a bandage. One can also massage the swollen area with the help of olive oil.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is very effective to heal a sprained ankle overnight. This salt contains magnesium which is very helpful to cure the ankle that is sprained. Epsom salt is good because it contains these crystals that help to soothe the muscles. Take some Epsom salt and mix it in hot water. After the water is at a good temperature, put your foot into the bowl and let it lie there for sometime. This is an effective remedy and one should do it at least twice a day!

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This is a highly effective way to heal a sprained ankle overnight. This contains very good healing properties and hence when people injure themselves while playing sports – aloe vera becomes their new best friend. One can take the gel out of the plant and apply it on the swollen area. Make sure that the gel is left to dry, and then glycerin can be added to it to make the mixture thicker.

How long does a sprained ankle stay swollen

There are many people who seek an answer to how long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal. That mostly depends on how severe the situation is. Most of the sprains are mild, and can go away with some rest, elevation and over the counter medication. The sprains usually go away in just a matter of days or a week, and by six weeks you are completely okay!

However, in case of severe ankle sprains – it may rale a very long time to recover. One can even say three months or even more. In fact, this injury can be so painful that one will require clutches to walk around.

Thus, in terms of how long it takes to heal – it all depends on how serious the swelling and the sprain is.

The do’s and don’ts

There are some things that one should do and not do when they are faced with a sprained ankle.

The do’s being – take rest, elevate your legs, take a foot massage, and drink lots and lots of water

The don’ts being –  avoid causing redness, soreness or uneasiness, do not drink or eat cold food as it leads to slowing down of the healing process, do not consume caffeine and salt.


The above remedies are very helpful in getting rid of a sprained ankle overnight. Though the above help in healing the sprain as fast as possible, however, the sprain may take some days to heal due to the severity of the situation. In scenarios like these, one may not be solely able to rely on home remedies and may have to visit a doctor!

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