Several effective ways on how to get rid of jaundice in adults and babies

how to get rid of jaundice in adults

Get rid of jaundice in adults and babies. Causes , Symptoms and effects of jaundice , cure with natural use i.e. Sunlight,Sugarcane & Essential oils

People face many diseases and infections today – this is mainly due to an increase in pollution and people living in unhealthy conditions. One of the infections is the yellow disease called jaundice.  It’s called yellow because it tends to leave a yellow tinge on the person who has jaundice. There are many ways of getting rid of it, but we are going to lay light on – how to get rid of jaundice in adults.

We are a unique website because rather than telling the patient to go visit a doctor, we provide with several home remedies to do away with the infection/disease/disorder.


Many questions are raised by people who are worried – this mainly being and surrounded upon what are the jaundice complications? What jaundice is caused by? What is a good jaundice treatment? And most importantly jaundice affects?

Before we delve into answering the questions, let us emphasize on jaundice, the yellow disease

Jaundice is very common, and many adults and babies fall victim to it. When one questions as to why jaundice occurs – then it’s mainly because of the liver falling weak.  There is a buildup of something known as bilirubin. Once this build up happens, the liver is not successful in doing away with it, and hence jaundice occurs!


Jaundice is a common occurrence and is mainly seen  due to reasons being  – inflammation of the bile duct, Gilbert’s syndrome, cholestasis, obstruction of the bile duct and most importantly inflammation of the liver.

Symptoms of jaundice

Some of the very common symptoms of jaundice include yellow color, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, weight loss, pale stools, and dark urine

If someone comes across these symptoms, then know that you might be a victim to jaundice, and several precautions should be taken. We are going to stress on the home remedies for jaundice

How to get rid of jaundice in adults

Below are several home remedies that will help one to prevent and do away with jaundice



One of the very important ways to get rid of jaundice in adults and babies is to bathe in the sun, The sun provides one with certain properties that help to increase health conditions and makes one feel one. So, what are you waiting for – go find the sun and bathe in it!

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Sugar cane juice

One very good way to get rid of jaundice in adults and in babies is to have a lot of sugar cane juice. Sugar cane is so important because it helps to strengthen the liver and make it more functional. This leads to keeping the bilirubin levels in check – which is very important to control the yellow disease!

 Essential oils

image showing oils

Do not forget the importance of essential oils – be it rosemary oil or lemon oil. The importance of these cannot be negated in terms of they help get rid of jaundice in adults and in babies.

As far as rosemary oil is concerned it is very good for the liver since it has properties that are detoxifying and hepatoprotective. In short, this oil is very good for the liver

On the other hand, lemon oil is useful and very good to protect against liver injuries. Since we know that jaundice is basically got to do with the liver, this oil is very useful!

Goat milk

In order to get rid of jaundice in adults and babies, one should drink a lot of goat milk. Goat milk is a very good alternative for cow’s milk and is helpful because it is rich in various nutrients, and the antibodies that it contains helps to fight any form of infections, especially jaundice

Green grape juice

green grapes

One is suggested to drink a lot of green grape juice. It has been said that this juice tends to absorb all the yellowness since it improves the functioning of the liver. One has noted that green grape juice improves the serum bilirubin levels, which ends up curing jaundice



Garlic is also considered a very good remedy to get rid of jaundice in adults and in babies. It is useful because it contains antioxidant properties – this leads to detoxifying one’s liver and speeding up recovery from jaundice. So, don’t care about the taste and the smell, just eat it!

Lemon juice

image showing lemon juice

Not only is this yummy but also helps to cure one of jaundice.  It contains antioxidant properties that help in unblocking the bile duct. Thus, lemon juice helps to prevent the liver from falling prey to any form of infection. Drink lemon juice at least three times a day!


These are very good to get rid of jaundice in adults and babies because they contain lycopene. This is a very strong antioxidant which helps in detoxifying the liver and preventing plus curing jaundice


indian gooseberry

This is considered as one of the oldest remedies to get rid of jaundice in adults and in babies. It is so helpful because first, it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. And second, it is an antioxidant that helps to keep the liver healthy and help prevent it from any form of infections!


Hence, we have laid down several home remedies that will help get rid of jaundice in adults and babies. Remember, to drink plenty of water and other liquids such as lemon juice if one wants to cure jaundice. Jaundice can stay on for a long time, therefore it is necessary to eat, sleep and try absorbing everything healthy.

Go to a doctor if

These remedies, though very effective – may not come to help, because the liver may be damaged to such an extent that doing without a doctor cannot be seen as an option. In that case, visit your doctor and take his advice. Sometimes medication, though having their side effects work better than home remedies, and hence one is left with no other option but to go to their doctor

We hope the above article has provided one with ample information as to how to keep your liver healthy and prevent it from falling prey to any kind of infection!

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