Various effective home remedy for drinking spoiled milk and their results

home remedy for drinking spoiled milk

Drinking sour expired spoiled milk treatment after effects and treatment. Home remedy for stomach infection and food poisoning. What to do immediately

We are all aware that drinking milk every day is a necessity and essential for people to survive. Milk provides a lot of calcium which is good for the bones and joints. Milk should be consumed not only by little children and kids – but also people in their middle age and old people. Our topic though evidently is on milk – it also talks about drinking spoiled and sour milk. Thus, let us throw light on home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. Thus, read on!

What is spoiled milk

Before we indulge further into home remedy for drinking spoiled milk, let us understand what spoiled milk really is. One can determine whether the milk is spoiled by just tasting it. If one does get the opportunity to taste this milk, they’ll definitely realize what the word sour means. A brilliant way to realize whether the milk is sour or not is by smelling it. If it smells funky then don’t drink it!

What happens if you drink spoiled milk?

Drinking spoiled milk can lead to a very bad start to the day. It can evidently lead to food poisoning. In some cases, sour milk can cause a mild case of food poising, while in some cases the symptoms are very acute. A person can start having stomach cramps, nausea, or even a fever. Thus, one is suggested to smell the milk before gobbling it down or mixing it with tea and coffee!  Due to drinking sour milk one can have food poisoning. Our main topic for today is –home remedy for drinking spoiled milk

Home remedies for drinking spoiled milk

Drinking spoiled milk means one has to deal with food poisoning. We are going to elaborate in detail regarding home remedy for drinking spoiled milk.

Apple cider vinegar

If one is suffering from food poisoning due to drinking sour milk then apple cider vinegar can come to one’s rescue! This vinegar is so good because it is rich in minerals and enzymes that can help to stabilize the body.

Essential oils

Another remedy for drinking spoiled milk is to use essential oils. These are oregano or thyme oil. One questions as to why these oils are so effective. This being so because they contain compounds that are effective antimicrobial and antiparasitic. Thus, these oils are good for stomach infections and food poisoning. One should usually put a small mix of these oils in water and have it!

Ginger with honey

This is also regarded as a good remedy for drinking spoiled milk. Ginger with honey is very good for stomach infections as it contains gingerol. Gingerol is very effective in fighting foodborne infections. Ginger is also known for good digestion and added with honey, the ginger benefits automatically double. Ginger and a tinge of honey are also useful in preventing people from feeling nauseated and vomiting.



Stomach infections can be very harmful and hence one is suggested to eat ample amounts of garlic. Garlic is this beneficial because it contains properties that are antibacterial and antifungal. Apart from that is also eases a person from stomach pain and diarrhea.

Lemon juice

lemon juice

A very good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk, one should drink this at least two to three times a day. Lemon juice is very good in healing the body and refreshing it. It also contains properties that help fight food bacteria. Apart from just fighting these infections away, lemon juice is good for digestion.

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This is an herb which is good to remove stomach infections and poisoning. This can be chewed with honey or even cardamom. It works because it has very high antimicrobial properties. Apart from just that basil is very helpful in calming the stomach and fighting food poisoning.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. One is suggested to consume a lot of this because it helps to get rid of bacteria and toxins from the body. Thus, if one eats this then the chances of food poisoning become lesser. One should have large amounts of vitamin C rich foods.



When one is suffering from food poisoning due to sour milk then they should consume a lot of bananas. These are good because they are rich in potassium and fibre – this is very helpful since food poisoning tends to wear down the potassium from the body. Hence, eating bananas can be very good for the stomach

Keep a check on your diet

A very good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk is to keep a check on what you eat and not eat afterwards. One should avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, dairy products, fried foods, nicotine, and most importantly processed foods.

Apart from not consuming, one should also eat and drink certain things. These being sports drinks that contain electrolytes and help to keep one hydrated. One should also consume bland foods since they are gentler on the stomach. One should also consume fermented foods and yogurts!

Eat papaya

Papaya is very good for digestion. They contain certain enzymes which are very similar to digestive enzymes. One can consume some fresh papaya or even take some of the capsules. One is suggested to look for organic papaya!

Baking soda

A very good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. Add some baking soda to water and make sure that it is mixed well and with care. This mixture will cause one to burp – hence, helping in digestion and reduce acidity. However baking soda comes with a warning – do not intake this in case the stomach is upset due to overeating!

Eat spices and herbs

One is suggested to eat and consume ample spices and herbs as it is considered a good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. Certain herbs like cardamom, coriander, fennel, ginger, fenugreek are very good for digestion. If one just nibbles into these – one will see the difference it will make!

Hence, one should consume ample amounts of herbs and spices!

Drink plenty of liquids

One is required to drink lots of fluids and liquids when they face a bad stomach. This will help in dehydration and will aid the body to recover. One is suggested to drink soup – since it is healthy and made from water. A bowl of hot soup every day will do wonders!

Take a break from dairy products

When the stomach is upset – one should not eat much of dairy products. The body becomes lactose intolerant. And hence, during this period if one consumes dairy products, it will only lead to further complications and hassles that will become difficult to face

Avoid foods that can cause uneasiness and vomiting

It is recommended that one avoids foods that are difficult to digest. These mainly comprise of fatty foods like pizzas and burgers! One should also not consume very high fibre foods such as citrus, legumes, whole grains, etc. This is a very good home remedy for drinking spoiled milk

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds
Cumin seeds

Yes, cumin seeds are a very good way and a perfect home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. One is suggested to boil some cumin seeds and drink it at least two times a day! Apart from just this – one can also make a herbal tea from cumin seeds. This will definitely help to clean the system and cure it.

Can drinking sour milk make you sick?

A lot of people have laid down questions such as – is sour milk bad for you? And can I drink sour milk? As mentioned earlier and it has been laid down as feel that sour and spoiled milk can lead to food poisoning. Hence, is sour milk bad for you – Yes! It definitely is.

Sur milk can lead to stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea or even a fever. The bacteria from the sour milk will travel fast and lead to food poisoning and upsetting the stomach

 is sour milk bad for you
is sour milk bad for you

Hence to answer the question – can drinking sour milk make one sick? Then yes, it can!

What can you do with expired milk?

Expired milk is not all that bad and we don’t have to keep focusing on home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. There are some benefits to it as well

  1. If one craves for tender meat then one is suggested to soak it in the expired milk. The lactic acid in the milk will tenderize the meat and make it soft and yummy to eat!
  2. Expired milk is very good for baking. Especially things like bread, pancakes and even scones!
  3. The milk, when added to a certain soup, makes it even more delicious and creamy!
  4. Expired milk dipped in water is very good for the plants and make them grow healthy and stronger.
  5. Using expired milk in cornbread will give a nice taste
  6. If one adds some scented oil in the expired skin and bathes with it – it will make your skin fresh and will rejuvenate it
  7. Expired milk contains lactic acid which is very good to wash one’s face with!
  8. One can also make brown bread by adding expired milk to the recipe

Hence, expired milk is not all that bad – it does have its benefits, especially when it comes to baking food and applying it on one’s skin. Application of sour milk on the face and body is a very good way to feel fresh and rejuvenated!

When to visit a doctor –

There may come a time when the above remedies are not able to cure stomach infection due to spoiled milk. In such a case it is essential to visit your doctor. One should go when

  • Diarrhea continues on for days
  • In addition, When one has a high fever
  • When one faces difficulty in speaking
  • And when there is blood in the urine

Hence, even though the above home remedies are very effective and can be reached out to very easily, there may be situations where one needs to seek a doctor. Do not take stomach infection as a mild scenario – go to your doctor immediately!


Thus, above have been laid down several home remedy for drinking spoiled milk. Though spoiled milk can lead to food poisoning and an upset stomach – it also has its benefits and can be used for cooking and applying on the skin. It may not be a good idea to consume it directly, but adding sour milk with certain foods and ingredients can help in making yummy and tasty dishes.

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