Home remedies for swollen eyes and their instant results

home remedy for swollen eyes due to allergies
home remedy for swollen eyes due to allergies
Home remedy for swollen eyes due to allergies

Have you ever woken up and found your eyes to be swollen? Are there many questions running through your head? Why do I have swollen eyes? How will I give the presentation today? Should I wear my shades to hide them? And finally how to get rid of them quickly? Thus, we are going to be of help and lay down some home remedies for swollen eyes!

Therefore, before we provide home remedies for eye swelling, let us understand what swollen eyes are, their symptoms and why they occur

Hence, swollen eyes are familiar and usually happen when there is an excess of fluid in the connective issues surrounding the eye. Many have said that swollen eyes can be painful for some, while many people don’t feel the pain at all

Causes behind swollen eyes

Furthermore, to go beyond, let us stress on why swollen eyes usually occur. This can result due to eye infections, eye injuries and most commonly due to allergies.  Swollen eyes should not be taken lightly as it can lead to one losing their sight and problems like orbital cellulits

Thus one can face swollen eyes if they have allergies, conjunctivitis, styes, and even eye injuries.


If one undergoes the below symptoms, then they should realize that immediate action should be taken and swollen eyes should not be taken as just another infection. It can be quite serious.

swollen eye symtoms

Symptoms includes itching and irritation on the eye. Second, is the sensitivity to light, Third if one suffers from watery eyes, fourth if one is not able to see things clearly, fifth is redness of the eyelid, and finally eye discharge

Hence, if one finds themselves under the umbrella of such symptoms then action needs to be taken right then and there.

Best remedy for swollen eyes

Wash your eyes
wash eyes

The very first thing suggested as home remedies for swollen eyes is to wash your eyes with cold water as soon as you wake up and find yourself captured by this infection. Washing with cold water will provide relief from the itchiness and the redness

Apply a cold compress

Apart from just washing the eye, one should apply a cold compress on the areas that are red, itchy and swollen. This is an easy thing to do – take a towel dipped in cold water and apply it on to your eyes. Once that is done, one will find instant relief

Try allergy eye drops

One of the very reasons behind a swollen eye can be an allergy. Hence, to do away with the allergy one should apply a couple of eye drops to the eyes. This will help one to get rid of the swollen eye problem immediately. Yes, this is one of the perfect home remedies for swollen eyes!

Try staying indoors

If one is suffering from swollen eyes they should try not moving out and stay indoors for as long as they can. This is mainly for those who have a swollen eye due to an allergy. Imagine going out on a breezy day with lots of pollens in the air. Thus, one should remain inside to keep away from these allergens.

Apply cucumbers

One of the home remedies for swollen eye infection is to apply cucumbers on the eye. This is beneficial because cucumbers, as we all know, are rich and contain antioxidants. Thus, all one has to do is go and get some cucumbers, cut the slices nicely and apply it on the eyes. Leave it on the eyes for some time and experience the instant cooling results!

 Use aloe vera
aloe vera

Ofcourse, aloe vera gel is one of the excellent home remedies for swollen eyes. One can apply this gel directly on the eye. Apart from just directly using it one can also freeze aloe vera cubes and apply it on the eyes. This helps to provide relief and a chilled feeling in the eyes!. This is one of the best home remedies for swollen eyes

Home remedies for swollen eyes after crying

Swollen eyes don’t necessarily occur due to some allergy or infection. It can also occur due to natural process that includes crying and not being able to sleep properly. Below are mentioned some ways to do away with the puffy and swollen eyes after crying.

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Apply a chilled face cream

You just broke up with your boyfriend and spent the entire night crying. If that is the case, then one should apply a chilled face cream on the eyes. This will help to do away with the swollen and puffy look on your eyes

Apply witch hazel

Thus, this is an astringent that is very useful after breakups and crying throughout the night. Take a roll of cotton, dip some hazel in it and apply it gently around the eyes. One will find instant results from the puffy and swollen look.

Massage around the eyes
massage around the eyes

in addition, to get rid of the swollen look, one should gently massage around the eyes. All one needs to do is a gently massage and make sure one is not putting too much pressure on the eyes. The force has to be perfect, and only then will this massage help to do away with the puffy swollen look due to crying throughout the night!

Cover your eyes with cold spoons
cold spoon near the eys

Although, this may sound funny at first but it works as a very effective remedy. First, choose two spoons that fit your eyes well. After that is done, freeze the spoons for a little while and then directly apply it on your eyes. Looks funny, doesn’t it? But this is one of the best home remedies for swollen eyes.


Thus, above have been laid down several ways one can do away with swollen and puffy eyes. The ways mentioned above are easy and anyone and everyone can utilize them. There is no cost; neither a task to find the ingredients that will help to do away with swollen eyes. However, swollen eyes can be a severe issue, and hence if one wakes up some morning with a swollen eye (not because of crying), they should take immediate action and use the remedies laid above. If they don’t work – then go to your doctor ASAP!  

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