Common home remedies for stuffy nose that provide instant relief

Picture depicting blocked nose

Infections and diseases are highly common amongst us, and therefore we feel the need to provide one with certain home remedies that can help do away with these infections easily!  Blocked nose remedy is going to be the topic of discussion today.  In short, we are going to elaborate on home remedies for stuffy nose.

Picture depicting a blocked nose

Although we are keen to begin with the home remedies for nasal congestion, we first need to study what a blocked/stuffed nose really is. What causes a blocked nose? Are you suffering from a blocked nose all the time?  Wondering why you have a blocked nose? Also, how to do away with it?

Well, the answer might be that there is too much mucus in your nasal passages, or your blood vessels might be inflamed. This can be a result of a cold, the flu, or even a sinus infection. Nasal blockage can be highly irritating and causes difficulty in breathing. Moreover, nights are usually the worst time of the day for someone with a stuffy nose. We are going to highlight some home remedies for a stuffy nose.

Below are listed some home remedies for a stuffy nose:


One of the best home remedies for a stuffy nose is to use a humidifier. This is suggested because it has the ability to convert water to moisture. Breathing this moist air can soothe the irritated tissues and the swollen blood vessels. Humidifiers are excellent in returning ones breathing to normal. So, if you’re suffering from a blocked nose, use a humidifier now!

Hot shower

Another home remedy for a stuffy nose is to take a hot shower. Why is a hot shower considered for congestion remedies? Well, mainly because the steam from a shower leads to thinning out the mucus from one’s nose and reduces the inflammation and swelling.  A hot shower does provide one with relief, even though it might be for a very short period of time.

Drink liquids
Picture showing liquids

Home remedies for a stuffy nose also includes staying hydrated. It is important to keep drinking lots of fluids be it water, sports drinks or even juices. They are important because they help in thinning the mucus, leading one to be able to breathe easily. So, drink as many fluids as possible.


Saline, a saltwater solution is also very helpful when one has a blocked nose. Using a saline spray leads to an increase in the moisture in one’s nostrils. This spray is highly helpful in thinning the mucus, and decreasing the inflammation in one’s blood vessels. So, go ahead and get yourself a saline spray. This is regarded as one of the best home remedies for a stuffy nose!

Neti pot

A neti pot is also said to be very useful for a stuffy nose. It is a container which helps to flush mucus and fluids out of the nasal passages.  It may be a task to understand how a neti pot works, but it is highly effective. Blocked, stuffy and congested noses can be done away with a blink due to the help of neti pots and the new technology that is coming up!

Warm compress
Picture showing a warm compressor

Some other home remedies for a stuffy nose is to use a warm compress. This is very good to open the nasal passages. How to go about is by – first, soak a towel in hot water, then slowly and gently place the towel over your nose and forehead. Keep doing this, this will provide great warmth and make it easier for one to breathe!

Aroma Oils

Other home remedies for stuffy nose include inhaling some essential oils.  Eucalyptus oil is said to be very good for someone who has a blocked nose and needs instant relief. Mix this oil with warm water and inhale it for about 10 to 20 minutes. If one finds it difficult to gather eucalyptus oil, then you can also replace it with peppermint oil.

Picture depicting garlic

Garlic is highly common and one of the most used remedies for any kind of infection or influenza. Take garlic in a soup, or anything hot, or moreover just eat it the way it is. It might not be as tasty as honey but it surely does the trick and makes it easier for one to breathe through a stuffed and congested nose.


None of us are really fond of it, especially because it makes us cry and secondly leaves a bad tinge in your mouth, however, it is recommended for people suffering from a blocked nose.  It contains various vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for us. If one wishes to rid themselves of a blocked nose, then smell a peeled onion for about 5 minutes. This will provide for easy breathing!

Go to a doctor if –

Above have been laid down home remedies for stuffy nose. These may work, and may not. However, if you are of the opinion that the above are doing you no good – then do go pay a visit to your doctor and ask for some medications. We cannot assure that the above will come to benefit you, however, we can always try!

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