Effective home remedies for stress and tension and their benefits

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Stress and depression is not a new thing today. A stress disorder is very common among not only old people but also the youth of our generation. We are going to elaborate on home remedies for stress and tension. Stress can be of any kind – be it stress of passing a competitive exam, the stress of getting one’s daughter married, the stress of being successful and famous in life. The level of stress is effectively high, and stress has set its foot on most households.

Today we are going to stress on home remedies for stress and tension. To provide and understand, stress and home remedy is very important for our society. Our focus is on home remedies for stress breakouts, but before we delve further into the very complicated topic, we will define what stress is

What is stress?

picture showing stress

Stress is not a bad emotion all the time. It is due to the stress of work, that one ends up completing their project on time, and hence gets a reward for it. Stress is an emotional or physical tension. Any thought which makes one frustrated, angry or even nervous is considered as stress. As mentioned, stress may be positive, but an overdose of it can be harmful. Let us study home remedies for stress and tension

Below are home remedies to control stress, we are going to lay down some

Home remedies for stress and tension


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Exercising every day, for at least thirty minutes is very good. Exercising helps to reduce stress, anxiety and also helps people who are undergoing depression. Exercising releases endorphins, which makes one happy. So, make sure you exercise at least half an hour a day.

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Kava root

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One of the very good home remedies for stress and tension is kava root. As per many people, kava root is considered the best herbal supplement to do away with stress and anxiety. It contains a very calming element which is good for people who take a lot of stress, are very anxious, or even depressed.


Theanine is one of the very popular home remedies for stress and tension.  When one swallows theanine, it reaches the brain cells very fast – leading to calmness and helping the brain to work better and more efficiently. Hence, theanine is very important and should be absorbed by the human body as much as possible!


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Lavender is one of the good home remedies for stress and tension. It is known not only for its beautiful aroma, but also for its soothing qualities. If one is stressed out, then spray some of the lavender smell and you will find yourself comforted and calm. Apart from just spraying the smell, one can have a hot lavender bath. This is very relieving and stress-free. So, if you find yourself stressed out then use some lavender in your day!


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Massage is a brilliant home remedy for stress and tension. Massages calm one’s nerves and provide one with relaxation. If one is very stressed out, then the best way to go about is – by getting a relaxing massage. It will relax not only your body but also your mind. Hence, it provides physical as well as emotional peace. So are you stressed? Then don’t wait for anything, go get a massage!


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One can meditate anywhere, and everywhere. All one needs is 30 minutes. Also, meditation doesn’t cost a dime. One needs to be able to concentrate and find peace within themselves. It is proven that if someone meditates for at least half hour a day, they are way more stress-free as compared to people who don’t meditate at all. Be it at home, or your office space – find a quiet corner and use your brain to control and channel your thoughts for a good cause

Eat healthy

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A study has proven that people who eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle are less stressed as compared to people who don’t. Junk food can lead way to depression. So, don’t eat junk – live a healthy lifestyle and eat whole grains and proteins. These will better your mood, and give the energy to tackle the obstacles one faces in a day. Food that helps relieve one of stress are – blueberries, salmon and almonds!

Try avoiding the internet and cell phones

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In today’s time, everyone is surrounded by technology and other things which do not allow one to lead a peaceful life. In order to relieve one of stress – keep your phones on silent and keep away from the internet! It is also a good idea to visit nature and smell the beautiful air there. Cutting off from work call and the emails will definitely cut down on the stress in one’s life


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One of the best home remedies for stress and tension is to sleep properly. Sleep is very important, if one is not able to catch up on their sleep, then they will end up getting dark circles. Sleep is very important for a restful mind. Peace comes with proper sleep. Have some herbs in order to induce sleep – that’s if you’re a light sleeper.

Deep breathing

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Various breathing techniques also help in doing away with not only stress but anxiety and even anger. Take deep breaths. This can be done anywhere, and everywhere. When one takes deep breaths they relieve themselves of stress and everything around them. Deep breathing helps your body to take a break from negative thoughts at the same time helps you feel refreshed and active. Various breathing techniques are very important.

Hence, the above home remedies are very useful. But this alone cannot do away with the stress and the hectic lifestyle one chooses. To get rid of stress one has to make an active decision to have fun and change certain habits that cause stress. Learn to enjoy yourself being it work, home, with friends. Also, if you love what you do, all kinds of stress will only become your friend

Go to a doctor if

However, the above remedies may not be sufficient. If one’s level of stress is very heightened, and no above remedy is working – then it’s best to visit a doctor. It may be time to consume prescribed medicines.

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