Home remedies for strep throat and their instant results

strep throat

Having an itchy and a lousy throat can be quite harmful and disturbing to the person. The main focus today is on strep throat. This infection is a little different as it is caused due to bacteria. Such a condition is mainly found in children and are very rare in adults. We are going to lay focus on – home remedies for strep throat

To further explore what strep throat is – it is an infection of the throat and tonsils. A certain bacteria called group astreptococcus, also known as streptococcus pyogenes causes this throat. This bacteria resides in the nose and throat. However, it is highly contagious and hence people should stay away from people who have this infection!

Sign of strep throat

In terms of what the symptoms are – a sore throat is the most active sign.  One’s throat feels very raw and it becomes a task to swallow. There are other symptoms as well – like very high fever, swollen tonsils, white patches in the throat, some very tiny red spots on the roof of the mouth, stomach ache, loss of appetite, and a specific rash

strep throat

Thus, if one is a victim to the above signs, then they surely have strep throat. The victim can either go to a doctor or follow home remedies for strep throat which we are going to lay below:

Home remedies for strep throat

Raw honey


One way to do away with strep throat pain is by having raw honey. Raw honey is good because it enhances the health promoting antioxidants in the body. Thus, by doing this the immunity system gets a boost and this provides cure to the strep throat. Thus, if one is suffering from strep throat then honey can be an excellent remedy

Bone broth

bone broth

The above is very good as it keeps the person hydrated. Apart from tat it also provides minerals that are good for the immunity system. This dish is easy to eat especially when one is suffering from a strep throat. Thus, this is considered one of the good home remedies for strep throat.

Herbal tea

herbal tea new

Herbal tea is a brilliant home remedy as it soothes the throat and eases the pain around that area. Chamomile tea is the most suggested one as the very plant is loaded with antioxidants that tend to reduce the pain, congestion and any form of swelling and redness. Apart from chamomile tea, one can also drink dandelion tea.

Home remedy for strep throat apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a good way to treat strep throat and is considered one of the good home remedies for strep throat. This vinegar is very rich in healing compounds that can help to kill bacteria. Thus, apple cider is a very renowned remedy for almost all sorts of infections and diseases.

Avoid contact

If one has strep throat then they should keep away from people as it is highly contagious and can spread easily. One should make sure to not sneeze or cough on others. Also, keep in mind to not share glasses, utensils, or even food with people who are not infected by this influenza.

Peppermint oil

peppermint oil

This oil works wonders for a sore throat. This particular oil tends to reduce the swelling that is prevalent in the throat. Apart from that it also contains menthol which ends up causing a cooling sensation in the body and makes one feel refreshed.  One should add a pinch of peppermint oil to a glass of water to get instant results.

Wash your hands

If you have strep throat then be sure to wash your hands regularly. This is mainly when you are around other people as well. Also, to make things better use antibacterial soap. Thus, one of the home remedies for strep throat is to wash your hands everyday!

How long does strep throat last?

strep throat

One may say that it will take around three to seven days for this infection to heal. However, if one is surrounded by factors like allergens or irritants then the duration of the infection can be prolonged.  If one try’s relief such as drinking pure water, gargling, and eating soft foods – this can make recovering from the infection easier.  However, one should note that this should be treated immediately, because if not, then one can face many complications like: otitis media, pneumonia, meningitis, scarlet fever, and abscess formation.

How long is strep throat contagious?

This is said to be contagious for about two to three weeks in people who do not take antibiotics. However, this is not the case when one takes antibiotics – people who do take antibiotics the infection is not contagious 24 hours after the medication is started.  When one has strep throat – direct contact should be avoided, and one should not share utensils and other things!

Home remedies for strep throat for babies

strep throat in babies

Strep throat is pretty common in infants and there are several precautions that parents can take if their child is suffering from this particular infection. The thing to do is wash your hands, and make sure the child washes theirs too.

Also, if your infant or baby has strep than one should take care not to share utensils, water, food, or even toys. In fact once the infection is done with in your child – then replace their old toothbrush with a new one.


Thus, above have been laid down various home remedies that help to cure strep throat be it in infants, children or even adults. As the symptoms are found one should visit their doctor, as strep throat can be very painful and come along with various other complications as well.

However, if one wants to treat it naturally – then the above home remedies are the best way to go about it. But the natural methods, even though have no side effects – they may not provide instant results. If that is the case, and if one is looking for instant relief – then visiting the doctor may actually be the best solution.

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