Home remedies for ringworm and how to do away with them


Home remedies for ringworm on skin can be cured by natural home products such as coconut oil , Aloe Vera & Apple Cider Vinegar

In today’s age and day, many people are surmounted by skin infections and diseases. One of the common one’s being ringworm. Nevertheless, this infection is quite popular and is caused by fungus. Also, the myth of this infection being related to a worm is not valid, it is called ring worm because of the way it appears – round circular rashes that itch and are red. Apart from being called ringworm, this fungal infection is also known by the name “tinea” or “dermatophytosis”. We are going to emphasize on home remedies for ringworm

Ringworms can occur in several parts of the body:

  • One can discover them on their feet
  • One’s groin, inner thighs, and even buttocks
  • Scalp
  • Beard
  • Hands
  • Toenails or even fingernails ,
  • and other parts of the body

Symptoms of ringworms


Before we elaborate the home remedies for ringworms, let us understand the acute symptoms: They basically take form of redness on the skin which is also very itchy. After the period of time, one will witness a circular ring. The outline of the rash looks like a snake or a worm.

Thus, if one feels that their skin is taking the above form, then it is urgent to understand that they are developing ringworms. One should also focus on the home remedies for ringworm!

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Causes behind ringworms

This is an infectious disease and there are many reasons as to why ringworms occur

The most popular reason being spending time with someone who has ringworms, this is so because the infection I s contagious


Touching animals that have ringworms can also cause the fungal infection

Using objects that have been used by a person infected by ringworms can be a popular cause

Home remedies for ringworm and ringworm treatment for kids

Apply garlic on the ringworm


The above has been looked into an effective way to treat ringworms. Hence, garlic should be applied on the red circular rashes, in order to attain some results. Thus, garlic is an easily available treatment for ringworms

Use soapy water on ringworms

One should keep the skin clean and dry. In order to stop the infection from spreading– then the skin needs to be kept clean. And in order to make sure that is achieved use hot water and soap to clean it, and make sure to dry the skin fully. This is much needed because infections are born in moist areas

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

To treat ringworms one should apply apple cider vinegar. Kids can also fall prey to ringworms and hence it is necessary to use and implement the above home remedies. Take a cotton ball and soak it in vinegar. This is evidently one of the good home remedies for ringworm.

Aloe vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera is quite useful in ridding one of the ringworms. What one needs to do is take some aloe vera from a plant and then rub it onto the area affected by ringworms. It is rich in ingredients that help to cool and heal the skin. Thus, one should ideally apply this gel everyday!

Coconut oil for ringworm

Altogether, there has been a study that suggests the above oil can be useful to treat moderate skin types. Thus, in order to do away with them  – take coconut oil and put it on the area where round circular patches are found. Apart from that coconut oil can be used as a very good moisturizer for dry skin.

Coconut oil has known anti fungal properties. Studies have shown It is useful in treating drug resistant Candida species. It helps heal wounds faster. It is anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits. It can soothe the skin irritation and flakiness by lubricating the skin and reducing healing time of the
infection. Apply it four to six times a day over the infected part.

Be careful to rinse your hands after infection. You can combine it with any other anti fungal and anti
microbial ingredient for better results. If it is mixed with two drops of tea oil its efficacy would increases
many times. One final word, keep on applying it even after the infection has withered. Ring worm can be an
obstinate infection and care should be taken even after it is gone.

Is ringworm always round ?

round ringworms

Now that we have covered home remedies for ringworm, there are people who lay down and ask questions regarding – are ringworms always round?

The answer is yes! Ringworms are often circular and round. In the very beginning, it begins as a rash which has a clearly defined border. Thus, one feels like there is a worm due to the appearance, but this is not true! So, to answer the question, yes – ringworms are usually round and circular in shape and derive their name because they look like worms and are NOT actual worms!

Home remedies for ringworm on hands

Ringworm on hands is highly common and is referred to as Tinea manuum. This takes place due to particular fungi called dermatophytes. Tinea manuum is a rash that can emerge in both hands. This rash often takes place on the palms and then spreads to the fingers. There are certain things to look out for that will potray to one that they are a victim to Tinea manuum:

ringworm on hands
  • Skin becomes dry and peels off
  • Tiny blisters on the hand and fingers
  • Discolored skin

Ringworm infection on scalp

We have discussed various home remedies for ringworm, and now we are going to go ahead and lay emphasis on ringworm infection on scalp. There is a particular fungi called dermatophytes that leads to ringworms on the scalp. These fungi develop on moist skin, thus if you are sweaty or someone who doesn’t take care of their hygiene, then ringworms can surely attack you!

ringworm on scalp

Many symptoms can show that one has ringworms on the scalp.

  1. Ofcourse, Itchy patches on the scalp
  2. One being brittle hair
  3. Pain in the scalp
  4. Swollen lymph nodes
  5. And a low grade fever


Thus, ringworm is an infection that can occur in various areas of the body.  It is a myth that this infection has anything to do with worms, it is called ringworms because of its appearance and nothing more. Above have been laid down home remedies for ringworm which are effective and have worked for a lot of people who have fallen prey to ringworms! However, if the above remedies do not end up working then one can always visit their doctor and take prescribed medication.


Thus this condition is not very serious, however if they don’t end up going and stay in your skin for a long time, then maybe they should be seen as something serious and something should be done about them immediately. Today many people face skin infections and conditions, hence it is necessary to keep oneself clean and look after their hygiene. Thus, we hope this article has been informative and provided one with the information required about ringworms!

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