Numerous Effective Home Remedies for Hiccups in Adults

man while having hiccup

Get rid of hiccups via pressure points that Works for Adults. One can rid of hiccup with home remedy by pressing pressure points.

Some people face occasional hiccups while for some they last for very long and when it happens they cannot concentrate on anything, in fact they can’t even talk till the time their hiccups stop. So, let’s talk about some quick home remedies through which you can overcome the problem of hiccups entirely. Be ready next time with a trick whenever it happens. Read this article to deepen your knowledge about home remedies for hiccups in adults.

What are hiccups?

Hiccups are seen as a contraction of the diaphragm in an involuntary manner. As a result, the vocal cord closes for some time and it induces the ‘hic’ sound. Diaphragm is a large muscle in the body. It helps the person in breathing. Any disruption in the functioning of it causes hiccups.

Causes of hiccups?

There are several causes of hiccups. They include as following:

  1. It is sometimes due to swallowing a lot of air.
  2. One can also blame gas for it
  3. Some people eat very fast and thus have hiccups
  4. beverages can also be a reason behind hiccups
  5. Some people can even face the problem due to laughing as some air is inhaled while laughing.

What are some techniques which you can practice at home for getting rid of hiccups quickly?

Well, hiccups have no particular cure in medical, so even the doctors recommend what you can easily do at home. As it is not a severe issue, you don’t need to worry. But yes, sometimes it starts hurting if persists for more than a minute. The usual time span of hiccups is only 25 seconds. If it is for this long, then you need not do anything. But the problem, in particular, arises when you are out and you have hiccups. Of course, you cannot walk for some time when you have hiccups as you need to eat something to stop them or do something like that. How do you get rid of hiccups? This will be answered below.

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Try some techniques of eatables of drinks for hiccups:

Even some eatables and drinks can work like relievers of hiccups. Let’s see how:

Ice water

drink cold water

Ice water will surely be able to help you. You need to keep sipping it while having hiccups. There is a possibility that you can help your vagus due to which the situation of hiccups arises.

Ice cube

You can even try sucking the ice cube for a little while in hiccups. Also, you can try finishing it by keeping in mouth once it melts to the point that it can sit in your mouth easily. This is an alternative of ice water.

Gargle ice water


Alternatively, you can gargle with ice water. Just continue gargles for few minutes. This is an amazing way of distracting yourself and gargling with ice water also rejuvenates your muscles.

Warm water

Warm water is an alternative of ice water. Of course, you can drink the water normally. Make sure when you take sip of the water slowly, you need to continue breathing. Overall, this is one of the hiccup cures that actually work.

Change the way you drink

It is also thought that if you try drinking water differently, even it helps you overcome the hiccups. What you have to do is that you need to press one edge of the glass with your chin and you need to try drinking water from the farther side as your mouth reaches.


Similarly, eating some sugar can help you with hiccups. Put some sugar on your tongue and let it melt slowly. Do remember not to chew or swallow sugar.



Vinegar can be equally helpful in hiccups. How to do this? Simply, put one or two drops of vinegar on your tongue. Once it is dissolved, you will feel much better.


Interestingly, lemon can be used for inducing the nerve cell. This way, you will suddenly have a different taste in your mouth in order to rejuvenate you wholly. If you wish, you can even add some salt to lemon. Suck half lemon or an entire lemon. After that you can wash your mouth to remove the extra citrus.

Honey or peanut butter

peanut butter

Similarly, you can eat some honey or peanut butter. Any one of them can help you relieve from hiccups. Just have one spoon of honey or peanut butter.

Try some pressure points for hiccups:

A very effective way of controlling hiccups is by knowing the right pressure point for this situation. If in case you have hiccups, you can right away try it because sometimes even breathing becomes very difficult because of too many hiccups. There are some of the pressure points which will surely help you with hiccup treatment at home..

Pulling tongue

Of course, pulling your tongue forward will help you in getting instant relief in hiccups. How to do it? Well, you hold the tip of your tongue and pull it out. Repeat it for 1-2 times. This way, you can open up your nerves by causing a good blood flow in them and you become normal.

Squeeze nose and drink water

squeeze nose

Alternatively, one can even try squeezing the nose while drinking some water. So, whenever you have hiccups, you can right away drink some water, but before that you need to hold your nose. Just have 3-4 sips of water by holding your nose. It will be normal by doing this.

Squeeze your palm

Squeezing palm is another way of giving instant relief in the problem of hiccups. How to do it? One can press their one palm with the other hand. Do it for a while and it will be normal soon by following it. So, hiccups pressure point actually work.

Press your diaphragm

Diaphragm as most people know is the area of your body which marks a line between your lungs and abdomen. You can try applying some pressure just below the breast bone in the situation of non-stop hiccups. It can give you some relief too. Of course, this is very good for the people with continuous hiccups.

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