Indian home remedies that are helpful in treating thyroid

Natural Indian remedies to treat thyroid

In India, we are surrounded by various illnesses and diseases. Hence, these diseases have led to people dying and not being able to recover. Among the vast disorders, today we are going to talk about the very famous yet common thyroid disorder in the Indian scenario and natural home remedies to deal with this disorder.

Thyroid is a very common illness and can be of two types. First, when thyroid makes too little of the hormones, leading to hypothyroidism. Apart from that, thyroid can produce too much of the hormones. This eventually leads to hyperthyroidism.

Home Remedy for Thyroid

Thyroid is highly common in India and there are several medications that have been prescribed to do away with this hormonal imbalance. However, today we are going to talk about several home remedies that will help prevent thyroid. So, look below for thyroid home remedies in India.

Below are eight ways of how to deal with thyroid using home remedies

  1. First, Vitamin A is the champion when it comes to dealing with thyroid. Some foods that contain a good amount of vitamin A are – eggs, carrots and green vegetables.
  2. Second, use apple cider vinegar. This helps in detoxification and helps to restore the hormonal imbalance in one’s body. Two teaspoons of apple cider with honey and warm water will definitely do the trick
  3. Third, Iodine is very good for people with thyroid problems. Foods like – onion, strawberries, garlic, pineapple, tomatoes, asparagus, onion, and oats are organic sources of iodine that can help fight this hormonal imbalance!
  4. Fourth, one of the very good ways to fight thyroid is to exercise regularly and increase one’s oxygen levels.
  5. Fifth, consuming good amount of amla is also very good for people who have thyroid. Amla is beneficial because it helps in proper secretion of the thyroid hormone.
  6. Sixth, there also exist certain herbs that help fight thyroid. These include ASHWAGANDHA and GUGGUL. ASHWAGANDHA helps to maintain physical strength of an individual. GUGGUL is highly medicinal, it also consists of properties that are anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore another very good food to tackle thyroid is Lyceum berry. This helps to balance all the abnormalities in one’s body. Hence, the imbalance of hormones can be prevented by intake of these berries

And lastly, It is also very important to cut back on excess sugar. Excessive sugar enhances one’s chances of getting thyroid. Hence try consuming less sweets and anything sugary!

Above, are mentioned some Indian home remedies that can help do away with this famous problem regarding hormonal imbalance. Thyroid is highly common; however, it can also be maintained and prevented easily. Nevertheless, do follow the home remedies mentioned above and you will see the difference in just some days!

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