Constructive home remedies for healthy pregnancy

home remedies for healthy pregnancy

Today we are going to shine light on home remedies for healthy pregnancy. There is no doubt that women are the victims of all pain – be it getting their waxing, being skinny and most importantly carrying a child within them for nine months! A pregnancy bump usually brings about joy on everyone’s faces, especially the parents. So, to make sure nothing goes wrong and the child is safe and secure, we are going to provide you with several pregnancy care tips! There are several pregnancy books that going to be parents buy, but here we will talk about home remedies for healthy pregnancy.

 During pregnancy women go through various pains and changes –be it pregnancy back pain, nausea, becoming fat and looking obese. However, this may be seen as all worth it!  Before we go any further, we need to understand the pregnancy symptoms, and how to determine if one is actually pregnant!

home remedies for healthy pregnancy

Some of the pregnancy symptoms include – fatigue, swollen breasts, slight bleeding, nausea, headaches, food aversions or cravings, mood swings and some more.

We are now going to delve into Home remedies for healthy pregnancy. Do read below:

Foods to eat

picture showing healthy food

During pregnancy, and providing home remedies for healthy pregnancy, one needs to take care of what they consume. It is best to call for meals that are bland, easy to digest and contain good amounts of nutrients. Controlled and nutritious eating is very important for a healthy pregnancy!

Drink lots of liquids

One should also drink lots of water and keep themselves hydrated during pregnancy. Water is an essential product not only during but also when one is not pregnant. Try drinking at least 10 glasses of water every day.

Peppermint candy

Picture showing peppermint candy

Pregnant women also like the smell and taste of peppermint candy, hence keep it in stock. Not just one, but many peppermint candies. These help in doing away with nausea, and make a pregnant woman feel better and healthier!

Smell certain oils

picture showing essential oils

If one wants to feel better during pregnancy, then try inhaling certain aroma smells. Smells that do wonders for women who are pregnant include – mint, lemon, and ginger. So, if one is not feeling well, open up your aroma oils and sniff some lemon, mint, and ginger!

Yoga and meditation

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One of the home remedies for healthy pregnancy includes clearing your mind and staying fresh. Yoga and meditation helps one to channel their thoughts and convert negative into positive. Hence, yoga and meditation are very good ways to have a healthy pregnancy. Get up every morning and indulge in some meditation and yoga every day!


picture showing exercise

Apart from just the yoga and meditation, it is also important for pregnant women to exercise if they desire a healthy pregnancy! Exercising can be just for half an hour – go for a walk in the park, take your dog out to do his daily doings, or just sit at home and do some stretching exercises. Whatever you choose to do – make sure you exercise at least for half an hour a day

Understand your feelings

It is also very important and considered one of the best home remedies for healthy pregnancy – learn to listen to your body and give in to its desires. If your body needs rest, then sleep. If it craves for a certain food – then eat it. If its feeling nauseated, smell some nice oils. If one desires a healthy pregnancy, it is best to understand how your body functions and what it wants!

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Take necessary supplements

A pregnant body cannot be nourished with just good food; one also needs to take several supplements to keep the pregnancy healthy!  Home remedies for healthy pregnancy include supplements like iron or folic supplements. Some doctors also recommend calcium and vitamin D supplements. Even though you are taking supplements, it doesn’t mean that you avoid your nourishing meals. Also, before taking any supplement – ask your doctor!

Pelvic floor exercises

picture showing pelvic exercises

Commonly known as Kegel exercises – they are considered one of the best home remedies for healthy pregnancy. They help in strengthening the muscles that support one’s bladder, vagina and back passage. This leads to a smooth and quick delivery. Ways to do this exercise include –

  1. Tighten one’s pelvic floor muscles
  2. Hold for 5 seconds
  3. Then relax for 5 seconds
  4. Repeat up t 10 times that making it one set. Do at least 3 sets a day!

These exercises are very helpful and help your bladder and pelvic region to become stronger – leading to less pain and a faster, healthier delivery.

Change in lifestyle

picture showing no alcohol

For a healthy pregnancy and pointing out some home remedies for healthy pregnancy, it is important to make changes in one’s lifestyle. If one drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes – remember it has to stop when pregnant. Alcohol and smoking are very bad for the baby, either it being active or even passive smoking. So, stay away from people who smoke, and adopt a lifestyle that is healthy and full of nutritious food and yummy fruits.

No medicines that are not prescribed

Antibiotics should not be taken during pregnancy. Before you decide to take any medicine – be it for cold, cough or high fever – ask your doctor. If one wants a healthy pregnancy then do not just pop pills like that, consulting one’s doctor is very important. Taking medicines that are not prescribed can be very dangerous for the unborn child!


Hence, pregnancy is a very happy time, when an unborn child is waiting to be born. However, a lot of care has to be taken during pregnancy. And while some food should be eaten, some should be avoided as well. These being – junk food, commercial fried food, sugar, soft drinks, white flour, alcohol and smoking, and trans fatty acids.

Go to a doctor if –

The above home remedies will lead to a healthy pregnancy. However, one’s body may be weak to hold a pregnancy and bear a child, in that case, one’s doctor is going to be the hero! If you face any sort of problem, that cannot be handled at home through the above – then we suggest you to not wait, hurry up and visit your doctor!

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