Home remedies for frequent urination and their results

frequent urination

Home remedies for frequent urination Contigence at night. Natural ways to strengthen your gall bladder with apple cider vinegar for urinary incontigence.

There are several times when one’s bodily functions make it difficult for one to carry out their everyday chores. One of the infections and disease being frequent urination. Imagine you’re at work – at a meeting and after every five to 10 minutes your bladder needs to relieve itself. What can you do? Your boss might throw you out on the condition that you can’t even sit through a meeting! This isn’t the only scenario. One can be watching a movie in the hall, or on their first date with a girl/boy they really like, or just on a normal day with any routine! How do you control your small bladder?  Thus, to solve this problem of an overactive bladder, we are going to lay stress on – home remedies for frequent urination.

Altogether, everyone can understand what we mean when we say frequent urination – in short, it is basically the urgency and need to keep passing urine after a short while. This can definitely hamper one’s lifestyle and routine.

Causes behind frequent urination

Some of the main causes are drinking lots of liquids and water; there can also be a medical reason behind the urgency to urinate very often, anxiety, food and drinks that can act as diuretics.  Thus, a lot of people can suffer from these bladder problems and hence our need to lay down home remedies for frequent urination and how to stop bladder spasms naturally!

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Symptoms of frequent urination

frequent urination
Symptoms of frequent urination

Some people give a name to what makes one urinate very often. The term is Polyuria. Some signs of this include – when one needs to urinate again and again when one passes bloody urine, when one suffers from difficulty in passing urine even though they feel the urge to, fever, vomiting and many more. Let us now focus on home remedies for frequent urination.

Home Remedy for Gall Bladder

Drink Plenty of water

Water is the most underrated medicine. More than 90% of the human body is composed of water, when the human body is up against any infection drinking water aids in recovery. Water flushes out the infection through urination. Add liquids to your diet when you are down with any infection. This rule applies to urinary tract infection also.

Add Vitamin C to your food intake

Vitamin C improves your immunity significantly; those individuals who consume Amla (Indian Gooseberry) regularly are found to have lesser infections on the whole. You can choose your own source of Vitamin C. You can opt for green leafy vegetables like Broccoli, or citrus fruits like tomatoes, Kiwi fruit, strawberries and cantaloupes. Also add limes oranges and lemon to your diet.


If practices regularly under a trained instructor would improve over all body functioning, you will
also recuperate from any health issue.

Yoga works at mental, physical and spiritual level. So it works better than any random exercise.
There are few Asanas like malasana that strengthen your pelvic muscle.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is an essential part of overall health. Ancient medicinal therapies place much more
insistence on diet than heir modern counterparts do. In any case avoid things like caffeine, alcohol, spicy food nicotine and artificial sweeteners as they irritate the overall system. Instead focus on healthy foods rich in long fiber carbohydrates. Consume more of fruits, such as bananas, papayas, guavas. Add spices like turmeric fenugreek to your food.

Herbal Medicines

Take Uva Ursi (bearberry leaf) for up to five days. It is supposed to have anti- bacterial properties and is used for lower urinary tract infection. In addition herb Goldenseal can also be taken. It also has beneficial properties.

How to stop frequent urination naturally and home remedies for overactive bladder

Do kegels everyday

kegel exercises
exercise for frequent urination

One of the very best home remedies for frequent urination is this exercise tends to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, if one desires to keep control over their urine counts than one should indulge and perform kegel exercise every day!

Avoid eating food and drinks that lead to frequent urination

There are times when a person eats and drinks a particular food that makes them want to urinate very often.  This can include alcohol, coffee, tea and foods that contain tomato.  Thus, to avoid frequent urination one needs to keep a check on what they consume!

Try training your bladder

training the bladder
train your bladder

One of the effective home remedies for frequent urination includes training your bladder. Do not rush to the washroom when the need arises – wait for a couple of minutes and then go! This will help to train one’s bladder.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar
Apple Cider vinegar for frequent urination

Many question how to stop frequent urination. One of the home remedies for frequent urination is to consume apple cider vinegar.  This vinegar is good and beneficial because it can tackle any form of infection that causes frequent urination.  Thus, this vinegar should be consumed pretty much every day!

Eat yogurt

Yogurt for frequent urination

In addition to everything, eating yogurts are very good for people who have a weak bladder and feel the need to go to the washroom regularly. This does tricks and wonders because it is a probiotic food which helps and aids the growth of good bacteria in the urinary tract.  Thus, yogurt is your best friend when there is a need to take care of the kidney health and infections in the urinary tract.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry  is very god to fight the emergence of bacteria and other infection sin the urinal area. This fruit is also very rich in Vitamin C and thus improves the immunity and health of one’s being

Indian Gooseberry amla
Indian Gooseberry for frequent urination

Natural remedies for frequent urination in males

Thus, just like women, there are many males who are prey to frequent urination. This may be due to particular weakness in the kidneys or just when one tends to eat foods that contain high water amount. These being coffee, tea, alcohol and tomato based foods. The home remedies for frequent urination is pretty much the same – be it for women or men.

Some of the remedies being –

Try to control your bladder and train it

bladder control

One of the essential things is to control your bladder by training it. For example, if you are dying to urinate – then hold on to it. Make sure you can do that for at least 15 minutes to start with, and when that is done then go to the washroom. Do this every time you desire to urinate. This is a very good technique to control the bladder!

Change lifestyle

One also needs to change a certain lifestyle to improve their bladder. They have to stop drinking alcohol frequently. Alcohol increases one’s need to go to the washroom and hence one should try and reduce the amount of alcohol intake.

Natural remedies for overactive bladder at night

There are times when one cannot control the urge to keep urinating at night. This is a very bad scenario as one has to keep waking up many times at night to go to the washroom. This basically implies that one cannot sleep properly at night, and their next day also goes for a toss due to the lack of sleep. There are several home remedies for frequent urination at night.

Do not drink water before sleeping

no water

In addition, one of the ways to not keep getting up at night to urinate is by not in taking fluids at night before going to sleep. If one does that – then at night they’ll keep waking up to urinate. Thus, try not drinking much fluids and water before night time!


Thus, we have laid down some effective home remedies for frequent urination. However, this condition should not be taken lightly, and if the above remedies do not work then one should definitely visit their doctor and take the medicines prescribed by him. However, we do believe that the above remedies are very effective and helpful when applied.

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