Natural Herbs and Home Remedies for treating Asthma

Home Remedies for Asthma

If you are having severe symptoms of asthma and medication is not helping you much, then you must try some home remedies for the same. Some of them are very effective in reducing the symptoms. We are listing more than 20 herbs for the same.

What is Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disorder that causes inflammation in the airways of lungs and causes them swell and it becomes narrow. 

This can also affect a person in many ways like shortness of breath, tightness in chest , cough, wheezing which ultimately makes breathing difficult. 

Medically, there is no cure for Asthma. The symptoms of Asthma can be controlled with diet control and few changes in lifestyle. In some cases, Asthma is a minor problem, but this can be a very serious issue when frequent asthma attacks are seen in someone. 

These are some most common reasons which can generate asthma flare-up. 

  1. Physical activity: Exercise is a good thing, a person with asthma can be harmed if he does exercise. If exercise is done, then the place must be dry. 
  2. Work-related conditions: Places with gases, chemical fumes or dust particles can cause difficulty in breathing. 
  3. Seasonal allergies: Air substances like mold spores, skin particles, pollen, and pet dander can initiate allergic reactions and trigger asthma.

Asthma can even take your life in some cases. Before you, any intense physical activity, always knows about your severity and practice safety.

Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma problems can be genetic in many cases. So you must know the reason why you get asthma in your nose. Now there is one more twist in this, that only symptoms of asthma can be minimized. There is no permanent cure for this.

In the above, it is already known how asthma appears in the human body. And how an asthma attack can be lethal to a life. There are so many natural herbs and few mixtures which can be used to cure the symptoms and minimize the attack of asthma. 

There is no guarantee in using these cures, but few people have got some relief in their medical condition which can be seen by doctors. 

So here is a simple advice, that you should follow here. Before you use any of these natural remedies, you must consult your doctor or an expert. 

Here we are going to talk about all of them one by one. These are 

  1. Turmeric 
  2. Garlic 
  3. Honey
  4. Licorice
  5. Adhatoda
  6. Ginkgo Biloba
  7. Chinese Skullcap 
  8. Ephedra
  9. Red Clover
  10. Coleus
  11. Echinacea
  12. Great Mullein
  13. Picrorrhiza Kurroa
  14. Solanum xanthocarpum/trilobatum
  15. Boswellia Serrata 
  16. Tylophora Indica 
  17. Tsumura saiboku-to 
  18. Eucalyptus oil
  19. Mustard Oil 
  20. Coffee
  21. Onions
  22. Omega-3s

The written post can only tell you about the method of using them. Every case of asthma is different, you can get help from it or you can even worsen your condition. So you must find an expert before you start any of these. Let us see all of them one by one. 


Turmeric is a very commonly used herb in our kitchen. It is used as a herb, spice, and medication too. You must have seen this yellow powder in your kitchen. Curcumin is responsible for the yellow color in Turmeric. The natural coloring agent also reduces inflammation in joint pain

Turmeric Uses

Turmeric helps in cancer and arthritis. A study has shown that people with mild asthma who took turmeric capsules for 30 days shown improvement. The curcumin helps in reducing airway obstruction and is seen as an alternative treatment for asthma. This small study helped us in knowing many health benefits of turmeric.

Garlic for Asthma 

Using garlic to reduce signs of Asthma can be used healthy and also provides flavor in food. If you have used it before, then you can also try warm garlic milk, which is an old remedy for asthma. 


To make garlic milk for curing asthma, 

  1. Simply peel and crush raw garlic cloves. 
  2. Put them in a small heat resistant pot. 
  3. Add ¼ cup of cold milk and boil this mixture. 
  4. Stri it for a few minutes, it will prevent the solid from sticking to the bottom of the pan. 
  5. Now strain the liquid and let it cool down. 
  6. Drink this to treat your asthma symptoms. 

Side Effects of Garlic

Eating garlic or drinking garlic milk is healthy for the body, but this should be done in limit. It is named as an anti-asthma diet, but should not be taken by pregnant women. The possible side effects of this mixture can be increased perspiration and body odor, stomach problems such as diarrhea, lightheadedness, or an unpleasant burning sensation in the mouth or stomach. In summer it can cause skin irritation and rashes.

Honey to cure asthma

Honey is used by hun civilization from ages. It is rich in antioxidants which helps in fighting inflammation and boosts unity. People use it to help sore throat and reduce cough. It is also helpful in various allergies that occur in the human body. 

Asthma and allergies are very similar, still few differences are there. If you are allergic to some dust particles and pollens, then your body’s defence produces few antibodies as a response.  Antibodies cause the histamines which causes other symptoms like congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and cough. 

These antibodies trigger asthma attacks, but asthma does not act like an allergy. It shows deep in the lungs and upper airways. It is more severe than any environmental allergies. Few exertion of asthma can lead to serious issues. In a few cases , asthma can take someone’s life. 

How does honey treat asthma

Honey helps at night when the cough happens too high. A nighttime asthma attack is known as nocturnal asthma. The other symptoms are sneezing, cough, and chest congestion. Symptoms if you can disturb your sleep patterns. 

If you take two teaspoon of honey at bed time, then honey can help you with asthma. The sweetness of honey triggers your salivary gland to produce more saliva. It can lubricate your airways and ease your cough. It can reduce inflammation in lungs. It also breaks mucus to ease your breathing. 

Use honey by any of these methods

  1. Mix one teaspoon with 8 ounces of hot water for two or three times a day. Do not use too hot water. 
  2. Half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and the same quantity of honey must be taken before bed.
  3. Honey and cinnamon are helpful in removing phlegm from the throat and boosting your immune system. 
  4. Squeeze half lemon in a glass of warm water and add one teaspoon of honey. Lemon juice has antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and clear the mucus.  

Licorice for Asthma 

Licorice root is well known for treating asthma. Licorice root or gan cao is a chinese herb which is used for centuries to cure symptoms of Asthma and many other lung problems. 

Asthma treatment is done by Licorice root from centuries in Chinese medication. It relieves asthma symptoms and breathing problems caused by bronchitis and other chronic and short-term respiratory illnesses.


Licorice root also helps in swollen airways and acts as anti-inflammatory. It also has high effective expectorant effects.  It eases congestion and cough and reduces mucus and airways. It relaxes bronchial spasm and soothes soreness in the throat. It is now widely used in asthma treatment. It can also treat cold, flu, depression, emphysema, gingivitis, HIV support, viral infections, fungal infections, ulcers, psoriasis, tuberculosis and arthritis.

It is also helpful in allergies like bronchial asthma, hay fever, conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis. It has an aspirin effect which helps in fever and pain relief from headaches.  It is taken in tea or chewing the root in capsule form. 

Mild side effects of licorice could be less water retention, increasedBP and mild adrenal stimulation. Do not use if you are suffering from high BP. 

Adhatoda Vasica

Adhatoda Vasica is used to cure cough, asthma, and other lungs problem in the Ayuvedic medication system. It also helps in nasal congestion, bleeding disorders, allergic conditions, upper respiratory infections, excessive uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation, and epistaxis. 

Adhatoda Vasica

It also acts as an expectorant, mucolytic and bronchodilator agent and very ebeneficial in breathing issues. It relieves cough and fights respiratory infections and helps in asthma.  

Adhatoda Vasica (Vasaka) Benefits & Uses

It is a popular medication for respiratory problems in Ayurveda. In most medicines for cough and asthma, it is used very widely. It is easy to use and safe to consume which improves us from bacterial infections and throat problems.

This herb is beneficial for the respiratory system and blood circulation. These are some uses of this medicine.  


Adhatoda Vasica has antitussive properties too. It helps in cough relief. The effects in suppressing cough which is very similar to codeine. Adhatoda Vasica is used by people who cough in yellow thick sputum & fever. 


It helps in inflammation and reduces the inflammation of airways and lungs.  Adhatoda Vasica is rich in Vasicine that eases breathing and reduces wheezing due to asthma.  

Chinese Skullcap

Chinese skullcap are familiar in Asian countries and in a few parts of Russia. The dried roots of this plant is used for centuries in traditional chinese medications. It helps in various health issues like dysentery, high blood pressure, hemorrhaging, lungs infection and inflammation. 

In Asia, it is used in herbal remedies to cure many gastric issues and liver diseases. It is used as a supplement that is available in online health stores. Many other benefits of this herb are also being studied by researchers. 

It is sold in the form of powder, capsule and liquid extracts. Dried form is brewed to make a cup of coffee

Effect of Chinese Skullcap on Asthma

The root of this plant is used in curing the symptoms of Asthma. It contains flavone derivatives including baicalan wogonin and baicalein which inhibits histamine from cells in vitro. 

It reduces athamatic activity in isolated tracheal muscle from the guinea pigs. It reduces the hypersensitivity and inflammation in airways to manage asthma. 

Safety Issues

The low order of toxicity through comprehensive studies are seen in Baicalin, wobogin, and baicalein. Few cases of liver injury are also seen in skullcap products. A study has shown that baicalin reduces the absorption of cyclosporine. It also reduces the blood level of drugs in the statin family. 


Ephedra is a plant which is used as a medicine. The branches and tops are used for medicine. The roots of plants are also being used in a few ways. The US has banned this herb for a few reasons.  

People are confused by Moromon tea and ephedra. Actually american ephedra comes from Ephedra sinica. A mormon tea does not have those chemicals which ephedra has. This is why ephedra is more beneficial than Moromon tea. 


Ephedra is helpful in reducing obesity and fat to regulate the body’s weight. It also helps in improving athlete performance. It is very helpful in allergies like Asthma and nasal congestion. Mainly it is helpful in breathing problems. 

One use of this herb is that it can help in producing more urine to remove the toxins in the body. 


The perfect dose of ephedra is based on many factors such as age, health and other medical conditions. There is very less data based on scientific research with this herb. You must follow all the instructions strictly to avoid any kind of side effects. 

How does it work

It contains a chemical called ephedrine. This is responsible for stimulating the heart, lungs and nervous system. 

Red Clover 

Red Clover is from fabaceae family. It is closely related to peas and beans. The flower of this plant is very different in appearance. The purple head of the flower is made up of pea flowers. It is all packed together. 

Red Clover is very rich in nitrogen. The plants, which are from fabaceae family, can trap nitrogen from the air and are very useful in making fertilizer. This plant produces a special kind of microbe, which is helpful in improving soil quality. 

Red Clover

This is why so many farming practices use peas and beans plants with other crops. This nitrogen is used as a chemical form for some diseases too. 

Red clover is used in children’s diets as a sweet snack. Many forms of red clover are used as nitrogen fertilizers. It mainly helps in fixing the soil and moving into the disturbed areas in it. 

Red Clover for Asthma 

The flower of Red Clover is used to clean blood, gallbladder, liver and fertility. Flowers help in reducing the symptoms of asthma like cold and cough. 

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii has been used in ayurveda medication methods for many decades. The scientific name of this tropical plant is plectranthus barbatus.

Coleus forskohlii is used in treatment of various cardiovascular problems. The use of this extract is used as a supplement , which is helpful in many kinds of diseases. 

It is used in various forms of inflammation. In case of asthma, there is inflammation in airways which is a common symptom of asthma. It also helps our airways in stimulating them by something called cAMP.

Coleus Forskohlii

This cAMP is known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It is responsible to produce few responses in the body to stimulate the symptoms. People with respiratory allergies can reduce the cAMP in the bronchial muscles. 

Few researches have shown that coleus forskohlii can increase cAMP level which reduces the allergy symptoms caused by asthma. 

The allergies of asthma can be soothed by coleus forskohlii. It can increase cAMP and also has anti-histamine effects.

When the allergy agent comes near the airways, it releases histamines and protects your body. There are still few doubts in things like cat dander and grass, which do not need any protection. The non-useful histamines can make your runny nose and other miserable allergy symptoms. 

Echinacea asthma

Echinacea is a plant which grows in the US and canada. It is commonly named as coneflower and is closely related to daisy flower.  It is used in ayurveda for centuries in various medications. It helps in improving the condition of people with cold, throat or flu. 

This plant is used for supplements and other medicines. Many forms are used in tea, capsules, pills and dried herbs. It is commonly formed in the United States. 


There are few side effects which can be  

  1. an upset stomach, 
  2. nausea, 
  3. and dizziness. 

Some other side effects of allergies are 

  • rash, 
  • swelling, 
  • and difficulty breathing. 

This can be in worsening your asthma symptoms. Before you start using this flower in any form as medicine, then you must consult your doctor first. 

People who are allergic to this plant, must be seen here. This includes daisy, ragweed, chrysanthemums or marigolds. It can worsen your allergy. 

Who should not take echinacea

You should not use this flower, if you are having any of these conditions. 

  1. an autoimmune disorder (such as lupus)
  2. multiple sclerosis
  3. human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
  4. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  5. tuberculosis.

Mullein Tea

Mullein tea is a beverage which is used in medications for years. It is used for many medical conditions like cough, cold and asthma.  

It is made of leaves of the plant and is rich in taste and has good aroma. This plant is seen in Europe, Africa and Asia.  It is used to treat the breathing problems of your lungs.It is very useful in relieving the symptoms of asthma. The common symptoms of asthma are cough wheezing and breath shortness.  

Researches have shown that mullein tea can treat inflammation and relaxes your muscles in the respiratory tract. 


 The flowers and leaves of plants are used to improve your respiratory ailments. This can disease are known as Tuberculosis, bronchitis and pneumonia. The tea is made up of leaves of this plant. 

 Human research is limited in this case and very few people have got benefit in such conditions. 

How to make a Mullein Tea 

To make a mullein tea, you need a tea bag filled with mullein extract. Other forms of mullein are capsules, tinctures and dried leaves packet.  

Steps to make Mullein Tea 

  1. Add a few leaves in the eight ounce boiling water kettle. 
  2. Steep it for 15-30 minutes. 
  3. Use a strainer to remove the leaves which were boiled in the kettle. 
  4. These leaves could be a reason for throat irritation. 
  5. For better taste, add raw honey, cinnamon or lemon wedge. 


Picrorhiza is used to cure asthma in many popular ways. Three studies were done for the same to prove whether this can be used to cure asthma. But unfortunately, it was seen that most of them said that it only creates a placebo effect and nothing else. 

But one study shows that picrorhiza root is more effective in reducing the signs of liver damage in people, This study was later discarded by the people and was proved wrong. 

It is used to support the use of this plant. The liver protectant is weak where no humans were used in the trial phase. The use of picrorhiza is not much recommended for this. 



The recommended dose of picrorhiza powder is from 400 mg to 160 mg daily as per based on age and how much your disease is severe. 

Picrorhiza is consist of many chemicals which are written as

  1. picroside I, 
  2. kutkoside, 
  3. androsin, and 
  4. apocynin. 

The extracts of picrorhiza contain a stated amount of such substances. 

Solanum xanthocarpum / Kantakari for Asthma 

Kantakari is known by many names like Indian nightshade, Yellow berries nightshade and Solanum xanthocarpum. It is a herb and is useful in many ayurveda for treating various diseases. The herb is bitter in taste. 

It is also beneficial in respiration problems like cough and asthma. It helps in reducing the mucus in the respiration pathways and prevents asthma attacks.  

If you take kantakari powder with water or honey daily, then your digestion will be improved. The three elements of body i.e. Agni, Deepan and Pachan can be balanced. 


If you have a joint pain, then apply Kantakari powder to balance the vata. Mixture of Kantakari juice to your scalp can help in hair growth and prevent hair fall.  

How to use it for Asthma

Using this, it can control the symptoms of astha and help in breathlessness. The main problem according to Ayurveda is Vata and Kapha. Vata with Kapha dosha causes your lungs to obstruct the respiratory passage. 

This results in breathing problems. This is known as Swas Roga in Ayurveda. It balances the Vata and Kapha and removes mucus which is excess in your lungs. 

How to use 

  1. Take a quarter teaspoon of Kantakari powder.
  2. Mix water or honey. 
  3. Swallow the powder once in a day after having some food. 


Boswellia is known as Indian frankincense. The herbal extract is taken from the tree.  It can treat inflammation and other health conditions. It is sold in the form of resin, pills and creams.  

It is an anti-inflammatory agent ,pain killer and also prevents loss of cartilage. Other problems like leukemia, cancer can also be treated with this.  


 Boswellic acid prevents the formation of leukotrienes in the body. It is a molecule that is the reason for inflammation. It can also trigger other symptoms of asthma.  

It can help in reducing leukotrienes. It causes bronchial muscles to contract. This decreases symptoms of asthmas as per stated in a study done in 1998 by a Trusted source. The immune balancing properties of boswellia can help in reacting with environmental allergens that happen in asthma.

Boswellic acid prevents the formation of leukotrienes. It is the main reason for inflammation in the body.

 The acids in boswellia contribute to the herb’s anti-inflammatory agents. It inhibits  5-lipoxygenase (5-LO), which produces leukotriene. The most powerful boswellic acids are Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA). The research shows that other acids are responsible for reducing inflammation of the body. 


Tylophora is a plant which is found in Asian countries. It was brought to India from African continent. The name of Tylophora comes from two words i.e. “tylos” means knot and “phoros” means bearing.

It is widely used for mouth allergies, cancer , congestion asthma and constipation. It is also used for skin ulcers and wounds. 


How does it work

It increases airflow and also reduces the symptoms of allergies and in many forms of it. 

For Asthma 

Mostly it is used for curing asthma, but there is nor evidence for this. It is seen that after taking it for six years, you can see symptoms to be minimum, only if you went for treatment. Eating the leaf of Tylophora for a week would be worse than eating a spinach leaf. All these evidence show no positive review for asthma cure. So if you want a more concrete result, then you must be waiting for more research. 

If a person is pregnant or doing breast feeding, then you must not use this. It could be bad for the baby. Always stay on the safe side while using such experimental herbs for your cure.  

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is a familiar tree in Australia and now it is known to all in the world. It is now used for medicinal properties. The healing properties of this oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree. 

Leaves are dried and crushed to extract the oil from it. The oil is diluted and is used in medicine for all. Now it is also a cure for asthma. 

Eucalyptus oil is used for reducing cough and other mucus producing properties. The medication form of eucalyptus oil is very useful for this. Even Vick Vaporub contains 2 percent of this eucalyptus oil that acts as a cough suppressant agent. 

Eucalyptus Oil

If you are having a dry cough, then this oil is a silent cure for you. It will remove the mucus formed in your chest. 

If you inhale the vapor of eucalyptus oil, it will loosen the mucus in your chest. While coughing you can throw it. It can also be done from a rub of eucalyptus oil.

Asthma and sinusitis can be improved if you inhale steam with eucalyptus. The oil reacts with mucous membranes. So losing the mucus can be helpful in reducing the asthma symptoms. 

The symptoms can be blocked by eucalyptus oil. If some of you are allergic to eucalyptus oil should not use it. 

Mustard Oil 

Mustard Oil is given to two kinds of oils  i.e. vegetable oil and essential oil. Vegetable oil is made from mustard oil by crushing it.  While essential oils are made by distillation of mustard seeds and water. 

MUstard Oil provides erucic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. This is used in medicines from ancient ties and many researches have proved it right. 

If someone is massaged with mustard oil, then it can clean respiration airways and helps in restoring normal breathing. It can also soothe your asthma symptoms. 


Mustard Oil is used to cure asthma and it is a very simple way to do this. Follow these steps. 

  1. Heat up camphor with mustard oil. 
  2. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and rub it gently on the chest and upper back once. 
  3. Rub the mix only when it comes to bearable temperature. 
  4. Do this for a few days and you will see improvement in your asthma symptoms. 

Mustard Oil is helpful in reducing asthma attacks. It can reduce pressure and airway passage which can improve the lungs problem. Simple massage with mustard oil daily will be useful in soothing your symptoms. 

If someone you know has asthma problem, then massaging will help you in reducing the asthma symptoms.


Coffee is drunk due to many reasons. But the caffeine content in coffee has similar benefits like a theophylline. It is a drug used for lungs because it can open the airways of lungs and reduces the symptoms of asthma. Mainly the symptoms which can be reduced are wheezing, cough and breathing problems. Few research has shown that caffeine can be very soothing by asthma patients as theophylline.

Caffeine is now known as bronchodilator. This is because it can relieve the symptoms of asthma in a longer duration. But it can also be helpful in reducing the symptoms of asthma. If someone consumes caffeine for a long time with due duration, then asthma severity can be reduced. 


 As proved,  caffeine is a bronchodilator. It can widen your airways and a patient that has consumed it before the test can show better lungs functioning as compared to the person who hasn’t taken any caffeine. 

Due to this, doctors are now prescribing a small dose of caffeine in the diet. If you drink caffeinated coffee before, then nitric acid, then it can result in better conditions for us. The effect of caffeine in the airways can be upto four hours in asthma. 


Using Onion Juice with black pepper and honey helps in relieving asthma. This is an online theory shared on a leading social networking site. 

According to this, If you add onion juice with a teaspoon of honey and quarter spoon of black pepper, then you can help with chest congestion and breathlessness. It is known as an immediate cure for asthma symptoms. 

Asthma is generally caused by chest congestion that causes breathing difficulties. The symptoms of asthma are wheezing and sneezing. It also showed chest congestion and tight chest. 


 A single asthma attack with such symptoms can be a reason of death in extreme conditions. Actually all breath failures are not resulting in an asthma attack. A doctor is needed to know whether it is asthma or not. 

 There is no scientific proof of this mixture to help. Best recommendation is to identify the triggers of your asthma. Some most common triggers are dust, cold, stuffy places or some substances like perfume or choking aroma. Try to avoid all your triggers. 

 If someone sees that the attack is too severe, then few drugs like Ventolin and steroids are used for helping asthma patients. Ventolin is helpful in bronchial dilation. It actually opens the breathing passages and relaxes your muscles.


Omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful in reducing the signs of asthma symptoms in kids. If a kid is given a diet rich in omega-3fatty acids. 

There are many trials done on humans which reduces the inflammation in airways. In the initial studies it was seen that omega-3 and deleterious effects of omega-6 is seen in matter exposure and systemic inflammation. 

 There was a belief that people living in urban areas with polluted air tended to be seen in asthma problems. But some other reasons are now seen which are genetic and poverty. 

The cell structure of asthma patients shows that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the number of antibodies which are a response of  chronic airway inflammation.

To treat asthma, corticosteroids are used to treat it and can be used to block the oil’s effectiveness. This is done by cell signalling molecules to reduce inflammation which is known as specialised pro resolving mediators (SPMs).

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) convert SPM to empower the immune system. 

  • Mackerel 
  • Salmon  
  • Cod liver oil 
  • Herring  
  • Walnuts 
  • Soybeans
  • Oysters 
  • Sardines  
  • Anchovies  
  • Caviar 
  • Chia seeds

In few cases, you can take supplements of Omega-3 PUFA while not having any of these fishes due to any reasons. 

Final Words

There are many home remedies for Asthma, but all of them only helps in reducing the symptoms. Before you take any of such medication, you must take advice from a certified medical practitioner.

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