Home Remedies for Fish Odor Syndrome

Home remedies for Trimethylaminuria. This fish Odor Syndrome is caused by a genetic metabolic disorder. Check the potential treatment for this.

What is Fish Odor Syndrome or Trimethylaminuria 

Trimethylaminuria is a rare metabolic disorder where the human body could not digest a compound known as trimethylaminuria. It is a nitrogen based compound. 


This fish odor syndrome is seen as a reaction to various smells like rotten fish or feces. This smell is seen because of excessive secretion of a protein called triethylamine. It is found in sweat, urine or breath and sometimes in reproductive fluids. It produces a strong fish like smell which can be stronger during the course of time. 

This syndrome has few other names like state fish syndrome, TMAU and TMAuria. This odor is produced by the excessive excretion of a protein i.e. triethylamine in urine, breath and sweat

TMAU is known as fish malodor syndrome which happens due to lack of a specific protein i.e. flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3). This protein breaks down the compounds and is produced in the liver. 

TMA is consumed in diet and is broken in simpler compounds by a process called N-oxygenation.

Symptoms of Fish Odor Syndrome 

The symptoms of fish odor is seen from birth. The symptoms of fish odor syndrome is seen in women more than men. This is because female sex hormones like proesterone and estrogen aggravates the odor related symptoms with disorder. There are no known causes of this rare genetic condition. 

Common Symptoms of Trimethylaminuria

The common symptoms of trimethylaminuria are 

  1. high Blood pressure , offensive body odor and increased heartbeat. 
  2. People are also seen in premature infants, menstruation in women. Constant fish odor is seen in the body
  3. Other symptoms like sweating, stress , excessive exercise 

Causes of Fish Odor Syndrome 

Fish Odor Syndrome is caused by mutation in an enzyme called flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3). This gene is responsible for the production of enzymes in liver. 

Trimethylaminuria Metabolic Disorder

The mutated or spoiled FMO3 gene is the main cause of fish odor syndrome. These are the following causes. 

  1. No hygiene or poor hygiene habits
  2. Underactive FMO3 enzyme in liver or kidney
  3. Too much proteins rich food
  4. Bacteria in GI tract that results in trimethylamine production.
  5. Gingivitis
  6. Cases of blood-borne halitosis.
  7. Parents with history of trimethylaminuria are likely to seen with same disorder in childrens. 

Good diet and low stress helps in reducing the symptoms of Fish Odor Syndrome.

How to Diagnosis Fish Odor Syndrome 

  • Gene testing 
  • TMA content testing
  • TMA challenge test

Home Remedies for Fish Odor Syndrome 

Few herbs are used to cure fish odor syndrome and these are manufactured in many forms to make it available easily. These are few natural herbs which must be used for the same. 

Rubia cordifolia

Rubia cordifolia or Manjistha is a herb used in Ayurveda to detox our blood and purifies it. It is also helpful in relieving pitta. It is an anti-toxic and anti-poisonous herb. This extract is used for skin diseases too. It helps in wounds in skin and other diseases where pitta is the main reason. Taking one capsule of this can cure this completely. 

Green essential 

Green essential capsule is a product made with natural herbs along with science of ayurveda. It is helpful in better health and improving immunity from other diseases. It is made with all herbs and no non-vegetarian ingredient. It is very effective in people with Fish odor Syndrome. It nourishes the body on cellular level and fights against diseases. 

Amla, Triphala & Neem Mixture 

The mixture of Amla, Triphala, Neem and manjistha is a popular mix in powder form for eating. It detoxifies the body and purifies the blood and digestive system. It also reduces the inflammation 

In body and it also balances the pitta in body. These herbs are mixed thoroughly in a synergy to benefit from all herbs. One teaspoon twice a day is enough. 

Gandhak Rasayan

It helps in healing your skin and other skin related diseases. It maintains the female reproductive system. This 100% organic product is quite popular in Ayurveda medication. It improves digestion and reduces the itching in skin and removes toxins from our body. 

Kaishore Guggul

Kaishore guggulu is ayurvedic medicine which helps in blood cleansing , signs of aging and helps in improving health. It helps our pancreas and kidney.  

Neem Oil & Jatyadi Oil 

Neem oil and jatyadi oil mix is helpful in skin problems. It is only for external use. It is an ayurvedic medicine which can heal wounds quickly. Many skin diseases can be healed with this mixture. Skin infection can be cured with this. It balanced the trio of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Alone Neem Oil can heal wounds. 

Manuka Honey 

Using manuka Honey for bathing can be helpful. Adding few drops in bathing water can help in reducing bacterial infection and septics. This reduces natural bad odor in the body. 

Precautions for Fish odor Syndrome 

  1. Avoid beans and peanuts.
  2. Avoid heavy exercise.
  3. Avoid non-vegetarian foods such as seafood, eggs
  4. Stress can make the symptoms worse, take time to relax.
  5. Avoid supplements containing lecithin.
  6. Wear washed clothes.

Final Words 

Fish Odor Syndrome is a very unique genetic disorder which is seen very rarely. Please take care of your diet and take good medication to stay away from it. 

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