Several successful home remedies for a earache pain and their results

home remedies for a earache

People undergo various eminent diseases and infections today. Be it scars on their hands, stomach, legs etc. Today, our focus is on the ears. We are going to enlighten one in terms of earaches, and certain home remedies for a earache pain. An earache can be very painful and can have several diverse effects on its prey.  Earaches are very common and many people find themselves face to face with it at least once or twice in their lifetime. Before we undergo further into home remedies for a earache pain, let us discuss and shine a bright light on what is a earache, and why sharp pain in ear comes and goes!

What is an earache and the questions one asks regarding it

Earaches are said to mainly occur in children, but that does not hold true as many adults also suffer from an earache. It is described as sort of an ache that is constant and comes and fades away. The pain can be of diverse nature – sometimes acute, sometimes mild, and sometimes very dull.

Apart from the above, there are people who are very worried regarding it and have many questions that they desire an answer to. Some questions being how to stop earache fast, what are good ear pain drops, dealing with sharp pain in ear comes and goes, and to how to tackle a bruised eardrum

Causes behind earaches

A very popular cause behind the arousal of an earache is the several infections that is manifested . The infection can inhabit and occur in the outer ear, the middle ear and even the inner ear.

Other very common causes behind an earache pain is a change in the pressure due to flying, if one is a patient of sinus, a foreign object in the ear, and excess of wax. Also, be careful while bathing as it can cause shampoo in the ear, which ultimately leads to ear infections

Symptoms of an earache

There are many signs that can help one figure if they have an earache or not. One of them being severe ear pain, impaired hearing, a fullness in the ear, loss of appetite, headaches etc

Home remedies for a earache pain

heat pad

One of the best home remedies for an earache pain is applying heat from an electric heating pad. This is suggested as this heat helps to reduce any form of inflammation and diminish the pain in the ear.

These heating pads can be bought from any place and are quite affordable! As per how to use this pad –apply the hot warm pad on the ear for a couple of minutes, this will provide one with instant and very effective results. However, don’t fall off to sleep with the pad, and make sure someone is supervising the child while he uses the pad

Heating pads, though very useful and prominent may be harmful if children are not careful with them. As far as adults go, they know how to take care of themselves

So, even though heat pads are highly efficient and helpful – do be careful while using them!

Cold Pad
cold pad

Apart from the heat, a cold pad can also benefit a lot. In terms of how to apply- apply ice in small paper towels and put it over the infected ear.  Keep this on for say around twenty minutes.

Even though it is very cold it doesn’t hurt but is regarded as a very good cure for an earache. Many people are of the opinion that a heating pad provided more relief. While some fall prey to that, many feel that alternative cold and hot on to the ear is the best remedy ever!

So adopt not only a cold pad, but also a heat pad – use them alternatively for a couple of minutes and find instant results in no time!

ear massage

Massage is considered a very good home remedy for a earache pain. A massage can provide instant relief and is said to do away with the pain effectively.  Hence, a massage is not only to relax one’s body but a body part that is hardly touched – yes the ear.

A good circulation massage around the ears, the throat, and the neck can be of instant use and will help fade the earache and provide relief in the ear.

Thus when you think of a massage next – don’t only think of a body one but also circular massages on the ears that will prevent an earache!


This is considered one of the most popular home remedies when it comes to treating any ailments. Garlic is also very good for an earache and one should consume a clove of garlic every day

One can also make garlic drops. These are helpful in reducing the pain from the ear, and prevent any infection from getting worse.

Garlic speeds up the relief process and has no side –effects. So, one is suggested to intake at least a clove of garlic and by following this routine – one will find instant results!


Just like garlic onions are also suggested as an alternative to medicine. Consumption of good amounts of onion can reduce the pain, and prevent further infections from happening. As to how to apply it – one needs to heat up an onion, after doing that the next process is to strain the liquid out of the onion and apply those drops to the infected ear.

These drops are magnificent and provide one with instant results. So, not only garlic but onions can also be considered your good friend!

Chewing gums

Chewing gum is one of the good home remedies for a ear ache pain – especially when one is on an airplane. In such cases, earaches occur due to change in the air pressure, and due to being on a higher altitude. In such a scenario one is asked to chew gum. Chewing gum can help reduce the pressure and hence diminishing the chance of an earache. So not only does chewing a gum give you a good jawline but also aids in preventing an earache!


We are of the opinion that the above home remedies are highly effective and will do one good by following them. The best way to prevent an earache is by keeping your ears clean and by removing the extra wax from it on and off. Even though the above are very highly recommended, there may arise times when a person cannot just handle with home remedies and needs to pay a visit to the doctor

Visit a doctor if

One is asked to visit a doctor if an earache comes along with fever. Some other symptoms one should watch out for are – dizziness, bad headache, pus in the ear etc. So, in case someone is having a severe earache, and cannot be controlled or taken care of by the above remedies, then the doctor should be called for. His prescriptions will become your best friend.

In such cases rush to the doctor!

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