Home remedies for bronchitis asthma and their varied and instant results

bronchitis asthma

Home remedies to cure bronchitis asthma. Symptoms and causes of it. Also know the way to stay away for healthy bronchitis.

There is immense level of pollution in the air today. With this excess of pollution and the dirt in the air, many people fall victim to breathing difficulties and certain diseases and infections like asthmatic bronchitis. Having asthma and bronchitis together is very harmful, and should be dealt with immediately. This article is going to emphasize and lay down home remedies for bronchitis asthma.

Let us first delve into what is asthmatic bronchitis

Bronchitis and asthma are a problem related to one’s breathing. They both are lung conditions that hamper one’s flow of oxygen. There are times when asthma and bronchitis occur at the same time, leading to a clashing of their symptoms, and being called as Asthmatic Bronchitis.

image showing asthmatic bronchitis

After understanding what this infection really is, there are several questions that need to be answered. Some being – asthmatic bronchitis symptoms, asthmatic bronchitis causes, asthmatic bronchitis and antibiotics, and also does asthmatic bronchitis go away? Apart from those simpler questions like how to devoid one of asthma and bronchitis also appear

What are the symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis?

Our focus is on home remedies for bronchitis asthma, however, let us dig deeper and figure the symptoms and causes behind it

The symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis is a mixture of both asthma and bronchitis symptoms. Some common signs include –one facing chest congestion, severe cough and  wheezing, shortness of breath and excess mucus production.

What are the causes behind bronchitis asthma

This infection happens when both bronchitis and acute asthma come across at the same time, hence being called asthmatic bronchitis. Some of the very popular causes behind this influenza are: pollution, tobacco smoke, chemicals, certain medications, weather changes, Viral infections, and strong emotions

Though asthmatic bronchitis is a condition when asthma and bronchitis happen at the same time, we are going to look for home remedies for both

Home remedies for asthma

Mustard oil

image showing mustard oil

This oil is very good to do away with asthma. Mustard oil shouldn’t be taken as just like that – but should be mixed with camphor and applied on the chest. By massaging this mixture on the chest, one will gain instant relief from any breathing problem. It has been suggested that the mixture should be warmed before being applied.

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image showing figs

Figs are a very good home remedy for people with asthma. However, there is a particular way of eating them. The best way to digest them is by soaking some dried figs in water overnight, and eat them the very first thing in the morning!


image showing ginger

There is no surprise that ginger is considered a very good property to do away with asthma, especially due to its other uses for home remedies. However, ginger alone is not that useful as compared to ginger mixed with honey, and pomegranate. This combination is best to do away and treat asthma


image showing coffee

A surprise to many people, but coffee is actually considered good for those who have asthma. It ends up clearing the nasal passage, allowing one to breathe freely and easily. Drink at least three cups a day and see the difference!

Breathing techniques

Since asthma is related to breathing, it is essential that one learns how to breathe properly, and practice some good breathing techniques. These techniques ensure maximum amount of air in the lungs. Breath slowly through the nose, and when one inhales, their abdomen should go out and vice versa. These are a key in getting rid of asthma, and controlling the amount of air in the lungs.

Home remedies to do away with bronchitis

Asthma is not the only breathing influenza, there is also bronchitis. And when they occur at the same time, they are called asthmatic bronchitis. Below are home remedies to get rid of bronchitis

No smoking

image showing no smoking

One of the very ways to do away with bronchitis is no make changes in one’s lifestyle. One of the many important changes is to stop inhaling smoke. Smoking is very harmful when it comes to breathing and lungs, and hence – NO SMOKING. This is a no not only to active but also passive smoking. Surmount and envelope your surroundings with people who do not smoke.

Get a good amount of rest

image showing a good sleep

Bronchitis can cause one to get very tired, and hence it is important to understand one’s body and realize what the body wants. If it’s asking for rest, then go ahead and rest for a while. Do not over exert yourself or oppose what your body desires.


image showing gargling

Gargling with salt water is a very helpful home remedy.  It can help get rid of the mucus. Dissolve some salt in hot water, and after one has gargled with it – spit it out. This routine can be repeated some number of times a day. This will lead to very good results!

Use a humidifier

image showing a humidifier

A humidifier is very helpful as it tends to moist the air. By providing the air to be moist, a lot of mucus can be cleared. This will help in one’s breathing, and being able to treat bronchitis. It has been laid down though that one should keep their humidifier clean, so to get rid of the bacteria.

Drink chicken soup

image showing chicken soup

Many may consider this as a myth, but grandma’s chicken soup recipe actually works and does wonders for people who are being targeted by bronchitis. Drink in hot and steamy and see the result it provides. Have it every day!  So, even though this might be considered one of the oldest home remedies, it does wonders and works more effectively than most of the others!

When to go to a doctor –

Hence, we hope that we have provided ample information on home remedies for bronchitis asthma. It is clear and transparent that asthma and bronchitis differ from each other, but when they approach together – we term them as asthmatic bronchitis.  Above have been laid some remedies that are cost-effective, and can be managed easily.

It is evident that home remedies are not always the solution, especially if the condition becomes acute – be it asthma or bronchitis. In such cases, one should pay a visit to their doctor, and take medicines prescribed by him/her.

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