Effective At Home Psoriasis Treatment to Soothe its Symptoms

psoriasis home remedies

These days people suffer from many skin problems due to changing climate and growing pollution. It is very sad some skin problems have no cure in medical. Of course, the research is still continued. But you don’t have to worry as home remedies are very successful in controlling the symptoms of these problems. We have selected on such skin problem which is psoriasis. Let’s see how at home psoriasis treatment can be effective in improving the health of the skin.

What is psoriasis?

psoriasis on body

Psoriasis is a chronic disease. In this, people usually have build-up of patches all over the body. These patches are reddish. Also, the skin of the patches is very dry and it has itching in it. Psoriasis is also of different types such as erythrodermic, plaque, inverse, guttate and pustular. In every type of psoriasis, the rash appears on the body differently.

Causes of Psoriasis

There could be many reason of psoriasis, but one main cause is the immune system. This appears when one’s immune system becomes hyperactive. On the other hand, it has many other causes such as environmental changes and genetic reasons. Not only this, but psoriasis is also a result of stress.

Effective home remedies for psoriasis:

Try the below given things for improving skin in the psoriasis disease in order to minimize the effect of psoriasis virus. They can surely aid you in at home psoriasis treatment.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera in psoriasis

There is no doubt that aloe vera is a very good medicine for skin irrespective of the forms it is used. It has a property to naturally cure the wounds of the skin. Why is it effective in the treatment of psoriasis? It has soothing effect which soothes the inflammation caused by psoriasis disease, thus it can even control the itching of your skin. Of course, excessive itching does increase the rash on the skin. Make sure that you use aloe vera for external use. Always try to apply aloe vera gel directly to your skin in the situation of psoriasis. It is a medically proved remedy of this disease.


Curcumin in psoriasis

Curcumin is an ingredient which is found in turmeric. To your surprise, it is very effective in the condition of psoriasis as it is medicinal because it comes from turmeric ultimately. What’s more, it reduces the inflammation of the skin. The researchers investigated the same in 2016 and found that curcumin can help soothe psoriasis symptoms. This is an over the counter psoriasis treatment which is easily available everywhere.


Similarly, sunlight can be very effective in some cases. So, the patient of psoriasis should try to sit in sunlight but for a brief period. On an average, sitting in sun for about 5-10 minutes is more than enough in the condition of psoriasis. As you know that we get vitamin D from the sun which is very essential to have a healthy skin.

sunlight in psoriasis

Make sure that you expose only the affected area of your skin and cover rest of it with the help of clothing. For the same reason, you can even secure your skin by wearing a sunscreen.

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is another very important cure for treating psoriasis because it is rich in Omega 3. Therefore, it reduces the inflammation caused by the rash in psoriasis. For this purpose, you can take some light warm oil and apply it on the affected area to improve it.

olive oil in psoriasis

Alternatively, you can use olive oil in your diet and for better results as it sweeps away the dead skin from the body without causing any damage to it.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil in psoriasis

Tea tree oil is popular for its medicinal properties all across. People use this oil for several skin and hair problems. In fact, doctors also suggest to apply it on your skin and hair. But this oil cannot directly be applied on the skin. It has to be diluted in some other oil always. For the patients of psoriasis, it should be mixed with olive oil before rubbing it on the skin patches. It should be done 3-4 times a day. It is very successful home remedy for mild psoriasis.

Fish Oil

fish oil in psoriasis

Similarly, fish oil is equally helpful for treating psoriasis because it is rich in Omega 3. You can talk to your doctor about taking it.


Another alternative which you can use is flaxseeds which are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. You can have them in several ways. It can be a psoriasis cure diet if you start using flaxseed powder in juices and food items. It can even be used over salads and in oil form.

flaxseed in psoriasis


Yoga helps a lot in psoriasis. It is a very good way to improve the psoriasis symptoms. Why does it help in psoriasis? Actually, psoriasis is also triggered by stress. So, it helps you to reduce stress levels from your day-to-day life easily.

yoga in psoriasis

Take classes for some days to learn right stretching, breathing and meditating activities. After some time continue it at home on your own.

Drink Water:

You have to drink more and more water in the situation of psoriasis because you need to keep your body hydrated always. You need to be very careful about it because you need to escape from the situation of getting the skin too dry. Some people even use humidifier to improve the moisture level of their body especially in winters.

water in psoriasis

Visit the doctor

Always take the guidance of a doctor in this situation because it is not a normal body condition. One even after using a lot of home remedies has to be alert. In any of the situations when you encounter some different changes in your body or if the patch moves to different body parts, then you have to immediately consult a doctor without any delay. Above mentioned remedies are extremely helpful with the medication of psoriasis, but do not completely depend on them in its cure. As you know that psoriasis is a physical condition that has no permanent cure. But of course, the ailment that does not even have a permanent cure can even be treated with assertiveness by following helpful things. So, try this psoriasis home treatment.


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