Home remedies for high fever temperature and their instant results

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When one catches a fever, they cannot think properly, eat properly and also lack energy. Today, we are going to talk about high fever temperature and home remedies that will allow one to do away with any form of fever. One’s fever can be mild or very high – but what we really need to delve into is what’s a fever and what are the signs of fever. Nevertheless, today we are going to stress on home remedies that provide one with fever relief!

What is a fever and what are high fever symptoms

As we all know that fever makes us feel dizzy, and disinterested in anything and everything. High fever temperature can be seen as an increase in body temperature – signaling that something is not right in the way one’s body is functioning. Some symptoms for high fever temperature include – sweating, chills, headache, muscle pain and general weakness. Thus, lets give this article a good read and understand various home remedies for high fever temperature

What are the causes of high fever

There are many reasons as to why one can undergo high fever temperature. Altogether, some of these include infections, teething in infants, some inflammatory diseases, blood clots, food poising, and fever can also be caused due to certain antibiotics.

Hence, this article is going to stress on home remedies for high fever temperature. Although we are providing you with this information, you can always choose to visit your doctor. Nevertheless, do give us a read!

picture showing fever

Below are home remedies for high fever temperature

Drink liquids

The very first thing one should do to avoid high fever temperature is to drink ample liquids. This be water, juices or even energy drinks. Keeping oneself hydrated is highly important. The more one drinks, the more chances of the fever going down.


Many have not heard of basil as a cure for fever. Basil is a herb that helps to bring down fever – be it of any kind, mild or acute. Eat basil not just like it is, but take about 20 basil leaves, boil them, add one teaspoon of crushed ginger and boil it. Basil will definitely help to bring down one’s high fever temperature and bring about relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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This is very good for one’s metabolic rate and health. In order to bring down high fever temperature it is a must to drink some of it every day. Thus, this helps to draw heat and hence leaving a cooling and chilled effect. Apple Cider is very useful in doing away with toxins and other harmful bacteria’s in the body. Drink at least two teaspoons of apple cider with honey and water every day!

Take rest

When one is faced with high fever temperature, then it is very essential to take good amount of rest. Lie down in your bed, with a blanket and try sweating it out. Do not go out of the house, if you feel the need for fresh air – then open your windows. Having fever means full on bed rest and no walking around. If one doesn’t take rest then the fever will take very long to come down.

Try herbal remedies

Although people have also started depending on herbs for high fever temperature, it is not certain that these herb supplements work very well with humans. These supplements have shown to keep fever down in animals, but there is no evidence that they work in humans as well. However, herbs are good and many people have been in taking it these days

Turmeric and ginger powder

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Ginger and turmeric are very helpful for high fever temperature.  Ginger contains antioxidant properties. So, in order to relieve oneself from fever have one small teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with a small amount of ginger powder, and add water to it. This is a highly recommended recipe and had worked wonders!

Coriander tea

This tea is very good to relieve one of high fever temperature. It contains many health nutrients and helps in removing many diseases such as viral fever. So, make yourself a yummy coriander tea and savor every bit of it

Lemon and honey

As always lemon and honey are considered to be very good for any kind of health-related problems. Talk of high fever temperature, lemon, and honey are very good to do away with fever. Mix a good amount of lemon with honey and do away with all sorts of infections and diseases including high fever temperature. This is also very yummy to taste.

Go to a doctor if

Above we have listed several home remedies for high fever temperature, however, if your fever continues to rise, and none of the above home remedies seem to work – then please do go visit your personal doctor. The remedies above are highly beneficial but may not always work – depending on person to person. Nevertheless, the one thing we could tell you is to drink ample amounts of liquids!

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