Hemorrhoids after Pregnancy | Home Remedy, Symptoms & Duration


There is no question that women undergo the various pains and difficulties that men can’t even imagine. For example, starting with the very basic waxing and threading to having their periods to finally giving birth and raising a newborn child. Yes, who said being a woman was an easy task. However, today we are going to shine light on the days after pregnancy and the various things women face after giving birth, one including – Hemorrhoids after pregnancy

What are Hemorrhoids

These are basically considered as veins that swell up and are very similar to constipation. Most women face them during and after pregnancy. There may be various reasons as to why these veins swell up, some being – a rush of hormones, internal pressure and even constipation. They can be very mild to being chronic. However, there is nothing to worry; hemorrhoids go away with good treatment.

hemorrhoids after pregnancy symptoms


These mainly occur after pregnancy or during pregnancy. These are swellings in the rectal area and can range from various sizes. One can be affected by either internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids. Thus these are swellings that can be quite itchy and painful. But as mentioned before they are not very serious and can go away with home remedies!

Thus, now that we are talking about hemorrhoids after pregnancy, let us talk about the home remedies that can help one cure of these!

Avoid straining

When one strains then more pressure is put on the rectal area, and hence it is suggested to not strain too much during bowel movements. One should let gravity do the work

Add fibre to the diet

When one eats and consumes good amount of fibre then the stool becomes softer and it becomes easier to pass bowel movements. This also prevents constipation. One should eat many fruits, vegetables and whole grains

Drink liquids


Hemorrhoids after pregnancy can also be treated with drinking lots and lots of water. This is good because liquids and water prevent constipation, making the bowel movements simpler and easier to pass by

Keep the area clean

One is also suggested to keep the area clear and clean so that no other form of irritation or bacteria starts to emerge. Thus, one should take good care of the area

Take warm baths

Sit in your bathtub and relax. Make sure the water is warm and contains Epsom salt. This is profoundly relaxing and good for dealing with hemorrhoids after pregnancy. This should be a good time spent by yourself in a warm water tub and one should be relaxed

Apply a warm compress

warm compress

Take a bottle of warm water and apply it on the infected area. This should be done for a couple of minutes at least three times a day. Apart from a warm compress one can also use ice packs to clear away the pain and the swelling. In fact alternating between a hot and a cold compress can be very effective and beneficial!

Clean yourself gently

Once you are done passing the stool clean yourself gently. The best way to do that is by using a jet rather than toilet paper.



To prevent hemorrhoids one should also exercise every day. One can indulge in any form of exercise – be it aerobics, dance, yoga, jogging. Whatever form you may choose one should do it for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day!

Can hemorrhoids stop you from getting pregnant?

hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Many question whether hemorrhoids can prevent one from getting pregnant? The answer is a simple no. Hemorrhoids is a common occurrence during pregnancy .  Many pregnant women suffer and undergo this experience in the third trimester.

To explain in short, one should not worry, as these go away. Hemorrhoids are very similar to constipation. Pregnant women mainly undergo these due to constipation combined with increased pressure on the rectum and perineum. If one stands for too long they may get hemorrhoids as well.

Will hemorrhoids go away on their own after pregnancy

As mentioned earlier hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy, and most women face it. However, one should not get too scared as hemorrhoids that develop during pregnancy go away on their own soon after birth has been given. One should obviously try to avoid constipation though.

However, sometimes they don’t go away. About 25% of women who develop hemorrhoids after giving birth still have them six months after the pregnancy as well! The veins may swell up less and the symptoms may come and go.

Thus, in most situations hemorrhoids go away on their own, however there may be times when treatments become necessary to tackle them!

how long do hemorrhoids last after giving birth

One cannot really say as to how long will hemorrhoids last for. If the situation is not that severe and there are only small hemorrhoids then they can clear up within just a matter of days without any treatment needed. However, large and external hemorrhoids may take much longer to heal and can also be a reason for a lot of pain. In such cases, if they don’t start to get okay in a matter of days – one should pay a visit to their doctor!


Hence hemorrhoids after pregnancy is prevalent and one should not get worried in such scenarios. In fact pregnant women who don’t get hemorrhoids are a very few number. The above remedies are very essential in dealing with such a situation, and one should not take stress regarding it. However if the above remedies are failing to act up – then the only option would be to call your doctor

When to call the doctor

If you are applying the home remedies everyday then you will end up noticing a gradual chance, and improvement in the condition. However, if the hemorrhoids are persistent and not going away at all and if one is experiencing rectal bleeding, then you must definitely visit your doctor. In some very rare cases, when the situation is extreme – a surgery is also required. But not to worry, in most cases hemorrhoids go away on their own!

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