Several Health Benefits of Eating Banana Everyday


Many people like eating bananas, but some don’t like them at all. As all the fruits and vegetables are quite rich in nutrients, so we must try to consume all of them as much as possible. Therefore, today we are talking about the health benefits of eating banana everyday. Please read further to know more about the helpful benefits of this fruit. It is compulsory to understand that bananas are very beneficial and can do wonders to people who consume this fruit on a regular basis.

Which health problems can banana help with?

Of course, banana intake is useful in many health problems. It is very much nutritious. You can have it in many ways. You can have banana calories in the form of banana shake or you can eat it just like that. When you make banana shake, you need to take the right quantity of banana and milk for optimum results to your health.

Banana is very good for heart health

heart health
Benefits of eating Banana

Of course, high fibre foods are good for the heart. This is the reason that banana is very good for one’s heart. It’s not we who say this but many studies over banana have even proved the same. Eating more bananas can definitely lower the risk of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) as well as coronary heart disease (CHD).

Banana eases the problem of digestion

In addition, banana consumption even improves one’s digestion to a great degree. Generally, banana has a sweet and sour taste. While the sweet taste brings heaviness, but the sour taste supports digestion and helps in building up one’s metabolism.

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Banana maintains the blood pressure

blood pressure

Simultaneous, banana is also very helpful in maintaining one’s blood pressure. Of course, you cannot consume much of salt when it is about high blood pressure. Surely, high intake of salt does increase the problem of high blood pressure. Here, bananas play a very crucial role as they have low salt content, but high potassium content. Undoubtedly these properties of banana make it ideal for those undergoing the problem of high blood pressure. But before adding to your diet, do consult your nutritionist or doctor to be on a safer side.

Banana benefits in fighting anaemia


Banana is rich in iron content and thus they help the people with anaemia dramatically. Anaemics do get help from banana nutrition in most of the cases. this is a sitaution where there is low blood cells in the blood. When suffering from this problem, try to eat banana in moderation to strike the right balance in your diet.

Why is banana consumption so helpful?

High fibre content

Undoubtedly, bananas have a lot of fibre in them, thus it helps to slow down the digestion and helps one to feel fuller for a long time. Thus, a reason why bananas are eaten during breakfast. This will keep one full till lunchtime, and not make them feel hungry for a long time.

Powerhouse of nutrients

As the calories from banana give you a great deal of energy. Banana becomes must in one’s diet. There is no doubt that banana is heavy in weight and very nutritious. What’s more, these all vitamins and nutritions help one in becoming more fit by keeping away from all the threats to the health. So, benefits of consuming banana are inevitable.

High source of potassium


Of course, bananas are high in potassium content that’s why you feel fuller just after eating two or four bananas even on empty stomach. Because of potassium, bananas can help you in numerous ways. Surely, consuming bananas everyday help increase blood pressure. Not only this, but it is equally beneficial to one’s brain as it enhances one’s concentration level. Therefore, it is very important that you have bananas regularly in your diet for the health of your heart and brain.

Banana is a natural laxative

Undoubtedly, bananas are the best cure to constipation. Eating bananas daily means good riddance to constipation. One is suggested to eat well-riped bananas as they are good for the bowel movements, thus eating bananas two times a day can do one very good!

Good s​​ource of vitamin B6​

vitamin B6 from bananas is very good for the body and is easily absorbed by the body!

Needless to say, vitamin B6 helps your body in many ways:

  • It produces red blood cells in your body.
  • It metabolises carbohydrates and fats by turning them into energy.
  • It also metabolises amino acids.
  • It removes unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys.
  • It, of course, without any doubt, maintains a very healthy nervous system. 
  • Surely, vitamin B6 is significant for pregnant women because it is very helpful to balance out the development needs of babies.

Manganese in bananas is good for your skin

People these days try many beauty products to improve their skin. The growing pollution damages the skin very badly, at the same time, the stress in life has even taken toll on the people’s skin. For this purpose, you can take one banana of medium size definitely provides you about 13% of your manganese needs on daily basis. Surprisingly, manganese is a very essential nutrient required by body because it helps to develop collagen which protects your skin. It also keeps you away from damage of free radicals.

Put a smile on your face 

smile on the face

Surprisingly bananas come with tryptophan which is an amino acid. This is the reason that bananas are rich in vitamin B6. Therefore, the regular consumption of banana helps boost serotonin production. With the help of this hormone, you can feel very good. Of course, serotonin is good for regulating mood. With the help of this substance, one can relax their mind and body.

Banana banishes PMS pain

Surely, there are many side effects of medicines which you take to soothe your pain during menstruation. So, stop taking pills to overcome the menstrual pains. In fact, try to eat bananas instead.

Bananas help fight morning sickness 

We have already talked about the calming properties of vitamin B6 that are found in bananas. Due to the soothing effect of bananas, pregnant women eat it to combat the problem of morning sickness of early-pregnancy. After having this in morning time, one can surely feel much more energetic. So, it is not the case of pregnant ladies but anyone who takes time in coming out of his or her sleep.


Hence, bananas are very beneficial and provide one with various health benefits. Thus, consuming bananas means choosing to live a healthy lifestyle where one is strong and devoid of illnesses and infections. We hope this article was a good read and helped to enlighten one about the benefits of eating bananas everyday.

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