Health benefits of Indian gooseberry and its nutritional qualities

image showing indian gooseberry

Health benefits of Indian gooseberry and how it helps one to lose weight. It is rich in Vitamic C and A and very healthy!

Indian gooseberry, popularly known as Amla is a food item that cannot be dismissed and ignored. It contains several nutritional qualities that build to one’s health and provides one with instant energy. Our focus today is on – Health benefits of Indian Gooseberry . This little fruit contains so many properties that one starts to question the Indian gooseberry nutrition, the Indian gooseberry benefits, the Indian gooseberry uses, and most importantly the Indian gooseberry advantages!

Our mothers and fathers used to force Indian gooseberry down our throats when we were little. Very rich in Vitamin C, this small fruit is highly bitter and provides one with a taste that cannot be forgotten. Not in a good way of course, unless one has a thirst for bitter things!

What is Indian gooseberry aka amla

image showing indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is a highly nutritional fruit that grows in trees belonging to India, The Middle East, and some Southeast Asian countries. Due to some properties that this sour fruit contains, it is used as an ayurvedic medicine – especially for hair and skin! One cannot forget its taste, it surely leaves a mark. In India, it is popularly eaten with salt and chili powder. One can also eat it raw!

Indian gooseberry nutrition

As mentioned earlier, parents would force down this sour fruit on us, and made sure we chewed every last bit of it. This was mainly done due to the nutritional qualities that the Indian gooseberry aka amla contains.  This fruit is flowered with Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Apart from that it is rich in calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. They are very healthy and contain more than 80% of water, minerals, protein, carbs, and fibre!

Health benefits of Indian gooseberry

As far as the health benefits of Indian gooseberry go, there are many! Read below to be enlightened and filled with some astounding facts!

Boosts immunity

It is very good in terms of preventing one from falling sick and boosting their immunity. They are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, alkaloids and flavonoids. It contains properties that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. So, one has fever many times in a year, then you know what to do! Eat Indian gooseberry. The juice of Indian gooseberry is much needed to increase the white blood cells in the body, which help in increasing and making one’s immunity better.

Controls diabetes

controls diabetes

If you are a person who loves sweets or are diabetic, then Indian gooseberry is your new best friend! It contains chromium and is a champion at stimulating the isolated group of cells that let off insulin. Indian gooseberry is very effective in reducing blood sugar in people who have diabetes. When this blood sugar falls down, the body ends up using glucose as functional energy. This leads the metabolic rate to become stronger, and hence leads to more energy in people! Hence, this gooseberry is basically an angel that prevents people from falling sick, and by controlling the sugar intake of diabetic people.

Helps in digestion

helps in digestion

Indian gooseberry like many other fruits is very rich in fibre. This helps in improving one’s digestion and doing away with constipation. Not only that, but Indian gooseberry also helps in improving one’s metabolic rate.  One of the many health benefits of Indian gooseberry is this! Apart from this, gooseberry also adds more gastric and digestive juices, thus leading to the food being digested properly and absorbing the nutrients in the most favorable way! Indian gooseberry makes one feel healthier, more energized and lighter as a person.

Prevents heart diseases

prevents heart diseases

Indian gooseberry is also very good when it comes to strengthening the heart muscles. It contains such properties that it can help prevent one from having a heart stroke.  It is very rich in properties that only leads to an increase in circulation and more oxygen in the organs. Gooseberries are very good to improve one’s heart health. So, if you have a weak heart and you’re a heart patient – then eat and chew on those gooseberries, or even better have the juice!

Good for hair

Gooseberry is also very good for the hair. It helps in making the hair strong, maintains its color, and also makes it more luscious. In fact, amla oil is very popular in India, as it helps hair fall and prevents one from going bald!

Apart from concentrating on the health benefits of Indian gooseberry, this raw and sour fruit is also helpful in losing weight!

Detoxifies your body


Weight gain usually happens because of the accumulation of toxins in one’s body. The Indian gooseberry helps to flush out these toxins – not only making one more energetic and healthy but also preventing weight gain. It has been suggested that one should drink the gooseberry juice every morning for a good and healthy body.

It also acts as a natural rejuvenator

Indian gooseberry is very helpful in boosting energy levels in one’s body. Apart from that, it keeps the body rehydrated. This helps in keeping one’s energy levels up, and aids one when they are working out. Hence, losing weight becomes easier due to this Indian gooseberry.

Brings up the level of protein synthesis

Lastly, the Indian gooseberry is very essential in pushing the body’s rate in breaking down food. People who have a slow metabolic rate, tend to put on weight faster! In shorter words, Indian gooseberry improves the synthesis of protein by the body. When we say more broken proteins, we mean more energy. This will lead to food not being accumulated as fat.


 Hence, Indian gooseberry doesn’t only provide health benefits but also aids one in losing weight. If you find yourself obese and overweight then have Indian gooseberry – be it in raw form with salt and chili, or just drink up the juice every morning! It is full of vitamins, especially rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A – which is very much needed by the body to keep healthy and improve the immunity system. So, eat an Indian gooseberry a day and for surely keep the doctor away!

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