8 Health benefits of Guavas fruits and Leaves

Guava originated in the area extended between Mexico or Central America.  Guavas are cultivated in many tropical or subtropical countries. India is the largest producer with 41% of production, followed by China and Thailand. 

Health Benefits of Guava for various Diseases

Guavas are rich in Fibre and Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants and Potassium. The fruit contains carotenoids and Phenolic compounds.

Guava leaves contain a host of compounds. They stop carbohydrates from turning into sugar. They also have antiseptic properties and can be used to fight insulin-resistant condition like Type -2 diabetes.

Benefits of Guava & its leaf

There are so many benefits of guava, uou can’t even count. So some of those major ones are listed here.

Guava For Diabetes

Guava leaf extract is consumed as a tea. It has wonderful anti-obesity and anti diabetic properties. Both obesity and diabetics are the cause of the host of maladies; they reduce both the quantity and quality of life.  

Improves Blood Sugar Levels

One study concluded that drinking tea reduced blood sugar level. Another study came to the conclusion that drinking Guava leaf tea reduced blood sugar levels by at least 10%. It reduces blood sugar level and reduces insulin resistance. It also helps maintain sugar level in the long run.

If the tea is consumed daily at least three times a day, obesity and long term insulin dependence can be reduced. Over a period of time, it can be reduced to two cups a day. The concoction if taken early in the morning suppresses appetite. The mantra of weight loss is fewer calories in more calories out.  

It can even be mixed with green tea both for additional advantages and better taste. With reduced calorie intake and good exercise routine weight loss can be achieved.

A fruit typically contains 37 calories and around 12 % of the necessary dietary fiber intake.  It is a low-calorie snack packed with vitamins and minerals.  

Heart health with Guava

Guava is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins. They help reduce free radical damage to the heart. 

Guava leaf extract has been linked to lowering of Blood pressure. Higher BP is one of the most dangerous factors affecting heart health.  

Leaf extract is also linked to lowering of Bad LDL cholesterol and improving good HDL Cholesterol. Potassium is known to improve cardiovascular health. Exact mechanism of its working is however not known.

Eating ripe Guava before meals could reduce BP by 8 to 9 points. It also reduced Cholesterol by 9.9%.  There was an increase in the cholesterol level by 8%.

Guava is an anti cancer effect

Free radicals damage to the cells is one of the causes of cancer, we do not know the exact mechanism but what we know is that they can be combated with foods rich in antioxidants. Societies consuming food rich in antioxidants have lower instances of cancer affliction. 

It has been found out that Guava leaf extract was 4 times more effective in stopping cancer than certain other cancer drugs. 

Guava Juice Benefits

Menstruation Cramps relief

Guava leaf extract reduces pain intensity of menstrual cramps. In one study it was found that 6mg of extract reduced pain intensity. It also reduces uterine cramps.

Guava for the digestive system

Guava is an excellent source of dietary fibers. It aids in bowel movement and prevents constipation. A single fruit can contain 12% of the necessary daily intake of fibers. In case you are suffering from diarrhea, guava ingested as a fruit or salad would reduce the intensity and duration of the problem. 

May help boost immunity

Guavas are rich in Vitamin C, typically they have twice the amount as compared to oranges. Vitamin C is a known immunity booster.  Fruits like Indian Gooseberry (Amla) are an excellent source of Vitamin C and have been used as immunity boosters for ages.  

Guava has antimicrobial properties and can be used to kill virus and bacteria. They also reduce chances of infection caused by external pathogens.  The body does have an excellent defense mechanism against external pathogens, but consumption of fruits like Guava gives it an additional boost.

Guava consumed regularly has been seen to reduce the duration of cold in suffering individuals.

Good for Skin

You want that glowing nonagenarian skin, well there are the host of products both natural and man-made welcoming your attention.  You can use various creams or gels for more beautiful you. You can also consume humble guavas, they are not a rave yet in the beauty circles nor are they likely to compete with established players like Aloe –Vera, but they will still go a long way in helping your skin.

They will help prevent wrinkles and also prevent skin damage caused by UV exposure, genetics, pollution, lifestyle and use of certain medications.

Suffering from acne, those enemies of your beauty and self-esteem, you can use a host of treatments, but guava leaf extract is as good as another if applied locally. They also destroy acne causing bacteria.

Not just a Medicine, Guava is a delicious fruit

Guava is a delicious fruit; It can be consumed directly or mixed with other fruits as a salad.  If taken before meals it reduces the pangs of hunger and gives a feeling of satiety. The fruit is easier to digest compared to cook or semi-cooked counterparts.  It has additional benefits in reducing cholesterol and improving the control of blood sugar. 

How to eat Guava

It can be consumed any time, between the meals or even while exercising.   A fruit-rich diet also has spiritual and mental connotations. People who believed in the natural way of life like Mahatma Gandhi based their philosophy of life and longevity on keeping the dietary habits as simple as possible. 

In the world of fast foods and artificial sweeteners allow your palate to have a taste of natural and abundantly available fruits like Guava. 

Light food is good for your metabolism also. It is easy on the digestive system and furnishes adequate fiber. Children are often seen to pluck the fruit directly from the tree itself, giving them the double pleasure of exercise as well as food. 

We don’t want to pressurise our readers to adopt any one philosophy of life, but we do emphasize that pleasures of life can come in all sizes and shapes including the small guava, when going for big and complicated do not forget small and simple.

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