Green Coffee Health Benefits & Side Effects

What is a Green Coffee 

Green Coffee is named by other names like Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Café Marchand, Café Verde, Café Vert, Coffea arabica, Coffea arnoldiana, Coffea bukobensis.

Green Coffee beans are basically coffee seeds that come from coffea fruits. These seeds are not roasted due let the drinker have the chemical chlorogenic acid. In the process of roasting seeds, it loses the chemical chlorogenic acid. This is why green coffee has a high level of chlorogenic acid as compared to regular roasted coffee beans. Green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid and provides many health benefits. 

Green Coffee is helpful in weight loss and it was found by Dr. Oz in 2012. Dr. Oz refers that this green coffee burns fat fast and it can be done without any kind of exercise or diet control.  This was declared in 2012. 

A cup of green light coffee is not the same as the taste of roasted coffee but it is much milder. It tastes more herbal than herbal tea. 

The chemical profile of a roasted coffee is quite different from the original ones. It provides various compounds like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects and chlorogenic acids

How does it work

Green Coffee beans are yet not roasted versions of coffee beans. These coffee beans contain high amounts of chemical chlorogenic acid. This chemical provides many health benefits to the body and keeps us healthy. In case of high blood pressure, it affects blood pressure and reduces it and regulates it. 

Chlorogenic acid is helpful in weight loss , it also helps in handling the blood sugar and metabolism. 

Green Coffee is a healthy beverage which is used in various health issues. It can help in signs of aging and other blood vessels and few other conditions. There is less scientific proof for the health benefits. So you do not need to drink too much and get into side effects on any of this. 

Always stay in moderate cups of drinking it and be sure to keep it in limit. Follow the directions given on the packet and consult a physician before you are thinking to keep it a regular cup in your diet. 

The studies done with mices by feeding them with green coffee extract helps in reducing their body fat but the human study has still been less positive. 

Green Coffee for weight loss

If you are trying green coffee beans for weight loss, then you must take maximum benefits for the same. 

Select the Best Green Coffee

Find a good quality brand of green coffee for you and be sure about it’s quality. Picking an organic green coffee is free from any kind of chemical pesticides. Now you have to grind your coffee beans and steep into hot water for five minutes. 

Add Supplements

If you don’t like to drink plain coffee, then you must add a few supplements to make it taste better. Adding cinnamon, turmeric, mint leaves or ginger are helpful in adding good taste in coffee. 

Combination of turmeric and green coffee is helping flaring metabolism and reducing inflammation  plus insulin sensitivity. Add half teaspoon of turmeric root in the tea for five minutes before drinking. 

If you use cinnamon, then add cinnamon in crushed form in a cup of water for the whole night and by this make your green coffee. Cinnamon shields against inflammation that regulates blood sugar, reduces LDL and improves insulin sensitivity. 

Mint leaves can also be helpful in your coffee and is also good for fat loss. Steeping the mint leaves in your green coffee for five minutes before drinking. 

Ginger is one more option which produces a thermic effect on your body and improves insulin sensitivity to make your plain green coffee in a tastier one. Add a few crushed ginger in your tea and allow it to steep for a few minutes. 

Do Not Consume Sugary Foods

Avoid eating foods with high sugar which helps you in reducing weight. Having green coffee helps in losing overweight. Eating too much sugary food will not let you lose weight and will show you no good results. Having snacks with your tea can be some salty ones like potato chips, nuts or seeds. 

Do Not Drink Green Coffee Right After a Meal

Never drink green coffee after you finish your meals. It will cause your digestion bad and could be food poisoning. It can react with food in the wrong way, so you must keep an interval of minimum of two hours before and after a meal. 

Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Green Coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid and is a powerful antioxidant which helps in various aspects of health. Researches have shown that chlorogenic acid in green coffee is helpful in various health aspects. 

Green  Coffee can help in your metabolism but there is no scientific evidence to support this. It helps in conversion of calories and oxygen in energy. It doesn’t only imply digestion and it helps in adding more cells to your body. It helps your heart, lungs, kidney and liver.

Here we are going to provide you benefits of green coffee

Weight Loss

Green Coffee is helpful in losing weight. According to a research study published in Gastroenterology Research and Practice, it is just a placebo effect if you drink it to lose weight. 

In other research and study, it has been seen that green coffee is safe and a potential herb for losing weight. 

Five clinical trials and one meta analysis has reported that people have lost 1 kg to 8 kg in many cases and seen as an effect of drinking daily green coffee. 


Green Coffee provides chlorogenic acid and other polyphenols to the body. It is a plant based chemical and other antioxidants. It fights free radicals and reduces cell damage. It can also help in regulating blood sugar 

Chlorogenic acid delivers 5 mg per kilograms of body weight and is able to normalize the glucose levels in diabetic rats. 

The daily consumption of green coffee upto four cups helps in reducing type 2 diabetes upto thirty percent as stated by a research in Australia. 

Green coffee has a high quantity of chlorogenic acid and can even protect from increased blood sugar. 

High Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of green coffee can help in lowering blood pressure. A study in japan has shown that green coffee about 140 mg per day for 12 weeks can reduce systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 3 mmHg in mildly hypertensive adults.

Green coffee helps in high blood pressure and is also beneficial in  caffeine sensitivity. Green Coffee can benefit from other symptoms. This study shows that it can help in reducing body weight and maintain your appetite. 

Alzheimer’s Disease

Green coffee is helpful in reducing brain diseases. It can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which are cognitive and neuropsychiatric.

Chlorogenic acid has a weak stimulatory effect and is potent as caffeine. It is not the same dope as caffeine. It can improve mood and reduces jitteriness or irritability.

Green Coffee improves brain function and mood of a person. Nutritional Neuroscience made a study and described that antioxidative properties of green coffee helps in normal brain metabolism when experimented on mice. It declines the symptoms of various risks with Alzheimer.

Green Coffee can alleviate the oxidative stress on the brain and is helpful in protecting neuro functions as reviewed in a study of 2017.  It can also help in reducing neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer can be benefitted by drinking this coffee. The polyphenols in coffee can protect in the formation of color tumors. It is seen that green coffee is fourteen percent of chlorogenic acid which is actually helpful. 

Coffee is helpful in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer by promoting the mutation in the body. It causes breakdown of cellular DNA. The carcinogenic compounds in green coffee are created during the roasting of the beans , which is still not clear. 

This is a very unclear point that colorectal cancer patients should drink coffee or not. It is safe to drink minimal amount of coffee during the phase of disease

Possible Side Effects

Green Coffee and its extracts are safe to consume for adults. There could few side effects of green coffee in the long term of consumption. 

Green coffee can show few side effects due to the caffeine sensitivity. These are

  1. Insomnia8
  2. Nervousness
  3. Irritability
  4. Stomach upset8
  5. Nausea
  6. Increased heart rate
  7. Headache
  8. Ringing in the ears 

Too much consumption of green coffee for a long time could increase the risk of homocysteinemia. Too much amino acid can link to heart disease or miscarriage. 

Drinking Green Coffee after a  meal could reduce the absorption of minerals like iron, calcium and folic acid. It can also reduce hemoglobin in your blood. Do not drink too much coffee in a day or it can hurt your fitness. 

Too much caffeine in your green coffee is not good for health. It can cause anxiety, diabetes, IBS (Irritable Bowel System), High BP and osteoporosis.

Green Coffee vs Roasted Coffee 

Roasted coffee beans vs unroasted coffee beans

The difference between coffee beans and unroasted beans is the difference in taste when you consume it. Roasted coffee beans are of two types i.e. Arabica & Robusta. 

Arabica is consumed by most people in the world. The two types in coffee beans have their own qualities. Robusta is more expensive coffee beans. Roasted coffee is more recommended for better health by medical professionals. 

Roasted coffee helps in stress and prevents risks of cancer. It can also help in memory retention and other forms of cancer like liver cancer. It can provide few other benefits if consuming roasted coffee beans. 

Unroasted coffee beans

Most people drink green coffee beans as a beverage on a regular basis. Unroasted coffee has been observed with so many health benefits than the roasted coffee. Green coffee beans are helpful in reducing weight. It can also be consumed as a tablet. It is extracted in the form of nutritional extracts with antioxidants. 

People who drink green coffee now understand that this variation helps in better health. The roasted category is also divided in two categories i.e. light roast and dark roast. 

Light roast Vs dark roast

The factors which influence the coffee beans color to dark and light. The coffee beans before roasting appear in green color which is the same as leaves and grass. The original flavor of green coffee is nothing. 

Roasting converts the green coffee beans to a very nice flavor and makes it a popular beverage in the world. It provides the coffee beans into brown and provides taste and flavor to the coffee. The roasting time is very much dependent on light and darkness to coffee beans. Dark roasted beans are oilier than light and medium roasted ones. 

Green Tea vs Green Coffee for weight loss

Green coffee is a new healthy beverage in the world. There are so many websites which tells that green coffee is so beneficial for losing body’s weight. A cup of green coffee has so many healthy cups in it. 

  1. Losing body’s weight on upto 10 percent
  2. Increase muscle mass as compared upto eight percent 
  3. Reduction in BMI upto 8 percent 

Green coffee is very useful in slimming the body and losing weight. There are so many ways people drink green tea to make it regular. This helps in better weight management. 

What is green coffee

Traditional green coffee is the non roasted version of coffee. It is a natural light brown, gray or red brown. The color changes in the burning process. Green coffee beans are not roasted and more nutritional than other ones. It contains many polyphenols and terpenes than the roasted coffee

Green Coffee is not much new and it contains nonroasted coffee beans. It is actually based on gray-green in color. The original idea to make such coffee is to retain all the nutrients in the beverage. 

Green coffee with regard to slimming & weight reduction

Green coffee is more healthy than a black coffee, it helps in weight loss. Green coffee helps in speeding metabolism, still no scientific evidence left. No phenols and terpenes are helpful in reducing weight. It is also known as slimming coffee. 

Green Coffee helps in reducing fat and helps you lose weight. This slimming coffee has been made by the green beans of coffee, which means the non roasted version. Green coffee are sometimes sold with roasted coffee beans and few other ingredients are mixed with it. The ingredients added in coffee are herbs, caffeine, lingzhi, ginseng, cassia seed, guarana, green tea extract, ECGC, Svetol and chromium.

Popular brands of green coffee

Neuherbs Organic Green Coffee Beans

Neuherbs Organic Green Coffee Beans

It is the best selling green coffee in the market. It is carefully curated in the organic cultivated farms to produce the best quality coffee in the world. It is the healthiest of all. It keeps your blood pressure low , blood sugar levels and weight. 

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans

It is an unroasted organic coffee bean which is cultivated in farms and is prepared in a natural treatment to preserve the essential ingredients. It is commercially obtained with arabica coffee beans which is a well known coffee type. 

GreenBrrew Instant Natural Green Coffee

This a light and smooth coffee brand. It is available in many variants. It is an instant coffee with lemon flavor to taste. It has anti aging and antioxidants properties which glows your skin and face. It is good for both i.e. men and women. It contains natural flavor and has benefits to your health. 

Nutriwish Green Coffee Beans

Nutriwish Green Coffee Beans

This brand cultivates their coffee in Araku valley. It is obtained from the Arabica beans. It is rich in antioxidants that helps in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. It is used as a super food that reduces body weight without any side effects and makes you look young and glowing. 

Nutrabuff Nizebrew Instant Green Coffee Powder

Nutrabuff Nizebrew Instant Green Coffee Powder

This coffee is an instant green coffee which is a healthy breakfast drink and is often taken with breakfast meals. It is rich in probiotics and antioxidants. It helps in balancing cholesterol, sugar levels and the risks of cancer. It promotes smooth and glowing skin. Nizebrew coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid that helps in reducing obesity and improves lipid metabolism. 

Final Words 

Green Coffee is an excellent choice to drink when you want to enjoy the taste and keep yourself healthy. So here are so many ways to keep you convinced of having a cup of green coffee in the morning. Pour a spoon of powder in your pan and boil water, add sweetener in the pan and serve hot. Having it daily will show the health benefits in a few days. 

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