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Has it ever occurred that you’re talking to someone and cannot avoid the fact that your eyes are stinging suddenly? There is a need to itch them continuously and they are just going on watering? Well, this is a common scenario and many people face this problem. The main focus of this article is on eyes stinging and watering randomly.

Before we delve further and unearth more information regarding eyes stinging and watering randomly, let us throw some light on

what causes eyes stinging and watering

One of the reasons that your eyes are stinging is because of allergies, there are some irritants too like tobacco smoke, chlorinated water found in swimming pools, and the air around indoor pools. Foreign objects also play a vital role. These include sand, dirt, sawdust.

Wearing contact lenses for a very long time can also lead to eyes stinging and watering randomly. In fact, one should not wear contact lenses when their eyes are itchy and irritating.

How to relieve eyes stinging and home remedies to cure them

Apply cold compress

cold compress

This is a very good remedy for eyes stinging and watering randomly. A cold compress can help reduce the itching and the swelling. One should do this by splashing some cold water on to the eyes. Put some ice in a towel, and apply it directly on the eye. The cold compress should be placed on your eyes for some time – mainly before the itching goes away!


This can be regarded as a very soothing remedy for irritated eyes. Add a chamomile tea bag to boiled water. After this let the tea cool down, once that is done – one can pour the tea onto a pad of cotton and apply it on the eyes.



There is just no surprise when people mention cucumber as a remedy for irritating eyes. This is also because they contain antioxidants and applying these on the eyes will leave them to be cool and refreshed. One can leave it on for just 10 minutes if needed. The effect will be seen naturally and instantly!

Stay hydrated

There are times when the eye feels itchy and there is a feeling that something is there in the eye. In such a case, one is basically facing a red eye and one should drink a lot of water to do away with it. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water throughout the day!

Use chilled spoons

chilled spoons

Using chilled metal spoons is very good for eyes stinging and watering randomly. These majorly help in reducing the swelling and redness. Place metal spoons in a cold water glass and once the spoons are cool enough – apply it on the eyes. One should keep doing this till the swelling fades away

Witch Hazel

This is basically an astringent that get help sooth irritating eyes. This is especially good and effective if it contains aloe vera. Thus, one should pour some of this astringent on a pad, and leave it on the irritating eyes for a little while. One will instantly notice the difference!

Apply aloe vera

aloe vera

One can also use aloe vera gel as a remedy for itching eyes. In fact, many people freeze the aloe vera in cubes and then apply it on the eyes. This helps to reduce the itchiness and the swelling. Hence, a brilliant remedy for eyes stinging and watering randomly

Castor oil

This works wonders as it helps to improve lipid production and inhibits tear evaporation. When one puts some castor oil drops, then the itchiness and redness go away instantly. However, the method one uses to put the drops may be a little risky. Apart from that, one should put these drops before they go to bed. These drops will make your vision a little blurry, and this will happen only till the drops are absorbed by the eye.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This can help eyes stinging and watering randomly in two ways. The very first way is by the vinegar acting as an astringent; secondly, this is very high in malic acid and contains antibacterial properties. This is very good to fight infections. Thus, put some of this cider in a bowel, and dip a cloth in it. Use the dipped cloth on the eyes.


Not many people have heard of potatoes but it is a very good remedy for eyes stinging and watering randomly.  They basically help to reduce inflammation and swelling. In order to show its effect one can just place some potato slices on the eyes, and feel the cooling effect.


rose water

This is beneficial for reducing swelling and inflammation. Dip a cotton pad in rose water and place it on the eyes. When one does this – this will lead to the immediate soothing of the eyes and will reduce the burning sensation.

Cold bread

This may come as a surprise but cold bread is very good for the eyes. It helps in reducing the irritation, itchiness and the inflammation. Thus, one should keep some bread in the fridge, let it cool down, and after that has been done – place it on your eyes! This is a very simple remedy which is actually very effective.

Food that helps curing stinging eyes

There are certain foods that help to cure eyes that are itchy and keep watering randomly. One’s diet plays an important role in the health of the eyes. These basically include omega 3 fatty acids in one’s diet. This form of diet will help in reducing inflammation and the swelling from the eyes. Some good sources of omega 3 fatty acids include fish, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts!


Thus, above have been laid down home remedies for eyes stinging and watering randomly. The above methods are easy to find and are pretty much available everywhere and anywhere. However, eye irritations can sometimes be very serious, and if the above remedies don’t apply – then go see your eye doctor and take his advice.

We hope this article has been worthwhile in transmitting news regarding eye itchiness and irritation.

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