Eating Dates : Health Benefits, Side Effects & Commonly Asked Questions

Health Benefits, Side Effects & Commonly Asked Questions about eating dates. Read how dates can helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

Dates are good to eat and are a healthy food. In this post, we are going to provide you information on how eating dates can be helpful for your health. 

Here we are going to enlist the health benefits of dates. Dates are a healthy fruit that provides energy and improves digestion. 

The powerful health benefits of dates include providing an energy boost, increasing iron in the body, and aiding digestion. Rich in various nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, dates are popular throughout the world. These dried fruits are beneficial in treating various conditions due to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor properties.

What are Dates

Dates are grown on trees in desert areas. It is a sweet and soft fruit that is a staple food in Middle East countries for years. 

Muslim people consider it pious and are used in Ramadan fast. Dates are a very healthy food to eat during the fast and without fasting too. 

Dates are rich in nutrients, fiber. It is helpful in inflammation and tumors. Let’s talk about the nutrition that a date can contribute to your diet. 

Nutrition in Dates 

Dates provide energy, sugar, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Minerals in Dates 

The minerals found in dates are calcium, iron , phosphorus, sodium and potassium, zinc, magnesium and sulphur. 

Vitamins in Dates 

Dates are rich in important Vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

Nutrition in Dates per 100 g

Vitamin C 0
Vitamin B6 0.25
Folate 15
Vitamin K2.7
Water 21.32
Energy 277
Protein 1.81
Fats 0.15
Carbs 75
Iron 1.0

Dates are eaten in multiple ways. It is eaten directly and as a sweetener in smoothies, juice and bakery products like cakes & pastries. Other variations are made with combinations with peanut butter, almond-version cakes.  

Benefits of Eating Dates on Daily Basis

Dates are rich in so many nutrients and minerals that it can be used as food for a long time. Eating it helps your hair growth, skin and overall health. 

Improves Digestion 

The high amount of fiber present in dates reduces constipation, gastric and bloating in the stomach and increases the absorption level of the body. If you eat them after soaking them overnight, then it will give you more benefits than usual one. 

Hair Growth 

Most of us who are suffering from hair loss or split ends are due to the deficiency of Vitamin B5. Eating two dates in the morning helps in reducing split ends and promotes shiny  and long hair. 

Dates helps you stay young for Old Age

Dates are filled with antioxidants that help fighting from free radicals found in the body. Free radicals consume the melanin from the skin and leaves wrinkles in the face. Dates release anti-oxidants in the body to fight with free radicals.

It also helps in fighting with various skin diseases which are caused by Vitamin A deficiency. 

Dates Prevents Anaemia 

Dates are rich in iron and it helps in fighting with people with anaemia. It is prescribed for pregnant women to eat dates regularly. Pregnant women who have iron deficiency can affect the fetus too. Dates helps in reducing the risk of iron deficiency in mother and the fetus.

Dates are Good source of Energy 

Dates are rich in energy creating nutrients. Instant energy is being produced by date as they provide high sugar content like fructose, glucose and sucrose. 

It is taken as afternoon snacks for instant energy in the body to maintain the energy levels. If you are doing some exercise, then you can eat some before the exercise as well as after it.  Dates provide enough energy in the body to do hard work like exercise or similar to it. 

Muslim people who do fasting for a month eat some dates during the break. Dates also help to avoid overeating after the month of fasting is gone. 

Healthy Weight Gain 

If you are a thin guy who looks weak and wants to gain some weight to look healthy and strong. Dates can be a very good option for the lean body to gain some weight. Dates help in gaining muscles and put some healthy fats on the body. 

The best way to gain weight from dates is to eat 3-4 dates daily with a cucumber to gain some weight and build some strength. 

Cure for Night Blindness 

Dates are rich in Vitamin A and this nutrient is very helpful to make a healthy eye. Deficiency of Vitamin can cause bad eyesight and night blindness. 

There are two ways to cure night blindness with dates. First is to run green leaves paste on your eyes and second is to eat them raw. 

Brain Health

Date fruits provide dietary fiber and natural antioxidants that fight through the oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. The nutrients in Dates like polyphenolic acid helps in reducing the risks of dementia & Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Maintains Healthy Nervous System

Dates provide vitamins and minerals that help in your nervous system. It maintains the blood pressure and helps the heart to function better. Dates are full of Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in reducing bleeding & pulmonary haemorrhage.

Help Treat Chronic Diarrhea

A food that is rich in potassium helps in replete the electrolytes which were lost in chronic diarrhea. The fiber in dates also helps in better digestion and reduces the unpredictable symptoms of chronic diarrhea.

Side Effects Of Dates

Although the benefits of eating dates are high, still some side effects must be kept in mind for the same.

Increases Blood Sugar Level

A diabetic must eat dates in limited quantities so that their blood sugar stays normal and they live a healthy long life for them.  

Might cause Tooth Decay

Dates provide a good amount of fluorine that provides strength to teeth and bones. But the sugar and carbs content in the dates can decay the teeth and rise to cavities.  

Potassium in High Quantity 

Potassium in dates helps in various ways. Some of them are 

  1. Lowers Blood sugar 
  2. Keeps heart healthy,
  3. Increase metabolic levels. 

If dates are taken in more quantities , then high potassium can cause you extreme fatigueness, nausea and vomiting. 

Obstruct Intestines

Some people are allergic to green dates. In this case dates create an obstruction in the intestines. So it is advised to eat only ripe dates and always avoid over eating them.  

Commonly Asked Questions about Eating Dates

How are eating dates beneficial for health ?

Dates are rich in minerals and nutrients that help in a healthy heart, bones , treat constipation and maintain a healthy nervous system. Many other benefits are enlisted above for the reader.  

Can dates show any bad effect on health ?

Dates are good for health in all ways but the only thing is to eat them in limit otherwise small problems could occur. 

What are dates before they are dried?

Dates are always dates either in fresh or dried form. So you just need to choose which one you want to eat. Fresh have little moisture and dried don’t.  

How many dates can a diabetic eat in a day?

A person who is a diabetic can eat 2-3 dates daily to stay in healthy form. Dates are sweet and have a rich source of carbs and energy. Also do some exercise to digest them well in your body. 

Can you eat too many dates?

Eating too much of any fruit may cause imbalance in the body. In case of dates , eating too much will increase blood sugar and loose motions. 

Do dates make you put on weight?

Yes eating more than recommended for a healthy person can increase the weight abruptly.  

Are Dates fattening?

Yes, eating more can fatten you. 

Can Dates rotten up?

Dates can rot. If dates are producing bad smell or discolored appearance , then it is a rotten piece

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