Eat Sesame seeds and Oil Eating Process and intake during third-trimester pregnancy

sesame seeds

Women undergo many difficulties in life, be it starting from their periods, to waxing to giving birth to another being. Giving birth as we all know is not an easy process, and hence the main motive of this article is to eat sesame seeds during pregnancy. Women need to be healthy and taken care of when pregnant, and what good way of doing so by eating sesame seeds!

 How to eat sesame seeds

 There are 10 ways to eat sesame seeds. These being:

sesame seeds

One way is to incorporate into tahini. This is the main ingredient of hummus. This is made from roasted sesame seeds and vegetable oil. One can also make a salad dressing out of tahini

Sesame seeds can also be pinched upon salads, they are delicious and one will savour the taste in the mouth

One can also add raw sesame seeds to any side dish. This will help to add a certain crunch and flavor.

It has been suggested that sesame seeds can also be added to any side dish. This adds a crunch and flavor to it.

 One can also make sesame milk

Sesame seeds during third-trimester pregnancy

Sesame seeds come with various benefits for women in their third-trimester pregnancy. These benefits include:

When a pregnant woman eats sesame seeds she gets packed with several nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamins – all these are very good for the foetus

Sesame seeds also contain large amounts of protein and amino acids which is very essential for the foetus

Sesame seeds also help in proper digestion as it contains fibre. We all know that constipation is a very common problem in pregnant women, and hence having these seeds is good for pregnancy

sesame seeds

These seeds also contain Vitamin C which helps to boost their immune system and keeps all forms of infections and bacteria away

Apart from that sesame seeds also contain calcium which is helpful in looking after the dental health of the child within.

Eating these seeds are said to reduce the stress level and help to maintain a good mental level.

Apart from just being good for pregnant women, there are also sesame seed oil benefits:

Hair care

Sesame seed oil has many benefits and one of them being to promote hair growth and health. This oil will make your hair strong and shiny and will promote growth. Thus, apart from the above benefits to eat sesame seeds is very useful


There has been research and study that shows adding sesame seed oil can help with the plasma glucose levels in people with hypertensive diabetics.  Hence, people with diabetes should add sesame seed oil to their diet

Skin care

Sesame seed oil is very good for the skin. It makes the skin look younger and helps to improve elasticity and growth. Thus this particular oil should be applied to the face every day.

Protects heart health

Sesame oil is very good for heart health as it contains fatty acid content. Thus, if one suffers from a weak heart and has heart problems then they should include sesame seed oil into their diet.

Improves bone quality

Sesame seed oil also contains copper and calcium which are good for bone health. Thus, by adding sesame oil to the diet one can help in bone development.  If one suffers from a joint break or a bone break then having  these seeds will hasten the healing process

Oral health and sesame oil for oil pulling

Sesame oil seeds are very good for dental health, mainly because of a process called oil pulling. Using sesame oil in this process leads to whiter teeth, lower bacteria in the mouth. Hence, if one wants to get rid of any infections and plaque in the mouth then put the oil in the mouth, rinse with it, and then spit it out

Boosts metabolism

metabolic rate

Eating sesame seeds also boosts the metabolic rate, and makes one shed the very much extra weight in the body. Hence, eating sesame seeds is very crucial for people aiming to lose weight! Thus, if one is obese and needs to lose weight due to several health problems associated with it then one should definitely indulge in sesame seed oil


Apart from the above one can use sesame oil in various ways such as it can be used in cooking, can be used to give people a massage and relax them, it can also be used as an alternative to cosmetic products. However, one should take caution to not eat these seeds when taking certain medications, as these seeds may not suit the body along with the particular medication.

Sesame oil for pregnancy stretch marks

We all know that pregnant though happy about giving birth to their child, also face certain things in their body and bodily changes which they are not very happy about. One of them being the major stretch marks that start to occur. In order to get rid of them,  sesame oil can be used.

sesame oil

One should know that sesame oil alone can help deal with the stretch marks. This is mainly because it contains lot of antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin E as well. Even though the results are good one should be made clear to that the smell of this oil is very strong and gets on to one’s nerves. Thus, there are ways to make to smell fade away. For that, one will need some sesame oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil.

A mixture of these together will smell of sesame oil for just a matter of seconds after applying. However, as soon as one applies it, the smell of the sesame oil will fade away. Not only that the stretch marks will go away as well!


sesame seeds

Hence, when one would eat sesame seeds, and use the oil they will face many benefits This is not only women in their third-trimester pregnancy, but for other beings as well. Thus, one should definitely make these seeds a part of their everyday diet as they will do nothing else but help one to be healthy and away from all types of infections and diseases!

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