Heal a dislocated shoulder treatment Faster at Home and naturally

dislocated shoulder

In today’s age and day grown up’s as well children are prone to injuries, be it mild or serious. People are very much into sports today, and there is no denying that being a sportsperson comes along with several injuries and health issues. Our main focus today is on how to overcome a dislocated shoulder and a dislocated shoulder treatment. Before we delve and unearth more information, let us provide detailed information about this injury

What is shoulder dislocation?

In a common man’s language, a shoulder dislocation is an injury in which the upper arm bone pops out of the cup-shaped socket that’s part of one’s shoulder blade. Most of us are aware that the shoulder is the most mobile joint and thus it is very much prone to dislocation.

dislocated shoulder

In this article, we are going to lay focus on dislocated shoulder treatment and how to deal with one at home.

Dislocated shoulder symptoms in toddlers

There are many signs and ways through which a parent can determine that their child has a dislocated shoulder. Some of these signs being – swelling, bruising, certain pain and deformity in the area, a child having difficulty moving his arm, he/she may also face numbness or tingling down his arm or neck.

Hence, as a parent, if you find that your toddler is under the umbrella of any of the above symptoms then it is necessary to read the article and understand dislocated shoulder treatment.

Dislocated shoulder symptoms in adults

dislocated shoulder

Even adults can face dislocated shoulders, and the symptoms are usually general. These include severe shoulder pain when an adult faces swelling of the shoulder or upper arm, A certain numbness in the arm If one has trouble moving their arms, and one major symptom being when one’s arm seems to be out of place

Shoulder dislocation types

Before we unearth dislocated shoulder treatment let us figure the different types of dislocation. There are three major types

  • Anterior dislocation – This is the most common type of dislocation. In fact, 95% of the people face such a dislocation. In younger people, it happens due to sports-related injuries, while in older people, it mainly occurs by a fall on an outstretched arm.
  • Posterior dislocation – This type of dislocation basically accounts for 2 to 4 percent of all the shoulder locations. These are usually related to seizures and electric shock.
  • Inferior dislocation – This is the rarest type of dislocation. It this occurs only in one out of 200 cases. This mainly happens due to traumas in which the arm is pushed violently downwards.

How to heal a dislocated shoulder faster and at home

Make the patient lie down

make him lie down

The very first thing to do for dislocated shoulder treatment is to make the person lie down. This will ensure that the muscles around the shoulder joint to relax. The patient should be laid down into a as much comfortable position as they can!

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Take some deep breaths and relax

The person who is injured should be made to relax. Thus, apart from just relaxing one should take deep breaths. Thus, if the patient is crying due to the pain, they should be made to lie down and relax as much as they can.

Reach the dislocated arm out to the side

In order to start healing and provide dislocated shoulder treatment one needs to reach out to the injured arm. Make it go to the side and over the head. Make sure that the elbow is moved away from one’s side. One should make sure that this is a slow process and if pain occurs then the stretch should be slowed down.

Rotate your hand behind your head

A good dislocated shoulder treatment is to follow this certain exercise. One should rotate their hand behind their head. This movement should be seen as how one scratches the back of their neck. This exercise should be done slowly and with a tinge of relaxness.

Reach for your opposite shoulder


Once the injured person has been able to get their hand behind their head then they are required to reach out for their opposite shoulder.  As one is trying to do this, the shoulder may automatically pop back into its original place. Once the ball is back on the required place – the ache will be way more painless!

Seek help when possible

If one does face a shoulder location then it is very important to seek help. Although we have laid down several dislocated shoulder treatment at home, one may also be advised to consult their doctor if the injury is severe!

Apply cold and then heat

dislocated shoulder

A combination of cold and hot is a very good way to treat this dislocation. This is a very fast way to heal the injury. While applying a cold compress, one is relieved from the pain and one will find a lesser need to take medication.  Not only cold but a combination of a hot pad also works wonders!

Some fun tips while fixing a dislocation

  1. The technique should be slow and tender
  2. One can take help and assistance from another person/helper
  3. If the injured forgets the movement, then they should think of how a baseball pitcher throws a ball
  4. Apart from dislocated shoulder treatment at home, one should also consult their doctor if the injury is very severe


dislocated shoulder

Thus, above have been laid down various dislocated shoulder treatment that can be approached at home. There is no harm in going to the doctor in case you feel that the home remedies are not working out. There are certain things one should not do when trying to recover from a dislocated shoulder. These being – do not return to the usual activity too soon,  do not forget to do physical therapy, let the body heal itself naturally.

Hence, one should keep in mind the above things and make sure that a dislocation can be quite worrisome, and should definitely not be taken lightly. This can be a serious condition and should be paid attention to!

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