How Diatomaceous Earth can help you live a long, healthy and Pro-Active Lifestyle

Diatomaceous Earth is a form of sand which is made of fossil algae. It is extracted by mining and has multiple uses in industries. Now it has been discovered that it is a safe and edible item to eat plus it has multiple health benefits.  This article is written to discuss the various uses of Diatomaceous Earth. 

What is a Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally found sand that is extracted from the mining process. It is a fossil form of old algae skeletons i.e. known as diatoms.  

It was discovered that life is not possible without silica. A Life Sciences doctor has stated that “ Silica is an important element in life’s existence. It has many functions like mineral absorption.   

The human body holds about 7g of silica. Silica is helpful in absorbing more iron and calcium in the body for better bone health. If a body is deficient in silica, ii will soon be deficient in calcium too. 

Diatomaceous earth is a good silica & calcium supplement for the body in the most natural way. 

Types of Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is mainly of two types

  1. Food Grade 
  2. Filter Grade 

Food grade is used for consumption & filter grade has other industrial uses. The Diatomaceous earth is mainly comprised of diatoms i.e. made up of a chemical compound called silica.  

Silica is found in nature as a compound in sand and rock with plants & humans. Basically it has a concentrated source of silica which makes it useful in many ways.  

Calculations show that Diatomaceous earth is based on 80-90% of silica and small traces of iron oxide is also found in it.  

A little introduction is enough to start about its uses and other benefits in real life. Diatomaceous earth is found in two forms. Basically the classification is done on the basis of the silica percentage in it. Silica is found in either crystalline and amorphous (non-crystalline) form. 

The properties of silica have many industrial uses. 

Food-Grade Diatomaceous earth

This type is used as an insecticide and anti-caking agent in the agricultural and food industries. It consists of 0.5 to 2% of crystalline silica and is approved by the USDA, FDA & EPA.  

Filter Grade Diatomaceous earth

This form is made of 60% silica and is toxic in consumption. But on the other hand, it is used in industries i.e. dynamite production and water filtration.

Most Common Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Acts as an Insecticide 

Diatomaceous Earth of food grade is used in busting insects. As it has a good amount of silica in it, it can remove the waxy coating of insect skeleton. This avoids insects to retain water in the body and soon dies of dehydration. 

A theory has been proposed that adding diatomaceous earth to domestic animals helps in cleaning internal worms and parasites in mammals. There is still no proof of it, so do not practice it.  

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth has been popular for several years and has shown many benefits in the health of eaters. The most commonly found health benefits are given. 

  1. Helps in growing healthy skin and strong nails 
  2. Helps in better hair growth
  3. Strengthen the bones
  4. Regulates the cholesterol levels and heart health
  5. Helps in better digestion
  6. Clean the digestive system. 

 The above mentioned health benefits and proven. There are some other benefits but are not proven so those were not included. 

Helps in better Health Growth and Stronger Nails 

Food grade diatomaceous earth is good for hair growth and nails. Silica is the main mineral in diatomaceous earth that helps in the growth of hairs and nails. It also helps in reducing the risk of fungal infections. It provides shine on hairs and nails. Diatomaceous earth is a good source of natural silica.  

Promotes Strong Bones, Teeth 

Silica present in diatomaceous earth helps to nourish your teeth, bones, and joints. It is also an important element in the growth of bone mass & connective tissue.  

Diatomaceous earth helps in increasing bone density.  A low dense bone can be resulting in osteoporosis.  

A small percent of diatomaceous earth in your diet will help in stronger and dense bones & connective tissue.  


This diatomaceous earth is useful in fighting against various parasites inside our bodies. Some parasites stay in our intestines and harms in many ways.  

Many domestic animals are also given some Diatomaceous earth in their diet to flush out the sites in our body. Many humans are also getting benefits from it now using the same.  

Reduces the Risk of Health diseases

Heart arteries are sometimes clogged by the high cholesterol levels in the body. Eating diatomaceous earth provides silica in the body to keep arteries clean. This ultimately helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Clogged arteries can cause strokes and heart attacks.  

A common disease i.e. Arteriosclerosis where arteries get harder and cause the blood to flow slowly. This will slowly develop in high BP. Silica present in diatomaceous earth will regulate the veins and arteries to function properly by forming more elastin & collagen in the body

Controls Diabetes 

Diatomaceous earth is rich in minerals that help us in strengthening the immune system. The food-grade diatomaceous earth is so helpful that the magnesium and manganese found in it helps in controlling diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is associated with extracellular & intracellular magnesium deficiency. The diatomaceous earth is used as a magnesium supplement to the people. It helps in reducing the risks and in some cases cures it.  

Helps Urinary Infections

Diatomaceous earth helps in reducing kidney stones and cures the infections created by the urinary system. The magnesium found in diatomaceous earth helps in increasing the excretion of urine and acts as a natural diuretic. 

Magnesium supplements like diatomaceous earth can help in decreasing the severity and recurrence of urinary tract infections.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Diatomaceous earth is helpful in circulation systems as the silica and manganese helps in improving the heart and blood pressure. Some human trials in many experiments have proved that eating diatomaceous earth for 2-3 times a days helps in regulating the cholesterol levels in the body. 

Muscle weakness and Fatigue 

Diatomaceous earth has multiple minerals in it i.e. phosphorus and calcium that reduces the physical problems like muscle weakness, fatigue, and numbness. 

Diatomaceous earth has approachable effects on libido levels and helps in increasing testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. 

During  heavy workouts can cause numbness in our muscles if proper diet is not present. Diatomaceous earth provides phosphate to the body which helps in producing more ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a high energy producing compound.  

Side effects of Diatomaceous Earth

Not many side effects have been proved about eating diatomaceous earth. It is completely safe if you are eating the food grade type. 

  1. It is seen that inhaling it can cause several lung problems in you. People who have some respiratory problems already are advised to stay away from it. 
  2. A person with asthma & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should not consume diatomaceous earth. 
  3. Diatomaceous earth is abrasive, which means it can cause irritation and wounds on skin. 
  4. If you are a pregnant woman , then it won’t be a safe option to eat this during the period of pregnancy

Commonly Asked Questions about Diatomaceous Earth 

Is there any expiry date for diatomaceous earth ?

As diatomaceous earth is a natural source of minerals found  under the earth’s surface after multiple years. No expiry date is there , just store it in a dry place. 

Is storing diatomaceous  earth in Fridge OK?

No, there is no need to store it in the fridge. This may feel like an uncovered leftover when tasted. 

What type of container is best to store diatomaceous earth

A plastic container that is airtight is good to store it for longer use. 

Is diatomaceous Earth Safe ?

Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe to eat. If you do not have any lung problems, then it is totally safe. If you are a lung patient, then you must avoid it for longer periods and wear a dust mask. 

What are the proof of its health Benefits

European Journal of Medical Research has shown proof that eating recommended quantities of diatomaceous earth can help in health issues such as lowering cholesterol. Testimonials of people have also proved the effectiveness properly. 

What is the pH value of diatomaceous earth? 

The pH level of DE is between 7.5 to 9.0 , which varies upon the the two ranges.  

Final Words

Diatomaceous earth has many medicinal uses for human health. So if you are thinking of taking some to improve your health, then first know about it. Only use the food grade diatomaceous earth for you. Also take a suggestion from the doctor nearby to you to avoid any side effects.    

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