What are the effective corn removal home remedies and their results


Corn removal home remedies. Some being wearing the right size shoe, and using corn pads along with keeping one’s feet clean

People today fall victim to several diseases and infection, also wounds that leave a scar and look highly ugly. Being a withholder of corns is very common. Corns evidently are not the best sight canto see and can occur on any part of the body – be it hands, feet, and prominently toes. We are going to highlight and emphasize on an aspect dealing with – corn removal home remedies!

Many questions are raised such as how to undergo deep corn removal, how to get rid of hard skin on feet quick, corn treatments, and best cream to soften calluses

image showing corns

What are corns

Corns are considered to be very hard layers of skin. Many people question and wonder as to why they happen, to which we shall answer – Corns generally happen when one’s skin is trying to protect it from friction or any form of pressure.

Symptoms of corns

One having dry skin, rough skin, a pain under the skin and a hard raised bump are said to be victims and preys of corns!


The main causes behind corns are when a person wears ill-fitting shoes. If the shoes are tight and don’t provide much air to the feet, then corns can occur

Apart from that if one wears shoes without socks, then it is very likely that they’d get corns!

Corns can occur on the hands due to playing some form of instrument regularly

We are now going to lay down some corn removal home remedies

Get shoes that fit

If one wants to avoid corns and is looking for corn removal home remedies then pick a shoe that fits. While buying new shoes, make sure the size you chose is correct. The shoe should not be too loose or too tight

Trim your toenails

image showing trimming toenails

One is also suggested that one should cut their toenails. Long nails can lead the toe to push up against the shoe, thus causing discomfort and corns!

Keep your feet clean

One should clean their feet properly and apply cream every day. If one doesn’t look after their feet – corns will develop slowly and be very painful

Soak feet

One of the best and suggested corn removal home remedies is to dip your foot in hot water. One should dip it for some time, and as soon as they take out their feet from the water – results will show!

Use a pumice stone

pumice stone

Considered as one of the very good home remedies, pumice stone does wonders! It is a hard rock that is used to do away with dry skin. However, one should not use it directly, but dip it in hot water and then rub it onto the skin. This is very good to prevent coins, and removing dry skin.

One needs to keep in mind  to not be too harsh with the rock, that can cause bleeding and infection

Apply castor oil

This remedy works wonders, mainly because the oil helps in softening the corn, and hence the corn goes away on its own. This is a very quick method to do away with corns and has instant results

Salicylic acid

This is a very good remedy. In terms of how to apply it – first soak in water in hot water for a couple, then rub a pumice stone over the corn. After doing that apply salicylic acid over the corn and leave it for a couple of minutes

This provides one with instant results since this acid dissolves the corn by helping the increase the amount of pressure in that particular area!

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is also very good for the corns. Many question as to how to go about it – the very first thing to do is place your feet in warm water. After a good amount of time, apply cider on the infected area. One will find instant results!

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This is regarded as such a good remedy because it sheds the dead cells and is antibacterial in nature – hence keeping a check on any form of infections or bacteria around the corns

Apply baking soda

An instant corn removal home remedies is baking soda. One is required to mix this soda with water and apply this on the infected area. Baking soda contains antiseptic properties which come very much in use to keep infections away!



Not many will be surprised when the word garlic is mentioned, as it comes to use for so many other remedies as well.  Garlic should ideally be used at nights and is considered one of the fastest ways to get rid of corns. Thus, this is considered one of the best corn removal home remedies!



This is a fruit with many healing properties. What one should ideally do is cut a piece of papaya and apply it on the infected area, once you’ve done that make sure that you leave it overnight

Papaya is considered good because it contains enzyme papain which helps to cast off the skin. Hence, making it so useful in removing corns!



This is another home remedy that is very popular and is used for many ailments. What one should do is make a thick paste of turmeric, add a pinch of honey and apply it on the infected area

This is useful and tends to work so effectively because it consists of healing and antimicrobial properties. Apart from that, it is also very soothing


This is a very important fruit when it comes to corn removal home remedies. All one has to do is to take a piece of pineapple and put it on the wound. It helps in lessening the pain and also quickens the healing process. There is an enzyme called bromelain that helps in dissolving the corn. Hence, pineapple all the way!


At the end of it, we hope the above corn removal home remedies have been helpful and effective. There are many ways to prevent it – such as wearing shoes that fit well, using corn pads and dipping one’s feet in hot water on and off. However, these remedies may not always work, and one might need to see a doctor

Visit a doctor if

If the corn becomes very big or painful, then one should immediately visit the doctor. Also if a person has poor blood flow or diabetes then talk to your doctor before treating the corns yourself.

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