Best Ten Green Tea to drink in India

This article is based on tea and its ten kinds of tea. If you are searching for a tea which suits your requirement then it should be known after you. 

Best green tea to drink in india 

Tea is the most common beverage in India. Tea is not just a beverage but an emotion in India. We have written so many memes and even poetry for a cup of tea. So this much importance has been given to tea. 

Here we are going to review some of the varieties of tea that should be drunk for better health. 

Origin of Tea in India

How did tea come to India

Tea was introduced in India by the silk caravans who came from China to Europe hundred of years ago. The scientific name of the tea plant is Camellia sinensis. Conventionally Indians were using the tea leaves for various medicinal uses. Even it was eaten  with food for taste and due to its health benefits. 

There is another use of tea leaves which are known as vegetable dishes or soup. Silk caravans told that black tea can be flavored with sugar and milk with few spices like ginger and cardamom to make it modern chai.  

Who discovered tea in India

Tea was brought to India from Britain. The Britishers who were trying to overthrow the monopoly of China in Tea supplies. 

British were trying to use Indian Farms to grow teas and find amazing profits in the International markets. Indian Soil was seen immensely fertile to grow tea plants. 

Green Tea

After this theory, Assam was selected as the hub of growing tea in the ground. The mountains of Assam were very similar to the Chinese farms where they were cultivating the plants of tea. 

Darjeeling was chosen as the best site for cultivation. After a long fourteen years of unsuccessful cultivation of Tea , Darjeeling became the best place for tea cultivation. Soon the tea was seen as a competition to Chinese tea in the International Markets. Due to this, India is the second largest producer of Tea in the world now. 

Here are 10 kinds of tea which we are discussing here. You can see the details of this tea how and which method will help you in drinking which tea. 

Vahdam Green Tea 

Vahdam is the brand name of a tea, which is now eight years old. It was started by a young entrepreneur using cutting edge technology. During its eight decades of history, it has won countless awards in the various stages. 

Vahdam Tea is now popular in more than 85 countries and is sold with a very efficient sales chain which reduces the middle man from the chain and cuts all the costs. 

Tea is produced in hundreds of tea gardens in India. This has been a very economy friendly model in the farmer’s life. The tea is purchased from the farmers and been directly processed and shipped to the International market. 

Vahdam Green tea

Vahdam tea is a very unique tasting tea which has been processed in an organic way. No artificial ingredients and herbs are added in it. 

This is packed in bags and powder for. Tea is served in the natural form with few other plants combined to increase potency. 

Vahdam organic loose leaf green tea is a natural healthy tea which helps you in strengthening the immune system. It also helps in keeping your mind healthy and regulating your weight. 

The tea leaves used in Vahdam Tea are the best quality. The end quality of tea is based on the quality of Vahdam tea. Vahdam tea is rich in antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. 

Benefits of Vahdam Tea 

  1. Detox our body and remove toxins. 
  2. Keeps us calm and reduces stress
  3. Keeps our memory sharp and increases focus
  4. Boosts our energy levels and increase endurance
  5. Refreshes our and reduces laziness. 
  6. Removes the signs of aging. 
  7. Fortifies your immune system
  8. Cardiac benefits
  9. Anti-diabetic.

Organic India Green Tea

Organic India Green Tea is healthy tea that provides us antioxidants plus phytonutrients. These helps your body to fight free radicals and improves metabolism. It also improves the immune system. It also helps in reducing weight and maintaining it. 

Organic Tea is good for the heart and removes the toxins present in the body. It also reduces anxiety and stress from the body.  A cup of organic tea can be as helpful as doing exercise for an hour. It is made with tulsi, which enhances the benefits of tea. 

Organic India Green Tea

To make this tea just follow the steps given here. 

  1. Pour water in the bowl and start boiling it.
  2. Now add a green tea bag in the boiling water. 
  3. Wait for five minutes and slowly uncover the lid. 
  4. Do not add milk, add sugar or honey as per your taste. 
  5. If you want to drink cold, then double the tea leaves. 

Two or three cups are good for a day to get maximum benefits. There is no timing to drink this tea. But you must drink this tea one hour before breakfast. This helps in absorbing more nutrients in the body and keeps your stomach healthy. 

Green tea is rich in caffeine but has much less than other kinds of tea i.e. Black tea or coffee. Avoid pregnant women from taking this tea. The tannic acid present in tea can be harmful for the women and their fetus. Do not drink this tea before sleeping. The caffeine present in tea activates your brain and it becomes difficult to drink such tea. 

Also do not drink tea after keeping it for too much, after it is made the nutrients and antioxidants are destroyed after one hour. 

Tetley Green Tea 

Tetley Green tea is made from very high quality selected tea and totally natural tea. It is a mixture of Asian and african green tea. You can make this tea in a few minutes and serve to your friends and family. 

Boil the water and cool it for a few minutes and then pour the tea bags in it to mix in it. Rinse it for how strong tea you need. 

Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Tea is full of 100% natural ingredients and is a very tasty beverage which is five times more rich in antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable. It is a healthy, tasty and flavored drink with honey and cinnamon. These two help in soothing and relaxing us from stress and keeps you delightful and tangy. 

If you want to add sodas and other beverages with sugar and sweeteners, then you can select a tetley tea without a second to think over. Tetley tea is also helpful for regulating your weight and won’t keep you hungry for the whole day. This will also keep your metabolism high. 

This tea can be taken in a cold manner too. If you drink this tea cold, then you can get more benefits in your body. Tetley tea provides pure tea extract with lemon, honey and mint. There are other few ingredients in it. 

Tetley tea can be purchased at an affordable price and sold in a nice packet. This tea is very popular in the market. It provides a strong taste in tea, if you steep the bag for a few minutes. 

Lipton Green Tea 

Lipton tea is a brand which is owned by British company i.e. Unilever. It is a huge FMCG company who acquired a small tea company known as Argyll Foods. This company was totally focussed on tea. Soon it was taken under Thomas Lipton. The beverages made by Lipton are sold by a bigger brand name Pepsi lIpton International. It is owned by Unilever and PepsiCo

Lipton Tea is made from various kinds of tea leaves which are gathered from various parts of the world. The tea leaves are produced in various countries like Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, and China. Lipton teas are available in various flavors. 

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Yellow tea is very demanding. The market where the company offers this tea is leaf tea and ready to drink format. The most popular Lipton teas are 

  1. green teas, 
  2. black flavoured teas,
  3.  herbal teas, 

Lipton Linea slimming tea is drunk in Europe and the milk version is more taken in Asian countries. Lipton tea is also available in the UK in retail and caterers.  

Lipton Tea is rich in theanine which is helpful in various psychological problems and helps in such psychoactive properties.

Lipton Tea is cultivated in East Africa, Kericho, Kenya, Mufindi and Tanzania. It is very helpful in various heart problems and lets you regulate blood pressure

If you are having low blood pressure , then drinking it would help you, do not drink if you are having high Blood pressure

Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo Tea is a solution in various modern problems and is very helpful in monsoons. It helps in chilling weather with a cup full of energy. The various varieties of Typhoo teas are based on the ingredients added in the tea powder. This tea is made with roots, spice, leaves and floral notes to provide relief and results. 

Roots used in Typhoo tea are used in various remedies. It is a caffeine free and turmeric infused blend and natural detoxifiers and also helps in boosting immunity. 

The aroma of this root is mixed with cinnamon and ginger. It encapsulates the benefits of these herbs in a single cup. 

Typhoo Green Tea

The fruit flavor and orange spicer hit the right notes. The warm spices in the tea helps in recreating our energy. 

People who are having hard times in sleeping at night, can add a few rose petals, spearmint andlemograss to aid better sleep. It also helps in digestion and promotes full sleep. 

It is hundred percent caffeine free and provides benefits to our mind and body. We can also add a few herbs that can provide us many benefits in many ways. 

Teamonk Green Tea

Teamonk is a popular tea brand which sells quality tea for various healthy reasons. Teamonk keeps you aways from stress, anxiety and free radicals. 

It is a very rich source of antioxidants and helps in cell damage caused by the reactive molecules known as free radicals which can be a major reason to create cancer cells in your body. It fights the free radicals and reduces the risk of various diseases

Teamonk Green Tea

A special kind of antioxidant i.e. polyphenol which can deactivate the substance which lets cancer cells grow and provides more enzymes to grow. The polyphenols in the tea also provide Vitamin C & E. The black tea of this brand has more antioxidants than the green tea version. It benefits the heart. 

It provides a large amount of catechins and antioxidants which helps in reducing Blood pressure and cancer from the body. It also benefits our heart and liver. Tannins are found in wood and tea leaves. Too much tannins can be harmful to us, so it should be consumed with milk to remove the toxins. 

The R&D lab has stated that drinking tea can help in strengthening the immune system of a human. Five to six cups a day will provide best results in your health.  It produces six times more infection fighting cells in the body. Coffee does not provide the same results as compared to tea. These interferon cells are produced by gamma delta T cells in the immune system. It is triggered by L-theanine which we get from Tea.  

It provides vitamins B1, B2 and is less processed in the process. It is helpful in cancer reducing agents. It provides radical fighting agents and Vitamin E and 500 times more Vitamin C. EGCGhelps in growth of blood vessels and cut the tumors to grow less. Green Tea reduces the use of ECGC in the taste. 

It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and also reduces muscle degeneration. It cuts the infection ability of viruses and bacteria. 

Only leaf Green Tea

This review is about Chamomile tea with two jasmine tea samples. I have seen that only leaf tea is because of the DTDC bad services. The feedback about the tea is very useful to drink for the same. 

Only leaf Green Tea

I was only talking about ⅗, and the week is passed by the sample box given to me.  The only leaf concept tea is used by the Lipton tea and tetley green tea.  The way oly green tea should be is the product we have. 

 The difference between any other regular tea and Only Green Tea is seen after two years. Chamomile tea is not the same as tetley tea. If you are trying to buy this tea , then you must check the sample we use from tomorrow. 

Girnar Green Tea 

Girnar tea is an excellent product for the people who love quality tea. It is delivered as we wish it should be. The taste of this tea is magnificent. The taste of this tea is strong, spicy and has a strong flavor of cardamom, nutmeg, clove , black pepper and black salt. 

The unique taste of kahwa is so good that you can’t even forget about this. And after you drink this once, you will want it daily. People who are fond of tea must take this tea and is comparable to the darjeeling tea, which lacks the tea aroma of yours. 

The perfect blend of spices and very distinct aroma for this tea provides you so much refreshing and stress busting properties when you take a cup of it. 

Girnar Green Tea

If you want to try this as an experiment, then you must think that you are bengali and you will see the taste of this tea very close to the darjeeling tea. It could also be Assamese tea. Girnar Tea is also having a great concoction. 

Soon you will love the taste of this tea.The spices in the tea are a mix of boring taste with the usual green tea. It is a very healthy refreshment and a favorite time to drink if you feel sleepy in the lunch and provides you an air conditioning effect in the office.  

It is a very suggestive tea for your family, colleagues and other known people in your life. The water quantity in the tea should be examined. Too much dilution or too much concentrated can spoil the taste.  

Twinings Green Tea 

Twinings Assam is known as a breakfast tea and is very popularly named as builder’s tea brand. Many of us who drink this tea for breakfast are very useful in fueling us. A red brown tea with milk is taken late at night and a sort of quality built tea is seen here. 

 Twinning Ceylon tea is known as afternoon tea and is very smooth and delicate than Assam tea. It is a pleasant and brown tea where milk is added in it. A high quality tea is made from such small brands of tea. 

Twining Darjeeling tea is the worst case in tea which is tasted the whole time. In the tea bag version it is not a good version. The factory floor and a proper darjeeling tea is one of the favorite teas in the world for drinkers. 

Twinings Green Tea 

Real darjeeling tea is a sophisticated and delicate tea with good taste and is not replaced by anyone. This tea is compared to the other branded teas in the world like Lipton. 

Twinning has few perks and few cons. It can be purchased from any place . In the same price ceylon tea is taken from the market. It is an average price tea. This tea is not sold at supermarket price but has a good demand among customers. 

Saffola Green Tea 

Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet Tea provides a range of nutrition tea and also provides a variety of tastes. This range has been designed by the certified nutritionist Chef Kunal Kapoor. It combines best ate with a healthy life. 

Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet Green Tea is formulated with all the benefits of Green tea and is combined with the power of superfood moringa. You will be healthy with the range available in the market. 

Saffola Green Tea

Saffola fittify gourmet is helpful in adding nutrition in your food and more flavor in your diet. The range of these teas are made by nutritionists and are praised by celebrities around the world. It combines taste with health and slimmer and fit life. 

Saffola fittify gourmet is superdrink which is scientifically formulated by nutritionists and curated by Kunal kapoor. There are so many benefits of this tea and it is considered a superfood like moringa. It assures your healthy lifestyle. 

It has numerous health benefits. 

  1. Improves immunity, 
  2. aids in weight management, and 
  3. helps regulate metabolism benefits of superfood moringa: 

This tea is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, iron, vitamin C, calcium and antioxidant properties. It also helps in bone development and joints. 

Final Words 

There are numerous varieties of tea in the market, here we have provided some of the tea which are very healthy in nature and provide benefits to us. You can see which one is more suitable in your case. You must know which will be good for you. 

Do not drink too much tea and you should know that drinking too much will not benefit you. It can create side effects in your case and you won’t be helpful in the same. 

Women who went to surgery or pregnant or may be breastfeeding babies must not drink too much tea to avoid any problems. Also if you are having normal blood pressure then you must be checking that drinking too much tea can change your blood flow and make you sick. 

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