Benefits of Mindful Meditation Walks for Stress & Peace

Meditation Walk is used as a part of mindfulness practice and has many references in buddhism

There are multiple benefits of this meditation walk and is helpful in making you more balanced and serene. This also helps you in developing awareness of your surroundings and your thoughts. 

What is this walking meditation practice

Meditation walk is done in a circle, back and forth in a straight line or in a labyrinth. Covering a long distance can also be done.  

This is slower and is dependent on many other techniques. Few practitioners do this walking meditation session between seated meditations. 

Few examples of walking meditations are 

  1. kinhin
  2. theravada
  3. Vipassana

This is a step by step technique which is total of sic. It keeps your mind into peace. You can use a mantra or breathing. 

Benefits of Meditative Walking 

The benefits of meditative walking are given as. 

Boost blood flow 

Walking meditation is used by those who sit for a long time. The walking done by them helps in blood flow to the whole body. It also reduces the sluggy or stagnant feeling.  

This is a great way to boost your blood circulation and help you to increase energy in the whole body.  If your work is sitting for too much, then you must practice this daily.  

Improve digestion 

Digestion can be improved if you do a walk after eating. When someone overeats or has bad digestion, then a walk is a must to stay healthy.  

The body movement helps your digestion and prevents you from various stomach problems like constipation

Reduce anxiety 

If you are in stress and want to calm yourself with meditation, then you can do a small session of meditation for minutes after workout.  

A study has shown that young adults show reduced symptoms of anxiety when they start taking walking sessions. 

Young Adults who did walking and meditation both have quite low level anxiety in comparison to those who did only walking. Each session was of 10 minutes 

Improves blood sugar levels and circulation 

This buddhist based meditation walk practice has shown positive effect on blood sugar level and circulation with Type 2 Diabetes.  

Those who practice this meditation walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Those who did this will see a visible improvement in their blood sugars and circulation. 

Alleviates depression 

It is needed for young people to stay active. Exercise is helpful in staying fit and improving your mental level too. If you allow it to overcome you, then your life will become worse in old times. 

A study has shown that old people have less symptoms of depression after they start doing a meditation walk 3 times a week for 12 weeks. It also improved in blood pressure and functional fitness levels, which can be achieved through walking.

Improves well-being   

When you get time, take a walk in a park or garden (place with trees) to maintain the feeling of well being and help you keep a balance. 

This is known as forest bathing and is very popular in japan. It can help you relax and enhance your brain activity. 

A study has shown that people who walk in a bamboo forest for 15 minutes daily have better mood , less anxiety and regulate blood pressure. 

Improves sleep quality 

There is no need to do intense workout for getting benefits of exercise. If you practice a few moderate exercises, then you can increase the sleep quality of yours. 

Walking helps in a flexible body and releases muscle tension to feel good. If you walk in the morning, then you will see a decrease in feelings like stress and anxiety. Walking will keep you calm and clear under worse conditions and sleep better at night. 

Makes exercise enjoyable 

If you keep a fitness schedule in your life, then you will see that exercise can help  you a lot in achieving more. 

A study has shown that people who keep listening to mindfulness recording while doing workout found it more enjoyable. It created a sensation in a very non judgemental way. This shows that mindfulness can inspire to exercise in a different way. 

Inspires creativity 

If you keep practicing mindfulness, then your thoughts and focus will be better than before and help in stimulating creativity. 

The link between mindfulness and creativity has been proved by a study. It states that mindfulness helps in better creativity. You can also see how mindfulness can help you in solving problems with more creative ideas. 

Enhances balance 

Older women if practice meditation walk, then it can help them in better balance as well as ankle awareness and coordination. This is just having an awareness of leg and ankle movements while walking slowly. 

Make mindful walking a part of your day 

These are a few tips which can be used to start for meditation walk routine. 

Be aware of the present moment

Stay awake and mindful in each moment of life and it takes time to stay like this. 

This can be done by staying in the present and not thinking about the past or present. Focus on the sound and scenery where you are. Now align your thoughts and observe them while they are free. 

If you practice this daily while you walk slowly in a peaceful place, then you can see few improvements in you. 

Practice seated meditation too

Walking meditation can be a seated one. If you find seating more appealing, then you can do that also. 

Seated and walking meditation tips to try

Follow a 5-10 minutes of daily session by walking or seated, whichever you like. You can see which one has shown more improvements in you. After a few weeks, you can improve the duration slowly. 

Slow down

If you are doing anything in a hurry, then you must keep yourself in calm mode. Slow your pace and see the differences in you. 

If you see any resistance in your mind, then you can tune your breath and body to keep the pace. Breath slowly and steadily. 

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