15 Benefits of Drinking Pu-Erh Tea for your Better Health

Benefits of Drinking Pu-Erh Tea and Dose to Prevent Side Effects. How to prepare Pur-eh Tea and risks for few allergics and overdosages

What is pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh is an aged and fermented tea which is found in China. Pu-erh is a unique tea because it is made after fermentation of leaves. The process oxidizes the plant leaves and provides the antioxidants benefits.  

It is also helpful in providing better flavor and aroma. Pur-eh is an earthy base and develops better over time. The longer is stored, it provides more flavor in your tea.  

Benefits of Drinking Pu-erh Tea

So here we are going to talk about the benefits of White Tea and also will discuss how to prepare it. 

It’s antioxidant

Pu-erh tea is full of antioxidants which helps in damage created by free radicals. If it is ignored then free radicals can lead to more disease and illness. If you drink a cup of pu-erh tea, then your health will be a lot less risky than before.  

It’s antibacterial

It is helpful in reducing the chance of any bacterial infections. Infections like E.coli. It is also used to treat few  mild bacteria driven infections like acne.  

It’s anti-inflammatory

Tea has anti-inflammatory properties which may cause redness, swelling and irritation. This will soothe pain caused by the conditions like arthritis.   

To treat inflamed skin,, it can be used. If you drink a cup of tea , then you will be healed soon from the inside. 

It may help prevent photoaging

Pu-erh can protect skin from aging and other signs caused by sun damage. If you drink many cups daily, then your skin can be in a much better way. It can act as an exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Pu-erh is a tea which is used as a facial toner or spray. Store this tea in a cool place like a refrigerator as you find better.  

It may help reduce bodily toxins

Pu-erh is helpful in releasing and removing toxins from the body. The toxins could be responsible for heavy weight. You can drink the tea to clean your body and maintain your appetite accordingly. 

It may aid in digestion

A cup of Pu-erh is helpful to enhance digestion and your stomach ailments. It is seen that it helps in balancing the bacteria in your stomach and intestines to help in digesting heavy meals. 

It may help reduce stress

Pu-erh is good to reduce stress and regulates the nervous system. gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) found in this tea is helpful to reduce anxiety levels, so sit back, relax, and sip away your stress.

Improves Sleep Quality

Tea has caffeine which reduces your sleep quality and can be forming anxiety in you. Pu-erh can be used to improve your state of mind and help you get better sleep and drift in peaceful state. It also promotes more melanin production which regulates better sleep.  

Lowers Cholesterol

This tea is helpful in balancing the cholesterol levels and providing benefits in your heart health. It creates balance in your good and bad cholesterol which can protect you from cardiovascular health.

Ease symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Pu-erh can be taken regularly so that you can relieve yourself from the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. It lowers your blood sugar, obesity and boosts immunity. It also lowers the cholesterol and prevents the damage done by free radicals. Precisely it can help in all the five syndromes. 

If your family is having metabolic syndrome, then drinking the tea can be helpful to reduce the risk. 

Manages blood sugar

If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes, then you must control the blood sugar in you. By drinking this tea, you can lower your blood sugar and your glucose levels will increase for sure.  

Helps with weight loss

It helps in weight loss and is good for various sugary drinks.  

Promotes bone health

Pu-erh is beneficial in oxidative stress and inflammation. It will help you in your bone strength. This can lower the risk of bone problems like osteoporosis and fractures.

It may help prevent heart disease

This tea can be helpful in reducing the risk of cardio-vascular health. The antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering effects can be useful to reduce heart problems.  


This can be helpful in reducing the risks of cancer, few types of research have shown this. It helps in inhibiting the growth of tumor cells. More research is needed for the same, but doctors have started recommending the same. Before you start making it yourself, you can consult your doctor. 

How to prepare pu-erh tea

You can find bottles pu-erh tea in refrigerated area in a grocery store.  Making at home is done by compressed tea leaves or tea bags. Also capsules are available in market. 

Follow the steps 

  1. Place the tea leaves in a tea pot 
  2. Now put boiled water in the pot and swirl around. 
  3. Remove the water from the pot to remove the impurities. 
  4. Fill the tea pot with boiled water and allow the tea to steep for 3-4 minutes. 
  5. Pour the tea in a cup and enjoy. 
  6. You can reuse the tea leaves again too. 

Possible side effects and risks of Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh is safe to drink, more than five cups a day could show some side effects on them. The potential side effect of this tea is due to low caffeine content.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to drink it and kids are restricted on one cup only.  

  1. anxiety disorder
  2. bleeding disorder
  3. heart condition
  4. Diabetes
  5. Diarrhea
  6. irritable bowel syndrome
  7. Glaucoma
  8. high blood pressure
  9. weak bones (osteoporosis)

Before you start taking this tea in regular routine, you should be taking an advice from doctor.  

Final Words

Pu-erh tea is good for overall health and will add more variety in tea shelf.  If is safe to drink but in recommended quantity. A doctor will give you te perfect advice for having it. 

Talk to your doctor if you have any medical condition, so as to prevent your symptoms by this. Prevention is always better than late detection.  

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