Seven Proved Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea on your Health

Benefits of dandelion tea

There is a lot more and more than enough discussion about the use of weed, but the use of weed isn’t just unethical. It is used in folk medicines too. Many owners of this dandelion are not aware about the qualities of this.  

When someone talks about the dandelion tea, then it is mainly used in two forms of beverages. An infusion is made by the plant leaves or made of roasted dandelion roots.  

It has been considered safe, if you do not spray your yard with pesticides. There have been multiple uses of this. 

It reduces water weight

If you are feeling bloated, then this tea can help you as a diuretic and will increase urine output. After taking a cup of dandelion tea, you will be more urinating and help you while you are bloating.  

It Could Promote Liver Health

Dandelion is a pious liquid for your liver and it is used in various liver based medicines. Studies have shown that it can help in creating more bile juice. 

Dandelion tea helps in detoxing your liver, creates healthy skin and may be in eye problems too. It relieves the symptoms of liver disease. Actually, polysaccharides in dandelion may indeed be beneficial to liver function.

It Can Act As a Natural Coffee Substitute

Dandelion tea is used as coffee substitute when someone can’t find a coffee. It can be found in your local health food store. It is preferred as non-insecticide treated and in lawn variety dandelions. 

A young dandelion plant is roasted to a dark brown color. After steeping in hot water and straining, it can be taken as coffee.  

Similarities Between Dandelion and a Weight Loss Drug

A study done in South Korea has stated that dandelions can show similar effects on the body as weight loss drugs. It works by inhibiting pancreatic lipase, an enzyme released during digestion to break down fat.

The impact of dandelion extract has shown that it can help you in reducing the obesity in your body and thus losing weight easily. 

Dandelion Tea May Soothe Digestive Ailments

Dandelion root tea is very helpful in your digestive system and it happens because it is having rich amounts of anecdotal. It has been used by people to improve appetite, soothe minor digestive ailments, and possibly relieve constipation.

It Could Have Future Anti-Cancer Applications

Dandelion roots are helpful in fighting cancer cells and the previous studies and few trials have been seen as good.  

A candian medical division has shown that dandelion root extracts induces cancer cells death in melanoma without effecting other con-cancerous cells. It can also do the same in case of pancreatic cancer cells.

The anti-cancer effects of dandelion tea is not tested, but the potential is considered high.  

It May Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

If dandelion with mixed with other herbs like uva, ursi and other leaves, it can is very helpful in the prevention of urinary tract. 

Paired with another herb, uva ursi, dandelion roots and leaves may help prevent urinary tract infections. It’s believed this combination works because of anti-bacterial compounds in uva ursi, and the increased urination associated with dandelion.

Possible Side Effects

Dandelion is safe for all, some of us may have been allergic to ushc leaves. It can be seen after touching or ingesting it. It is found that it can interact with certain medications, including diuretics, lithium, and Cipro.

If you are already in a course of medications, then you must not take it before your take a blunt opinion from your doctor.  

How to Make Dandelion Tea

To prepare dandelion tea you need to follow these simple steps before you think to make one. Your tea was extracted from a plant which is grown naturally and not treated with any chemicals. 

Your plans must be harvested when they are young. After you do the cleaning and preparing the plant with hot water over the top of greens and ground roots. Now steep, strain, and enjoy!

  • If your garden is already flooded with dandelions, you don’t need to rely on store-bought tea (just make sure you or someone else hasn’t treated your lawn with chemicals)
  • Flowers and Leaves: Wash, then let steep in hot water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Roots: Wash very thoroughly, chop into fine pieces, and heat on high in an oven for about two hours.
  • Steep 1-2 teaspoons in hot water for about 10 minutes.

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