Most Effective Bacterial Pneumonia Treatment at Home

Most effective bacterial pneumonia treatment at home. Use, garlic, ginger, camphor, basil leaves and many more in this disease.

Pneumonia is a very common disease. Generally, children suffer from it, but it does not even leave elders. It happens due to inflammation of lungs which is generally caused by bacteria. But it can easily be treated at home in its initial stage. Thus, we have come with most effective bacterial pneumonia treatment at home. Read this article in detail to know the symptoms, causes and home remedies for the cure of Bacterial Pneumonia.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

It is very easy to spot pneumonia in first place with the help of the following symptoms:

  1. People can have a lot of phlegm build-up.
  2. Fever is one of the symptoms of pneumonia.
  3. Person has cough too.
  4. Person suffering from pneumonia start shivering when the temperature increases.
  5. Person also experiences a throbbing pain in the chest
  6. Pain in stomach can be there.
  7. Some patients even suffer from diarrhea.
  8. Sputum could also be bloody in bacterial pneumonia.

Causes of Pneumonia


Pneumonia is a result of infection. This infection is caused due to virus or bacteria present in the environment. In other words, we can say that not all types of infections cause this disease, but the ones which pose inflammation in respiratory tract of lungs could make you suffer from this disease. Sometimes, even drug reaction or chemical burns can even make you suffer from pneumonia.

Home remedies for Bacterial Pneumonia treatment at home

You need to simply use some of the household ingredients to get relief in case of suffering from pneumonia. Just do it in right way. Some of the ways you can fight with pneumonia disease are as follows:



Of course, honey is a miraculous cure of any type of virus or bacteria. Particularly, it comprises of anti-bacterial and antioxidant elements which are very good for a pneumonic person. If you use raw honey for pneumonia, you can recover from the by default problem of cough and cold which come along pneumonia. The reason behind this is that this household ingredient comes with medicinal properties.

For better results, just simply mix 1 spoon of honey in one cup of water and fins relief.


Similarly, ginger is no doubt very good for pneumonic person. There is no surprise that it works wonders in the problem pneumonia if taken in the right manner. Generally, ginger has the medicinal properties which can make you feel better by reducing the effect of pneumonia.


Many studies advocated the same. People, in particular, like the taste of ginger and they prefer eating it in winters to keep away from fever or cold. It happens because it can fight well with the microbes that cause pneumonia.

When you use ginger for pneumonia, simply take a small piece of ginger grate it in half glass of water and boil it. Of course, if you wish you can even add one spoon of honey in it for a better taste.



Similarly, turmeric being an anti-bacterial spice is equally helpful in all kinds of infections. It can even fight with the problem of pneumonia as it has curcumin. In addition, it also clears up all the mucus. This ultimately helps the person in breathing.

For better results, just have one spoon of turmeric in either rice water or coconut water. The water should be hot enough. You can consume this turmeric milk once daily until you feel relieved. Coconut water is also very good for hangovers



Garlic being an amazing ingredient comprising of medicinal properties is very effective in pneumonia. We suggest pneumonic people to consume it more in the food. Due to the element known allicin, it can work like a very good treatment of pneumonia.

Additionally, it also clears the wind pipe. Consequently, it improves the breathing and the person feels more relieved in pneumonia.



Pneumonia is a disease that happens more than once in life. Generally, it is easy to cure it with the help of home remedies when it happens for the second time. It is because you come to know about its symptoms. This gives you a privilege of getting a firm grip on it as you had experienced the same situation in the past also. So, if you start inhaling steam in the start only, you can partially defeat its bacteria from developing.

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For better results, you can inhale steam for 2 times a day. Particularly, steam is used to give you relief from any chest congestion as removes the phlegm. So, through this remedy, pneumonia treatment at home is possible.


Amazing basil leaves or powder is rich in medicinal properties, therefore, one can eat that in any kind of infection be it pneumonia. One simply needs to chew its leaves for 2-3 times every day. The use of basil can surely help you in this problem.

Fenugreek seeds

Interestingly, fenugreek seeds can be very helpful in pneumonia. fenugreek seeds gives you enough warmth as they are anti-inflammatory in nature.

As you know, it is not easy to eat them like that. So, you can have them in tea. Simply add 1 spoon of fenugreek seeds in one cup of water. Boil them. For enhancing the taste, you can even add one spoon of honey in this tea. This is really a sure shot formula for pneumonia prevention and treatment.


Camphor is also very medicinal in nature. There is no doubt that it is antiseptic. Thus, it can heal pneumonia. Definitely, one becomes very restless while suffering from pneumonia. So, to get instant relief in chest congestion, it is advisable to massage camphor oil on the chest.

Consult a doctor

We have talked about how to prevent pneumonia naturally at home for your convenience as risk factors of pneumonia are not serious in initial stage. But you should always consult a doctor for better advice, but yes you can treat pneumonia at home also. Just try to follow the home remedies which we have mentioned above. Of course, these home remedies should go along with the medication. We hope this was a fun read!

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